Devin Townsend (right) with The Welding Room host, Rik Johnson

Hevy Devy sat down with Rik Johnson on September 22, 2012 at the Theatre of Living Arts in Philadelphia during the Epic Kings tour to discuss a variety of issues, none of which will make you wealthy.

However, the following items were addressed:

  • finding the proper receptacle for displaced, untapped anger
  • an explanation for the process and reasoning behind revisiting Kingdom on Epicloud
  • the unnatural gravitation away from past works and/or relationships
  • Dev‘s audio preferences (at the time) including Plant/Krauss, John Hopkins, The Natural & electronic/ambient
  • unveiling details of his forthcoming sci-fi, dark country, background music project, CASUALTIES
  • a not necessarily metal Mt. Rushmore of Metal™ 

Click this to listen: 

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