Interview: Bryan Giles vs. Rik Johnson

You’ve seen & heard Portland, Oregon newcomers Red Fang on The Welding Room since their Relapse Records debut, Murder The Mountains hit store shelves & internet purchasing sites.

Guitarist Bryan Giles took time out of his day during the New Jersey Rockstar Energy Mayhem Festival stop to speak with Rik Johnson.

Bryan Giles of RED FANG (left) w/ The Welding Room host, Rik Johnson

Bryan Giles interview – 07 27 2011

Red Fang (from left to right) - Aaron Beam, David Sullivan, John Sherman, Bryan Giles

Interview: Kirk Windstein vs. Rik Johnson

The Welding Room snagged the man of multiple bands, Kirk “Beard of Doom” Windstein at the Rockstar Energy Mayhem Festival in New Jersey yesterday. Windstein was performing with Kingdom Of Sorrow which also features Hatebreed vocalist, Jamey Jasta.

Kingdom Of Sorrow: Jamey Jasta (left) & Kirk Windstein

Just days after Mayhem Fest wraps up, Kirk hits the stage for two shows with Crowbar immediately followed by another tour with Down. But this road warrior isn’t complaining….

Kirk Windstein interview – 07 27 2011

Jump right into the “Rapid Fire” questions, tour breakdown & what’s ahead for Mr. Windstein!