Megadeth Announces Gigantour 2012 Dates



If you’re waiting for Gigantour to roll around your way this summer, you’ll be at least 4 months too late!

MegaDave, Vic Rattlehead & the crew are firing up the engines for a two month winter run which also features Motorhead, Volbeat & Lacuna Coil.

View the details from our friends at

Megadeth Announces Gigantour 2012 Dates – in Metal News (Metal




6 thoughts on “Megadeth Announces Gigantour 2012 Dates

  1. Megadeath should let Motorhead headline…..
    I did 7 of the shows on this U.K tour and had a blast.Motorhead for me is the pure essence of Rock n Roll and when they are no more we will be left with nothing to even compare…Look around at the crap we have today and it makes me proud to wear a motorhead shirt.
    Anyway i liked the review and maybe you might like my tales from the road?I have only got as far as writing up Wolverhampton and Newcastle but i will be adding 5 more when i get the chance….
    Viva Motorhead


    • Motorhead is a killer show. I’ve seen ’em a couple times.
      While the pure metalheads know Lemmy & the Road Crew have stuck to their guns much better than MegaDave, this tour should simply be viewed as a ‘high exposure’ kinda moment.

      What are these tales you speak of?
      If they’re air worthy, perhaps I’ll have you call in to share.

      Much Love,


  2. Motorhead is a metalhead viewing necessity. One night I heard metallic hymns wafting down from the Pony while I was at Wonder Bar in Asbury. Outdoor show. But I hit the effing jackpot… It was Motorhead!
    Sat in the car, put the seat back, rolled down all the windows & hit record on my phone.


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