The Welding Room is ultra-stoked to announce SKIP THE FOREPLAY lead vocalist, MARC-ANDRE FILLION will be on the program Monday, May 7th.

This is your chance to pull the “I heard ’em first” before Skip The Foreplay takes over! Dub-step metal. Not since KORN & MARILYN MANSON surfaced has a band shaken up the metal world like these cats will.

Prepare yourself.

Skip The Foreplay

The exhilarating new band Skip The Foreplay released their monstrously high energy new album Nightlife, May 1st via Epitaph Records. The band also released a new video for the breakout track “DJ” which perfectly captures their riveting mix of thunderous metal-core and infectious dance beats.


Skip The Foreplay, from Montreal, Canada, burst onto the scene with a supremely original and thoroughly brutal cover of the hit song “Champagne Showers” by popular electro pop duo LMFAO. The reimagined version perfectly merged the original’s seductive dance floor appeal with a dose of head banging guitar fueled heaviness.

Skip The Foreplay: Fillion – Vocals, Chuck – Guitar, Mat – Guitar, Jude – Bass, Marc – Drums, JM – DJ

Skip The Foreplay – Epitaph Records artist page


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