Prosthetic Records Sign NERO DI MARTE

PROSTHETIC RECORDS are proud to announce the signing of experimental metallers NERO DI MARTE.

Founded in Bologna, Italy in 2007, NERO DI MARTE will unveil their long-awaited self-titled release, a unique and experimental approach to structure, sound and atmosphere, in the spring of 2013. You can check out  a teaser video of the new album below:

Watch the Video

Vocalist/guitarist Sean Worrell commented,

“We are absolutely thrilled and honored to be working with Prosthetic Records, a label which has had and still has some of the most amazing bands out there. We are very thankful to them and can’t wait for you all to hear our album, the release of which is long overdue. We will hopefully see you on the road during 2013!”

Duncan Dinsdale, European label manager of PROSTHETIC RECORDS, added,

“It’s a rarity to discover such an exciting and forward-thinking new band that equally balances texture, heaviness, intelligence and perfect musicianship as Nero Di Marte does with ease. We’re very excited for you to hear the upcoming new album shortly.” 

Nero di Marte is the Italian name of a pigment, an iron oxide that produces a deep, dark, intense black that, when in contact with other colors, can permanently coat or noticeably transform them. Formerly known as Murder Therapy, the band signed to Dutch label Deity Down Records to release their debut Symmetry of Delirium in 2009, which showcased a very personal style of modern death metal. They have played numerous shows and festivals around Italy and Europe, including performances with major acts such as Cynic, Decapitated, The Ocean, Intronaut, Ulcerate, Svart Crown, Red Fang, Jucifer, The Secret and more. The group also performed at the prestigious Neurotic Deathfest in Tilburg (NL) with Carcass, Immolation, Six Feet Under, Napalm Death, Bolt Thrower and Origin among many others.

The band’s broadened approach to songwriting was already audible in the 2010 self-released EP Molochian, which marked a stylistical step forward towards more progressive and atmospheric compositions. The following year, the group entered the studio to work on their new album. It was recorded in roughly nine days at Regrexion Studios with Michele Trasforini and then mixed and mastered at Studio73 in Ravenna with producer Riccardo “Paso” Pasini (Ephel Duath, The Secret, Extrema, At the Soundawn).

During the summer of 2012 the band decided to change its name to Nero di Marte, the name their new album was originally given; they now have a few shows in Italy to finish up the year, including dates with Norway’s Virus and are planning to tour extensively in 2013 to promote the record.


NOTHNEGAL Back in the Studio

Season of Mist, French independent label for Metal and Rock

Less than a year after the release of their debut album Decadence, Maldives’ very own NOTHNEGAL issued the following update:

“We entered Vakaruge Studio in Male, Maldives last week. We have already recorded demos and will be working with producers Matt Hyde (known for his collaboration with Slipknot, Machine Head and Bullet For My Valentine among others) handling the overall production and Paul Reeve (who worked as a producer on most of Muse’s albums) dealing with the vocal and additional production. The idea is to incorporate environmental / ambient sounds and traditional instruments of the Maldives into the music, in order to create a unique blend. Our new singer Affan will perform vocals on all songs, this time”.


Decadence, featuring the singles Claymore and Salvation, as heard on The Welding Room, is available in Season of Mist’s e-shop.

Season of Mist to Re-Release TSJUDER Album


On February 15 (19 in North America), Season of Mist will re-release TSJUDER’s highly-acclaimed third opus, Desert Northern Hell, with bonus material.

Originally released in 2004, this cornerstone of Norwegian Black Metal is now enhanced with four bonus tracks recorded live in Quebec City in 2001, as well as the long sold-out Norwegian Apocalypse DVD, filmed in 2005.

The reissue will be available as CD and gatefold LP formats, and both of them will include the bonus DVD.

TSJUDER’s latest album, last year’s Legion Helvete, is available on Season of Mist e-shop as deluxe Digipak with metal badge, CD jewel case, LP with different artwork, merch items and CD + t-shirt bundles.

Season of Mist, French independent label for Metal and Rock

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BLAAK HEAT SHUJAA (photo C. Jenkins)

“Heavy Mental” psych rockers BLAAK HEAT SHUJAA will release The Storm Generation, their debut EP for Tee Pee Records on December 11. On The Storm Generation, thick, colorful bass lines coexist with flying reverb guitars, ethereal chants and loud, tribal drums. Produced by Scott Reeder (Kyuss, The Obsessed) in the Mojave desert, the EP features a guest appearance by Nobel Prize-nominated gonzo poet Ron Whitehead, adding even more color to BLAAK HEAT‘s signature psychedelia. The EP is a precursor to the band’s new full length The Edge of an Era, which is set for a March 26, 2013 release.

BLAAK HEAT SHUJAA‘s enticing blend of genres has been called “a dissonant symphony unveiling visions of great natural expanses” and is unlike anything you’ve likely heard before. The band’s transcendental tension between its heavy rock roots and an organic inclination to drift towards psychedelia pays homage to the vast collection of mind-expanding sounds the trio grew up on: neo-psychedelia, surf rock, spaghetti westerns, Middle Eastern scales and Far Eastern melodies.

“We spent all summer at our LA studio working on the new record,” comments BLAAK HEAT SHUJAA guitarist / vocalist Thomas Bellier. “The creative vibe was unbelievable, and the music just kept flowing. Soon we had way more than needed for a full-length record, so we talked to Tee Pee Records about doing an EP before the album, which they agreed to. The EP has something for everyone: hints of surf rock, massive basses, psych solos, shades of metal…it unleashes the uniqueness of the Blaak Heat sound.”
BLAAK HEAT SHUJAA collaborated with filmmakers Cole Jenkins and Andrew Baxter to document the recording of their new music alongside Reeder and the resulting five part behind-the-scenes videos have been posted online via The Obelisk. Check out the videos here (part 1part 2 / part 3 / part 4 / part 5).
Formed in 2008 in Paris, FranceBLAAK HEAT SHUJAA  promptly established itself as the ‘young Turks’ of European heavy psychedelia and boast a cinematic sound that has been called “Heavy Spaghedelia” featuring “psychedelic, meditative, trance-inducing” and “spacey atmospheres”. Now based in Los Angeles, the trio’s music has evolved into a hybrid of styles that is sure to find appeal to fans of Earthless, Kyuss, Naam, OM and Calexico.
Thomas Bellier (guitars, vocals), Mike Amster (drums) andAntoine Morel-Vulliez (bass).
Blaak Heat Shujaa - Let a thousand parks bloom

“The dominance of the psychedelic, meditative, trance-inducing, spacey atmospheres and an overall rather slow pace of the sound surely recall bands like Yawning Man, Naam, Dead Meadow, Earthless, Colour Haze and even Om (not to mention decades of acid psychedelic music produced across the Atlantic Ocean)… you find yourself instantly thrown onto a horse galloping in the desert while sunset is flashing the sky with red and purple shades against the black horizon made of table mountains and saguaros” – DOOMMANTIA

“amazing… If you like desert rock, psychedelic rock or bands such as Tool, Naam, Colour Haze or even Earthless, you’ll like Blaak Heat Shujaa” – HEAVY PLANET

ASSASSIN to Release First Ever DVD

Assassin – Choas and live shots cover art

Blood and gore all over the place, smelly feet in a car with closed windows, and as if that wasn’t enough, there are roadies crawling through grotty attics, interspersed with wild parties, plenty of drugs and tons of alcoholic beverages – somehow you can’t make up your mind which of these countless choleric excesses of a wonderfully and thoroughly uncivilised cohabitation you’d most like to have been a part of.

Thrash metal act ASSASSIN were there all the way, which is why they will probably be the last survivors of the human race when Planet Earth plunges – as predicted – into the abyss this coming winter. Mind you: should Armageddon really materialise, they at least had a good time. Where? In Frankfurt and Hagen, in Lichtenfels and Bochum, in Hamburg, Berlin, Munich, but also… wait for it… in Osaka. March 2010 saw eight cameras witness ASSASSIN conquer that Japanese city, pulling out all the stops at the True Thrash Fest.

Not only were ASSASSIN‘s two shows caught on camera, but also the every-day madness this chaos squad lives with. So should the world not come to an end after all, you will be able to watch all this and much more on double DVD, out January 29 in North America on Steamhammer/SPV. Chaos and Live Shots is the title of that footage (which is anything but confidential), presenting a thoroughly anarchistic band.

Well how about this one: why is guitarist Michael Hoffmann pulled across the poker table like that? Or: why does drummer Björn Sondermann smash up his… hmm… well-kept Honda van? Why do the phones of the other band members ring all the time so they can’t ever seem to get down to some serious meditation? And why does this damn mobile have to ring when they’d much rather cheer on their favourite football team, Fortuna Düsseldorf, at the stadium?

Find answers to all these essential questions on Chaos and Live Shots, plus bizarre anecdotes and wild film sequences from the career of this five-piece thrash band from Germany.  ‘Uncle Tom’ Angelripper has his say, and the guys from Violent Force and Deathrow also were called upon to talk about their memories, complemented by comments from original Assassin drummer Psycho Danger (the name says it all!), the band’s first manager, and various ex-bassists. And in between, there are lots of hard-as-nail thrash metal tracks courtesy of ASSASSIN.

Chaos and Live Shots is pretty extraordinary. But Assassin wouldn’t be Assassin if the band hadn’t ignored all conventions when they got down to putting together the material. Chaos And Live Shots is brilliantly chaotic and wonderfully alive – which we already mentioned above …..

A trailer for the DVD can be viewed HERE.

DVD content / packing:

2 DVDs in a Digipak + 40 page booklet + exclusive voucher to enter the competition for a FERNANDES Tremor Bass guitar


Exclusive interviews with many well known artists and insiders of the German and international Thrash Metal Scene such as Tom Angelripper (Sodom), Harris Johns (cult producer) and many others. Complete Band documentary sidelined by specials and background information on the bands history.


Full ASSASSIN live Show – Osaka 2010

+ Specials / 5 Bonus Songs


Robert Gonella – vocals

Michael Hoffmann – guitars

Jürgen “Scholli” Scholz – guitars

Joachim Kremer – bass

Björn “Burn” Sondermann – drums



Little more needs to be said, but in case you are one of those in need; the sexy, sultry, seductive voice of the legendary Concrete Blonde, Ms. Johnette Napolitano will be our guest on The Welding Room, this Monday, December 3rd.

That’s right, CONCRETE BLONDE on The Welding Room! Kinda huge, kinda historic.

Concrete Blonde’s month-long jaunt begins in Boston Dec. 12, includes “World Café Live” performance


Double-sided 7” white vinyl pairs “Rosalee” and “I See the Ghost”

LOS ANGELES, Calif. – When singer/songwriter/bassist Johnette Napolitano first formed Dream 6 on her time off working at L.A.’s famed Gold Star Studios with James Mankey in 1982, the music landscape was a lot like it is now, forcing new acts into a do-it-yourself ethic. Four years later, when Napolitano and Mankey renamed the band Concrete Blonde — from a purported suggestion by labelmate Michael Stipe — they signed to Miles Copeland’s I.R.S. Records, who provided a home for the emerging punk/New Wave scene.

“I love the new music business,”

enthuses Napolitano from the five-acre ranch in Joshua Tree she’s lived in for the better part of a decade, having just fed her two horses, two goats, three dogs and school of fish.

“Technology is made for me because I can live wherever I want. Wayne Kramer installed my first set of Pro Tools back in 1991. This is the best thing to happen for musicians. It’s like when Brett Gurewitz launched Epitaph or Posh Boy started. Nobody would put out our stuff back then. It’s easier and better now because you have the Internet to promote your music.”

For a band with one foot in the modern world, and another in the past, Concrete Blonde has decided to release its two new songs, the country lament “Rosalee” and the vintage speeded-up punk-rock of “I See the Ghost,” in an old-school way as the A- and B- sides of a beautifully designed, white 7” vinyl single, though it will also be available at all digital outlets.

“We knew we were doing this for vinyl,”

she says of the tracks, recorded at Stagg Street Studios in Van Nuys with their longtime engineer Anne Catalino.

“So you have this A-side, which is an old ’30s cowboy song that I imagined Willie Nelson doing, and on the B-side, you have a 1980 West Coast punk song. And they both sound as if they belong on vinyl.”

Indeed, “Rosalee” is a product of Johnette’s desert environment, a ballad sung around the campfire by a lonesome cowboy missing his lost love. She wraps herself in firelight, croons Napolitano. And dances in the sand like a ghost. The flip side, “I See the Ghost,” is a vintage syncopated punk rave-up that also references the spiritual, a fascination for Napolitano, an admitted fan of eccentrics like Joe Meek, Upton Sinclair and Nikola Tesla — an image of whom she sports as a tattoo — since manning a psychic hot line back on Y2K eve.

“James and I couldn’t make it through without stopping to breathe. It’s about people who think they can get away with things, who try to fake their way through life . . . [who think] that they’re always being watched.”

The band has shot a video for each of the songs and plans to release them as a DVD in conjunction with an East Coast tour that begins at Boston’s Sinclair Music Hall on Dec. 12 and includes dates at N.Y.’s Irving Plaza (12/13), Asbury Park’s Stone Pony (12/14), D.C.’s 9:30 Club (12/17), Carrboro, NC’s Cat’s Cradle (12/18), Atlanta’s Variety Playhouse (12/19), Chicago’s Park West (12/21) and Minneapolis’ Variety Theatre (12/22). Concrete Blonde will perform on WXPN Philadelphia’s syndicated radio show “World Café Live” on Dec. 15. There is also the possibility of a New Year’s Eve show in L.A.

This comes after the band has played shows in China last year, as well as in Peru and Brazil, where they recorded their 2003 double-live album. A European tour is planned as well.

It’s all part of a spate of activity prompted by the deaths of Johnette and James’ fathers over the past two years, which coincided with the 20th anniversary of Bloodletting, their most commercially successful album, reissued at the time in a re-mastered, unauthorized, deluxe box set with six bonus tracks by Shout! Factory.

Concrete Blonde released five studio albums on I.R.S. Records, starting with their self-titled debut, through Free (1989), Bloodletting (1990), Walking in London (1992) and Mexican Moon (1993).  The band’s single, “Joey,” from Bloodletting, a cautionary tale of an alcoholic, hit the Billboard Top 20 and went #1 at Modern Rock, while other singles like “God is a Bullet,” “Caroline,” “Everybody Knows,” “Someday?,” “Ghost of a Texas Ladies Man” and “Heal It Up” were all Top 20 Alternative hits. The B-side of “Joey,” “I Want You,” was featured in Oscar winner Kathryn Bigelow’s 1991 cult film, Point Break.

After breaking up in 1993, Concrete Blonde reformed in 1997, when they released Concrete Blonde Y Los Illegals, a collaboration with the L.A. Chicano punk band, and then again in 2001, recording Group Therapy (2002) and Mojave (2004), the latter featuring new (and current) drummer Gabriel Ramirez replacing original member Harry Rushakoff.

Inspired by her peaceful surroundings, Johnette has been able to tune out the distractions of urban civilization by concentrating on her art, which involved a great deal of communicating with, well, the ghosts which surround her. She hasn’t had a TV since 9/11 and often entertains herself by listening to the radio. You can regularly find her tuning into to Art Bell’s Coast to Coast, which intermingles on her airwaves with a local Navajo station to create just the right sort of eerie mix that marks Concrete Blonde’s latest music.

“I’ll wake up at 3 in the morning and just have to write it down, not even knowing where it came from,”

she explains of her creative method.

“These aren’t my songs. They come to me in one piece, sometimes with chords I don’t even know how to play. I believe in the collective consciousness of things coming to you and then receiving them.”

With a recent homecoming performance at L.A.’s Troubadour — which they were playing for the first time — Concrete Blonde is enjoying the process of reconnecting with old fans, and making new ones.

“It’s taken awhile, but we’re really happy where we are,”

says Napolitano, who has spent the last decade learning about art in Mexico and the flamenco in Spain, as well as how to sew and tattoo.

“As a unit, we’re just amazing and completely self-sufficient. We’ve come to the place where we trust ourselves. And as long as the music is good . . . that has never changed. It’s all about being fucking great. We are very vain that way. We have to be the best or we won’t bother.”

Listen to Concrete Blonde and you can almost feel the ghost.

Wed., Dec. 12  BOSTON, MA Sinclair Music Hall
Thurs., Dec. 13  NEW YORK, NY Irving Plaza
Fri., Dec. 14  ASBURY PARK, NJ Stone Pony
Mon., Dec. 17  WASHINGTON, DC 9:30 Club
Tues., Dec. 18  CARRBORO, NC  Cat’s Cradle
Wed., Dec. 19  ATLANTA, GA Variety Playhouse
Fri., Dec. 21  CHICAGO, IL Park West
Sat., Dec. 22  MINNEAPOLIS, MN Variety Theatre