CELLDWELLER Tune Featured in ‘Now You See Me’ Trailer


What happens when you mix EDM – Rock Producer Celldweller with Morgan FreemanMark RuffaloWoody HarrelsonMichael Caine and a film about magicians, heists and a billion dollars? You get the new trailer for the 2013 film Now You See Me featuring Celldweller track ShutEmDown.

Celldweller is no newcomer to the big screen, with millions of listeners, moviegoers & gamers familiar with his hybrid mix of lush EDM (Electronic Dance Music) production and hard rock/metal aggression paired with everything from harmonious vocal melodies to cinematic orchestral strings.

Watch the Now You See Metrailer and grab a FREE Download of ‘ShutEmDown” below:

(Don’t See The Video? View on the Web)

Celldweller music has appeared in everything from BattleshipCall of Duty – EliteMission: Impossible – Ghost ProtocolJohn CarterReal SteelPremium RushFasterX-MenIron ManSpeed RacerCSIDeath Race 2Assassin’s Creed 2Dead Rising 2The Fast & The FuriousNeed For Speed: Most Wanted and Spider-man 2 & 3 to American Idol, NFLUFCNCISVampire Diaries, Hawaii Five-O and countless others.

Free Download of “ShutEmDown” by Celldweller:

(Don’t See The Player? View on the Web)

For More Info, visit:




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