PICTURE ME BROKEN (Gregg Allman’s hot daughter) Release EP

PICTURE ME BROKEN to Release Mannequins EP December 18th on Standby Records

(Redwood City, CaliforniaPICTURE ME BROKEN will be releasing their new EP entitled Mannequins December 18 on Standby Records. The EP, produced and recorded by David Bendeth (Breaking Benjamin) features the single “Torture” which is streaming HERE.

PICTURE ME BROKEN, led by Brooklyn Layla Allman, hasn’t taken long to convince fans worldwide that they are a breed of old school soul meets modern day turmoil to create a modern sound that will appeal to all that experience it. With Allman’s father being the musical legend Gregg Allman, it would have been easy for this act to simply let his stigma dictate their career path and allow them somewhat immediate success.  But Brooklyn and PICTURE ME BROKEN had different ideas; ideas of doing their work themselves, cutting their own niche out in a very tough active rock market, and slugging it out day by day on the road.  They have proven themselves to be musically superior to any act they’ve toured with to date by showing not only hard work, but a willingness to connect with their audience… one fan at a time if necessary.

Mannequins will be followed up in early 2013 with a full length album on Standby Records

With Allman out in front of PICTURE ME BROKEN, this is a band that commands attention from even the first glance.  Brooklyn Allman is clearly a beautiful woman, as evidenced by her 2012 nomination in Revolver Magazine‘s Hottest Chicks In Metal. That however doesn’t begin to portray the incredible talent that she has as a singer, a songwriter and a performer. Allman’s voice showcases everything you could ever want from a vocalist; be it soft alluring pain on songs like “Beautiful Disease” or a much more guttural rage that she lets loose on songs like “Holy Drug”.

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