RIOT 87 Release Remix Album


Serbian EDM/Rock masters Riot 87 have just teamed up with FiXT to release a new album of official remixes for FiXT’s own CelldwellerBlue Stahli & Squarehead.

(Can’t See The Video? View on the Web)

Free Download of the Metal/Dubstep Celldweller banger “I Can’t Wait” (Riot 87 Remix):

(Can’t See The Player? Click Here)

RIOT 87 launched at the height of Psytrance’s hold on electronic dance music and quickly became a top EDM act in their native Serbia. After discovering FiXT and the hybrid stylings of Celldweller andBlue Stahli in 2009, they undertook a transformation.

They now emerge having wholly evolved into a metalstep juggernaut, fusing together giant metal riffs and punishing dubstep/drum’n’bass beats.

RIOT 87’s never-before-heard remixes of Celldweller, Blue Stahli, and Squarehead shatter any constrictions on the dubstep genre. You’ve never heard it this hard or this heavy.

This is Dubstep with more Muscle.

Purchase Riot 87 – Dubstep With More MuscleFiXT | Beatport | iTunes

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About RIOT 87: A band which can’t be put in one genre. Fusing tempos from 140 bmp dubstep to 180bpm drum n’bass, with hard-rock guitar riffs and hooligan anthems/90 rave synths, Darko and Igor are trying to create their own genre, their own recognizable sound.

Some call them Serbian weapons of mass destruction ( and some say they are Pendulum/Noisia/Prodigy’s serbian children ( but RIOT 87 is just two guys in a band with the intention to rule the rock-bass scene. After experimenting with psytrance music and having several releases on American and Spanish labels, in 2009 they discovered FiXT Music and made a 180 degree turn.

Riding on the massive wave of rock-fueled bass pioneered by British legends, and absorbing every second of Celldweller/Blue Stahli music, RIOT 87 started dropping violent drum’n’bass and dubstep tunes in 2010.

Between the promotion of the two self-released EPs Serbian Bassline 1 & 2, they managed to win 3 remix contests on remix community Indaba Music. After winning the public vote, RIOT 87’s remix was chosen by Canadian indie rock band Metric to appear on their biggest release to date: the Fantasies Flashbacks deluxe boxed set. A few months later, Interscope recording artists Escape The Fate chose RIOT 87’s remix of their song Issues as the best of all 150 remixes. In April 2012 they won their 3rd remix contest on Indaba – American Christian heavy metal bend Demon Hunter picked their remix as the best. Beside the money reward they got, RIOT 87 get a new nickname – The Gods of remix!

With this nickname it wasn’t easy to make a deal and start to work on remix EP for their favorite label – FiXT Music. The EP, RIOT 87’s dubstep debut, was released on January the 1, 2013 with 6 monster remixes to Celldweller, Blue Stahli, and Squarehead.

Like any good musicians, the RIOT duo recognized the raw potential in a live setup that uses all the possibilities in their sound. That’s right; RIOT 87 is currently working on a configuration to bring you their stuff LIVE in concert.


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