DAVID KINKADE (old) NEWS – Moving stuff around on TWR.com

The Welding Room Chicago BS newsdesk correspondant, David Kinkade could be relocating to Arizona. The former Borknagar drummist & current friend to our program has been officially named to the drummer position for Max Cavalera‘s Soulfly.

Earlier in the week, Kinkade a sent text to TWR host Rik Johnson describing the new (Soulfly album) like “Arise on crack or speed.” He was referring to the 1991 break-through Sepultura album.

Soulfly.com keeps it brief;

Soulfly has added drummer David Kinkade (of Borknagar) to the line-up for the eighth studio album. David is best known for his high speed of playing as well as his blast-beats.

The band is proud to have him come aboard and we ask you all to give him a “Like” on his Facebook page by clicking Here

Good luck, Davey baby!

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