MUTINY WITHIN Activate Anti-Piracy Thing, New Single

MUTINY WITHIN is giving fans a full taste of their upcoming album Synchronicity with the release of their first single Embers.

The band released a music video directed and produced by Tommy Jones (Suffocation, Kataklysm, Soilwork, All Shall Perish) for the song Embers, in partnership with Metal Injection.

The song is also available for purchase via MUTINY WITHIN Bandcamp

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MUTINY WITHIN also partnered with Tommy Jones (the studio) in a brand new anti-piracy movement called Industry Embers.

In a society where downloading music for free has become accepted and even the norm, people on the outside rarely are able to grasp the true effects of their stealing and how it trickles down to all the aspects of the entire music industry.

Industry Embers is an anti-piracy organization and movement. The goal is to have individuals from different facets of the music industry spread the truth about the damaging effects piracy has on the music industry as a whole.

If you are purchasing music via service-based options, digital downloads, physical CDs, or vinyl, and paying the asking price, the industry salutes you. Industry Embers encourage fans and supporters of music and the Industry Embers objective to tweet their music purchases, regardless of genre, to @IndustryEmbers with the hashtag #BuyMusicOrItsByeMusic.

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Jones and MUTINY WITHIN know the downside to piracy all too well.

Jones notes,

“The guys in Mutiny Within were perfect examples of the difficulty an extremely talented new band faces to succeed in this age of online piracy, even after being signed to one of the largest metal labels.”

If you are reading this message, then you too are affected by piracy.  Support music.  Educate yourself.

Purchase “Embers”

Watch the “Embers” music video


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