MUTINY WITHIN Announce Album Release Date

Many people have a countdown until December 21, 2012.  The time has come for a new countdown: January 12, 2013.  Modern metal juggernauts MUTINY WITHIN have announced the official release date of their long awaited sophomore albumSynchronicity, for January 12, 2013.

Inline image 1

MUTINY WITHIN made waves in the metal community early in their career by joining the Roadrunner Records roster and touring endlessly on the heels of their critically acclaimed self-titled debut album.  Having half the lineup live across the great Atlantic pond and having serious financial difficulties due to the rampant piracy in the music industryMUTINY WITHIN was forced to go on hiatus in 2011.  That was the end of the touring band, but not the end of their music.  Epic metal music can not be contained – not even by the one-eyed pirates of the tumultuous thief infested world we call the “music industry”.  MUTINY WITHIN had so many good ideas and music ready to go, founding member/songwriter AJ and singer Chris Clancy decided to finish what they started and put out the next evolutionary sound of MUTINY WITHIN in the form of the self-produced Synchronicity.

The road is far from over for MUTINY WITHIN, and fans can look forward to many surprises leading up to the highly anticipated release of Synchronicity.

Mutiny Within II: Synchronicity album teaser.




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