AVATAR: Video Collection

(New York, NYAVATAR, the band that brought you the gut wrenching side show video for Black Waltz premiered another stimulating video for their single “Torn Apart” via Fearnet.com.

Black Waltz – Official video

Directed by Swedish director Johan Carlén, the video continues down the path of visually stunning videos the band continues to make. Lead singer Johannes Eckerström offers his own words:

“If all violence was as in professional wrestling, I would get involved in way more fights. Hulk Hogan was one of my first heroes and made me want to spend my life doing insane things and be applauded for it. Backyard wrestling is not exactly a household expression here in Sweden, but on my street we went insane. I could pull off an awesome suplex by the age of nine.  Standing on that tiny stage while our audience threw each other through tables was a rush and pretty much the best form of mosh pit I’ve ever experienced. They made it look awesome and the context we put it in made it truly epic. We’re not really supposed to afford making a music video this cool, but once again we’ve proven what’s possible when you realize your potential and make the most you possibly can of it. When life gives you lemonade, punch life in the face.”

AVATAR released their newest record, Black Waltz earlier this year to much critical acclaim.

The making of Black Waltz

The band has been making waves in Europe with multiple appearances on festivals like Sweden Rock Festival, Metalcamp (Slovenia) and Metaltown (Sweden) supporting acts such as Helloween, In Flames and Megadeth over the years as well.

Click HERE or the image above to view.

Let It Burn – LIVE


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