THE SHRINE debut Whistlings of Death video

(Venice, CA) “Destroyers of Rock ‘n’ Roll” THE SHRINE released their new album Primitive Blast this summer and just returned from their first European tour (alongside stoner rock veterans Fu Manchu). Today, VICE’s Noisey premieres THE SHRINE’s new music video Whistlings of Death, a true-to-life mashup of everything the band lives for: skating pools, having fun and hammering home heavy, psychedelic, riff based rock. Whistlings of Death was shot and edited by Amanda Siegel (on super 8 and 16mm film) with extra footage contributed by Coan Buddy Nichols.
Primitive Blast has met rave reviews since its release, being called “collision of ’70s headiness and ’80s hardcore angst” by the LA Weekly, and “heavy, hilarious, fast and loud” by ESPN. SPIN says THE SHRINE are “Shit-kicking SoCal pool-skaters (that) bridge Black Flag and Sabbath via Cro-Mag hooks and high energy sludge” and the band was just spotlighted as part of the Converse x Decibel series “talking rock and skateboarding” as they turn “found space and hideous architecture into skate heaven. THE SHRINE are the real deal, folks.
Check out legendary skater Mike Vallely “killing Double Rock” to THE SHRINE‘s Primitive Blast at this location!
THE SHRINE is Josh Landau (guitar / vocals), Courtland Murphy (bass) and Jeff Murray (drums).      
“Although they draw from multiple genres, THE SHRINE defies the categories of metal or punk, thrash or doom, creating a sound uniquely their own, which they’ve christened “psychedelic violence.” One of the first to recognize and help foster their sound was none other than original Black Flag bass player and co-owner of SST Records, the legendary Chuck Dukowski…heavy, hilarious, fast and loud” – ESPN

“Primitive Blast is packed with three-minute bursts of stoner rock riffage and ’80s-style ax shredding, atop a whiplash rhythm section. The lyrics, howled by Landau through his shoulder-length hair, alternate between heavy-metal ominous and party-on anthemic.” – Venice Mar-Vista Patch

Primitive Blast finds THE SHRINE ripping through blues-indebted hard rock/hardcore with great success. Sure, the style has been done plenty of times before (Bits of DNA come from Mudhoney, Black Sabbath, Big Business and definitely the Stooges) but this kind of music is too primal to deny.” PUNK NEWS

“THE SHRINE plays music that, by design, gets to the point. There’s no filler here, there’s no pretense and no buildup, it’s just pure hardcore intensity, rage and passion all to be taken with a grain of salt of course. This is punk rock for the new vinyl generation. It’s crossover thrash played through Orange amps. This is what you should be listening to this summer when you hop your neighbors fence, drain their pool and skate the shit out of that motherfucker.” – HEAVY PLANET


DEATH: Previously Unreleased Live Version of Leprosy

The 3-Disc deluxe reissue of DEATH’s landmark, genre-defining album, Spiritual Healing is currently streaming online via Loudwire at this location.

Originally released in 1990, Spiritual Healing marked a new turn in the Death discography, one which ushered in cleaner production, a new level of boundary pushing musicianship and songwriting skills that were previously unimaginable from a metal band. Spiritual Healing sets the standard for riffs, insane time changes and of course mainman Chuck Schuldiner’s masterful guitar solos.  Now reissued as a double CD housed in super deluxe packaging featuring brand new liner notes from Death players James Murphy and Terry Butler, Chuck’s sister Beth Schuldiner and Volbeat frontman Michael Poulsen, Disc 1 features a completely new remaster of the original album and Disc 2 contains 16 previously unreleased rehearsal, outtakes and studio instrumentals.

In addition to the 2-Disc edition, limited edition (2000 machine numbered copies) triple CD digipak will be available exclusively from .  The third CD features a never before released live set recorded in 1990 featuring the Spiritual Healing Death line up.  An iTunes deluxe edition will also be released containing 5 additional previously unreleased pre-Human rehearsal tracks not available on either of the CD versions.

Spiritual Healing is set for a November 20 North American release date and is available now in the UKEurope and rest of the World. Spiritual Healing follows the recent Relapse Records re-issues of DEATH classics Individual Thought Patterns, The Sound of PerseveranceHuman, and the live collection Vivus! plus Chuck Schuldiner projects MANTAS & CONTROL DENIED.  Like those reissues, this collection will contain extensive liner notes from previous members and never-before-seen photos of the band. Pre-order options, including a new line of exclusive DEATH merch and a super limited die-hard fan pack containing an exclusive shirt design, poster flag, and patch / pin / guitar pick / sticker set can be found at this location.

For additional information on DEATH, visit the official archival website or Facebook page.

LAMB OF GOD live broadcast in Philly this weekend

LAMB OF GOD Teams Up with AXS TV for Live Broadcast

Currently on tour in the United States supporting their latest album ResolutionLAMB OF GOD is pleased to partner with AXS TV for a live broadcast of their Philadelphia show on November 24 from the Electric Factory. Traveling with a full multi-media production, the band chose Philadelphia, site of the platinum DVD Killadelphia, knowing that it would be a wild night of metal.  The broadcast will run from 10 pm until 11:15 pm ET.

For more information on AXS TV and on the Lamb of God broadcast go to or follow @AXSTV on Twitter.

As part of the promotion for the broadcast, LAMB OF GOD has given AXS TV a signed Willie Adler ESP guitar for a giveaway.  Here is the Facebook link to sign up for that promotion:  

Check out LAMB OF GOD’s exclusive announcement about the LIVE concert event on AXS TV:

The Resolution U.S. tour continues until December 16 with In Flames and Sylosis on all dates.  Hatebreed appear until November 19 and then HELLYEAH will appear through December 16.

Video: Lamb of God Exclusive Announcement

The End Records to release new HATCHET album in March

Growing up in the San Francisco area suburbs as young metal heads can make it quite likely to take influence from the pioneers of metal that spanned the area in the 1980’s. So it’s no surprise that Hatchet describes their sound as “Pure, Uncompromising, Bay Area Thrash Metal”.

Since hitting the Bay Area Metal scene in early 2007, Hatchet quickly made a name for itself. They worked hard to gig as often as they could and also not compete with, but group together bands of the like to help strengthen the scene. Focusing on playing with other young starting thrash bands in their area, the fan base grew. Eventually they reached out to the neighboring Los Angeles thrash scene which was also flourishing and invited various bands up to the bay area to diversify their shows, and spread overall thrash metal awareness.

After self-releasing two demos, the band’s debut album, Awaiting Evil, was released in mid-2008 via Metal Blade Records. The album was well-received by thrash enthusiasts around the globe and proved a great beginning for Hatchet. Since the release of the debut, the band has completed 3 full DIY U.S. tours that have helped put them on the map for up and coming thrash metal bands. Unfortunately in this time, the band also saw its share of lineup changes, which stalled overall progress of the group. Throughout the changes, founding member Julz Ramos always had the passion to keep the band going, even moving to take on vocal duties. Now in 2012, the band has never been stronger with its most dedicated, mature, and musically inclined members since its birth.

Their sophomore effort, Dawn of the End, released on their new label, The End Records, showcases a much more aggressive and professionally oriented band.  The group has stated its hunger to hit the road and prove that thrash metal is still a force to be reckoned with.

Hatchet is beyond thrilled to announce our signing to The End Records. They have a vast array of genres and styles within the label and it will be very interesting and exciting to see how Hatchet can expand its sonic force within the label. We have been shopping our new full length album to various key labels, however The End’s straight forward interest, excitement and approach to the band was a refreshing one for us to see. Further talks have only strengthened this feeling and we are happy to see the label already has some ideas and avenues they are thinking about to help push us in the right direction. Album details and release dates to shortly follow.” – Julz


Hatchet Facebook
The End Records Website
The End Records Facebook
The End Records Twitter


HELL MILITIA stream new album

The third album from French black metal threat HELL MILITIA is streaming in its entirety at Brooklyn VeganJacob’s Ladder,the band’s newest opus,  is about to be unleashed to this world via Season of Mist/Underground activists on November 20.

Jacob’s Ladder, Hell Militia third album:

Jacob’s Ladder is available in CD and LP (with download card).

On the album, lead guitarist T. Persecutor states: “HELLMILITIA opens the descent from Jacob’sLadder. More violent, more twisted, more dissonant than ever, this album was conceived in isolation and opens new sides of the madness. Jacob’s Ladder reveals the inner side of HELLMILITIA. Violent and dissonant, urban and religious, the new HELLMILITIA is a mix of old school and modern black metal.”

Connect with HELL MILITIA Facebook, Reverb Nation page, and MySpace



CELLDWELLER Tune Featured in ‘Now You See Me’ Trailer


What happens when you mix EDM – Rock Producer Celldweller with Morgan FreemanMark RuffaloWoody HarrelsonMichael Caine and a film about magicians, heists and a billion dollars? You get the new trailer for the 2013 film Now You See Me featuring Celldweller track ShutEmDown.

Celldweller is no newcomer to the big screen, with millions of listeners, moviegoers & gamers familiar with his hybrid mix of lush EDM (Electronic Dance Music) production and hard rock/metal aggression paired with everything from harmonious vocal melodies to cinematic orchestral strings.

Watch the Now You See Metrailer and grab a FREE Download of ‘ShutEmDown” below:

(Don’t See The Video? View on the Web)

Celldweller music has appeared in everything from BattleshipCall of Duty – EliteMission: Impossible – Ghost ProtocolJohn CarterReal SteelPremium RushFasterX-MenIron ManSpeed RacerCSIDeath Race 2Assassin’s Creed 2Dead Rising 2The Fast & The FuriousNeed For Speed: Most Wanted and Spider-man 2 & 3 to American Idol, NFLUFCNCISVampire Diaries, Hawaii Five-O and countless others.

Free Download of “ShutEmDown” by Celldweller:

(Don’t See The Player? View on the Web)

For More Info, visit:


A LIFE ONCE LOST Announce December Headline Dates

A LIFE ONCE LOST recently finished up a successful run with Revocation and KEN mode. If you missed them on this run, you may have another chance to catch them on some select headline dates in December. The band will be stopping Erie, PA, Pittsburgh, PA and Newark, DE next month. See directly below for venues and dates.


A LIFE ONCE LOST Headline Dates:

12/14 – Pittsburgh, PA @ Thunderbird Cafe

12/15 – Erie, PA @ Basement Transmissions

12/16 – Newark, DE @ Mojo Main

The band’s new album, Ecstatic Trance, is available internationally via Season of Mist. You can purchase the album and other merchandise at Season of Mist E-Shop. While you are browsing the web, make sure to visit the brand new, official A LIFE ONCE LOST website at

To learn more about A LIFE ONCE LOST, visit:


DOWN – Live in NJ photos FINALLY posted!

Only took two months & the current destruction of the venue to get these dang things up. Hopefully, these photos serve as a reminder of concert joint with terrible sound and plentiful obstructed view.

Your favorite artists successfully performing live in a garbage heap.

Down – New Jersey 09.29.2012

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