Rise To Remain – Camden


RISE TO REMAIN vital stats:


Vans Warped Tour 2012 is their first U.S. tour!

-Debut Album, “City Of Vultures” came out on JUNE 5

-“Best New Band” Award Winner at both Kerrang! and Metal Hammer UK

-Vocalist Austin Dickinson is the son of legendary Iron Maiden vocalist, Bruce Dickinson

-Music Videos: “The Serpent” (http://youtu.be/fNoodAZtcLg), “Nothing Left” (http://youtu.be/qYmArUEpync), “Talking In Whispers” (http://youtu.be/WzB7vdfmLKU)

Thanks again to Zakie for contributing pictures. Also, thanks again to Ashley Di Buduo & InsideOut Music/Century Media Records.

Around the time Austin climbs the speakers, Zak turned to me & made a comment regarding British singers running aboot the stage, seemingly with endless energy. At that precise moment, I remembered that the kid we were watching was the King of Energy’s son.



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