LIGHTNING SWORDS OF DEATH Release Single, Video Forthcoming

Occult, black metal bandLIGHTNING SWORDS OF DEATH, recently released a brand new song from the group’s upcoming album, Baphometic Chaosium. The track, R’lyeh Wuurm, is available for streaming on now at

Additionally, they also completed a music video for the song. The premiere date is TBA.

When reached for comment, vocalist Autarch simply responded:

“R’lyeh Wuurm will instruct you in a method for creating a simple, yet useful servitor.” 

LIGHTNING SWORDS OF DEATH previously released the title-track from Baphometic Chaosium on The album is available for pre-order on iTunes and

About Baphometic Chaosium:
Nearly seven years after the release of The Golden Plague, LIGHTNING SWORDS OF DEATH prepares to bring forth their third full length offering, the band’s second release on Metal Blade. The band appropriately became a five piece (completing the pentacle) with the recruitment of lead guitarist “Inverted” Chris Velez, before they began developing what is described as “devotional work”, dedicated to their patron god – A mind altering experience compelled by the embodiment of chaos, death and ecstasy entitled Baphometic Chaosium. To record the psychedelic devilry, they returned to Trench Studios with John Haddad again seeing to the engineering with Roskva producing, no doubt to the delight of the tributed horned deity.


KLAUS SCHULZE Album Released Date Pushed Back

Due to unforeseeable health issues and the resulting delays in production, the release of the upcoming album Shadowlands by KLAUS SCHULZE will be postponed for one month.

The new release dates of Shadowlands are as follows:

Germany: Feb 22, 2013

Europe: Feb. 25, 2013

USA: March 26, 2013

Not even Schulze himself knows the exact number of albums he has recorded and released, it must be somewhere between 200 and 500, some of them sounding almost like identical twins, others not even seeming to belong to the same family. Schulze is the only musician from the legendary Krautrock era to have preserved his absolute freedom in terms of formats. His new opus Shadowlands consists of three tracks with a total playing time of 75 minutes on the first CD.

Shadowlands features, probably for the umpteenth time, a slightly different Klaus Schulze. One of the reasons for this is the fact that violinist Thomas Kagermann accompanied him for the second time since Contemporary Works (2000). 

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TWR Internet Live Stream Interruption

We’ve been informed The Welding Room live internet stream on TuneIn Radio has been cut.

Feel free to voice your complaints to WIFI-AM 1460 any time by calling (609) 447-0236.

The Welding Room sincerely apologizes for the inconvenience. We have reason to believe this is a heinous act of discrimination and bigotry.


A LIFE ONCE LOST Live In Atlantic City

Saturday, January 19, 2013

A LIFE ONCE LOST w/ Circa Survive @ House of Blues

801 Boardwalk – Atlantic City, NJ

GA Standing: $20/Balcony RSVD Seating: $30

DOS: 8:00/SH: 9:00


To learn more about A LIFE ONCE LOST, visit:

MUSTACH Announce New Albums

MUSTACH have achieved seven albums, sold-out tours of Scandinavia, opening- and headline tours with Motörhead, Gluecifer and cult-band Rose Tattoo in Europe as well as three Swedish Grammy Nominations and a Grammy Award for “Metal Album of the Year” in 2008.

After all this, the band reached a turning point. It would be full speed ahead focusing on the band or nothing at all. No half-hearted solutions, no compromises. All or nothing!

Ralf Gyllenhammar (guitarist/vocalist) explains over a cup of coffee one morning in Stockholm,
“Drunk or sober, angry or happy, all or nothing, there are no in-betweens in my world.”

This time Ralf Gyllenhammar sat firmly in the producer´s chair, Martin Westerstrand did the artwork and Stefan Glaumann (Rammstein, Paradise Lost, Within Temptation) mixed the tracks.

Sounds Like Hell, Looks Like Heaven already has gold achieved gold status in Sweden. With the new drummer, Jejo Perkovid, MUSTACH bring their straight forward Heavy Rock to the rest of the world! In addition the 2011 10th anniversary album The New Sound of the True Best is released by Metalville Records at the same time.


MUSTACH Line-up:

Ralf Gyllenhammar – Vocals and Rhythm Guitar

David Johannesson – Lead Guitar

Stam Johansson – Bass Guitar

Jejo Perkovid – Drums


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Prosthetic Records MP3 Sale

AMAZON MP3 is currently offering numerous albums from the PROSTHETIC RECORDS catalog in their current “Metal Sale” for only $5. Among the discounted titles are some of PROSTHETIC’s top releases from past and present artists, including KYLESA, LAMB OF GOD, GOJIRA, ANIMALS AS LEADERS, THE ACACIA STRAIN, SKELETONWITCH, TESTAMENT, MARTY FRIEDMAN, SCALE THE SUMMIT and dozens more. A full list of $5 albums available along with purchase links can be found below.

You can also download 14 FREE tracks via the PROSTHETIC RECORDS winter digital sampler exclusively on the label’s Facebook page (, which includes tracks from upcoming albums from both HOLY GRAIL (Ride The Void, out Jan. 22) and ANCIENT VVISDOM (Deathlike, out Feb. 5). You can pre-order both of these titles by clicking HERE or going to

Check out all of the below titles on sale for only $5 on Amazon now!

1349 – “Demonoir” –
The Acacia Strain – “Wormwood” –
The Acacia Strain – “Continent” –
The Acacia Strain – “3750″-
The Acacia Strain – “The Most Known Unknown” –
The Acacia Strain – “The Dead Walk” –
Ambassador Gun – “Golden Eagle” –
Animals As Leaders – “Animals As Leaders” –
Animals As Leaders – “Weightless” –
Ancient VVisdom – “A Godlike Inferno” –
Antagonist – “Exist” –
Antagonist – “World In Decline” –
Beneath The Massacre – “Incongruous” –
Beneath The Massacre – “Dystopia” –
Beneath The Massacre – “Maree Noire” –
Byzantine – “The Fundamental Component” –
Byzantine – “And They Shall Take Up Serpents” –
Byzantine – “Oblivion Beckons” –
Book of Black Earth – “The Cold Testament” –
Book of Black Earth – “Horoskopus” –
Black September – “Into The Darkness Into The Void” –
Black September – “The Forbidden Gates Beyond” –
Cannae – “Gold Becomes Sacrifice” –
Cannae – “Horror” –
Castle – “Blacklands” –
Century – “Black Ocean” –
Century – “Red Giant” –
Clinging To The Trees of a Forest Fire – “Songs of Ill Hope and Desperation” –
Crematorium – “For All Our Sins” –
Crematorium – “The Process of Endtime” –
Dew-Scented – “Icarus”  –
Dew-Scented – “Invocation” –
Dragged Into Sunlight – “Widowmaker” –
Dragged Into Sunlight – “Hatred For Mankind” –
The Esoteric – “With The Sureness of Sleepwalking” –
The Esoteric – “Subverter” –
Everything Went Black – “Cycles of Light” –
The Funeral Pyre – “The Nature of Betrayal” –
The Funeral Pyre – “Vultures At Dawn” –
The Funeral Pyre – “Wounds” –
Gojira – “The Way of All Flesh” –
Gojira – “From Mars To Sirius” –
The Greenery – “Spit & Argue” –
Grief of War – “Worship” –
Grief of War – “A Mounting Crisis…As Their Fury Got Released” –
Heaven’s Cry – “Wheels of Impermanence” –
Himsa – “Hail Horror” –
Himsa – “Courting Tragedy & Disaster” –
Hollow Corp. – “Cloister of Radiance” –
Holy Grail – “Crisis In Utopia” –
Hour of Penance – “Sedition” –
I Exist – “II: The Broken Passage” –
Infernaeon – “A Symphony of Suffering” –
Infernaeon – “Genesis To Nemesis” –
Invocation of Nehek – “Invocation of Nehek” –
Kylesa – “To Walk A Middle Course” –
Kylesa – “Time Will Fuse Its Worth” –
Kylesa – “Static Tensions” –
Lamb of God – “As The Palaces Burn” –
Light This City – “The Hero Cycle” –
Light This City – “Remains of the Gods” –
Light This City – “Facing The Thousand” –
Landmine Marathon – “Sovereign Descent” –
Landmine Marathon – “Rusted Eyes Awake” –
Landmine Marathon – “Gallows” –
Last Chance To Reason – “Level 2” –
Mantric – “The Descent” –
Marty Friedman – “Loudspeaker” –
Marty Friedman – “Future Addict” –
Marty Friedman – “Bad D.N.A.” –
Mercenary – “Metamorphosis” –
The Minor Times – “Making Enemies” –
The Minor Times – “Summer of Wolves” –
Mutilation Rites – “Empyrean” –
Neuraxis – “Asylon” –
Neuraxis – “The Thin Line Between” –
Ov Hell – “The Underworld Regime” –
Primitive Weapons – “The Shadow Gallery” –
Reflux – “The Illusion of Democracy” –
Scale The Summit – “The Collective” –
Scale The Summit – “Carving Desert Canyons” –
Skeletonwitch – “Forever Abomination” –
Skeletonwitch – “Beyond The Permafrost” –
Skeletonwitch – “Breathing The Fire” –
Testament – “Live In Eindhoven ’87” –
Testament – “Live at the Fillmore” –
Testament – “The Gathering” –
Testament – “First Strike Still Deadly” –
Testament – “Demonic” –
Through The Eyes of the Dead – “Malice” –
Through The Eyes of the Dead – “Bloodlust” –
Through The Eyes of the Dead – “Skepsis” –
Trap Them – “Darker Handcraft” –
Unholy – “New Life Behind Closed Eyes” –
White Arms of Athena – “Astrodrama” –
Withered – “Folie Circulaire” –
Withered – “Dualitas” –
Wolves Like Us – “Late Love” –
Zodiac – “A Bit of Devil” –


ZOMBIFIED Album Coming In February

In continued partnership with Germany‘s Cyclone Empire RecordsMetal Blade Records will be releasing one of Cyclone’s most recent European releases in North America. Zombified’s Carnage Slaughter and Death will be released on February 5 via Metal Blade Records in North America. The Sweden-based death/grind act unleashed the album at the end of 2012 in Europe. The title track, as well as album pre-orders, can be found at Plus, hear tracks from the new album on The Welding Room radio program.

Zombified was started as a two man project by guitarists P. Myrén and P. Fransson in the winter of 2006. After some beers, and a three song demo, they decided to assemble a full band and record an album.

They got in contact with the session members “Von Pest” and M. Askinen and with them they gave birth to the first album Zombified Slaughtermachine. After the release, M. Fiebig and R. Karlsson joined the band on drums and vocals and Zombified didn’t waste any time and created a new album called Carnage Slaughter And Death. Shortly thereafter, M. Fiebig decided to leave the band and a new drummer was found in J. Johansson.

Zombified Slaughtermachine led to the band signing with Cyclone Empire. Carnage Slaughter and Death will be released in February 2013 by Metal Blade Records in North America. Carnage Slaughter and Death was recorded at Shotgun Studios, which is owned and operated by the band. Additionally, the band is wasting no time and has already begun assembling material for a third album.

Patrik Myrén – Guitar
Pär Fransson – Guitar
Roberth Karlsson – Vocals and Bass
Jacob Johansson – Drums


New GLORIA MORTI Album In February

In continued partnership with Germany‘s Cyclone Empire RecordsMetal Blade Records will be releasing one of Cyclone’s most recent European releases in North America. Gloria Morti’s Lateral Constraint will be released on February 5 in North America. Fans can pre-order the album, as well as listen to Sleep, Kill, Regress, Follow at

Gloria Morti has emerged as one of the finest up-and-coming melodic death metal acts. The band originated in Finland back in 1999, and has since released five demos, and four full-length albums, including Lateral Constraint. The album was recorded and mixed by the band’s guitarist Juho Räihä and mastered by Svante Försback.

Guitarist Juho Räihä elaborates:

“On Lateral Constraint, I made a conscious decision to write without over analyzing or burying the point with anything unnecessary. The lyrics are about mankind’s inability to step aside and think outside the box. Almost all of our problems seem to be a side-product of clinging to old beliefs and institutions. Mankind needs to evolve laterally if we want to survive and elevate ourselves to the next level. We are not civilized as long as we have wars and poverty. Musically, Lateral Constraint was probably the easiest Gloria Morti album to write. We just went to the natural direction of the band and had a really relaxed and emancipated recording experience. All in all I honestly think that Lateral Constraint is by far the best Gloria Morti album to date, and it will be hard to top in the future.”

GLORIA MORTI have been “blessed” with a vast number of exceptional supporting tours. They have had the honor to share the stage with such bands as BEHEMOTH, ZYKLON, MAYHEM, THE CROWN and DISSECTION. Lateral Constraint is an exceptional entry in the field of melodic death metal, more than worthy of mention alongside releases from Septic Flesh, Zyklon, Amon Amarth, etc.

Hear the first single, Sleep, Kill, Regress, Follow on The Welding Room radio program or listen now at

Live Dates:
01/19 Lahti, Finland Finlandia-klubi
03/08 Lahti, Finland Torvi
04/05 Rovaniemi Finland Cafe Grande
04/06 Oulu, Finland Nuclear Nightclub
Eero Silvonen – Guitar
Kauko Kuusisalo – Drums
Juho Räihä – Guitar
Aki Salonen – Bass
Psycho – Vocals

SHAI HULUD East Coast Tour Dates

SHAI HULUD will be kicking off their live campaign in support of Reach Beyond the Sun this February with four shows throughout the east coast. These shows precede the band’s trip to Australia for the annual Soundwave Festival (Metallica, The Offspring, Slayer), as well as their recently announced European tour with Propagandhi.

The new album, Reach Beyond the Sun, will be released in Europe on February 15, 2013. The title track for the album can be heard on The Welding Room radio program as well as streaming on-line, and is available for purchase on iTunes HERE. To listen, visit Throughout the next few weeks, the band will also be posting candid studio video blogs, new music, and more, so watch out for updates as they are made available.

East Coast record release shows
02/13 Amityville, NY Revolution
02/15 Haverhill, MA Anchors Up
02/16 Trenton, NJ Backstage at Champions
02/17 Danbury, CT Heirloom Arts Theater

Soundwave Festival (SOLD OUT)
02/23 Brisbane, Australia
02/24 Sydney, Australia
03/01 Melbourne, Australia
03/02 Adelaide, Australia
03/04 Perth, Australia

Failed States European Tour 2013
12/04/13 – DE – Berlin – SO36
13/04/13 – DE – Hamburg – Grünspan
14/04/13 – NL – Amsterdam – Melkweg
15/04/13 – UK – Nottingham – Rock City
17/04/13 – UK – London – The Electric Ballroom
18/04/13 – UK – Glasgow – Garage
19/04/13 – UK – Sheffield – Corporation
20/04/13 – BE – Hasselt – Muziekodroom
21/04/13 – DE – Köln – Essigfabrik
23/04/13 – DE – München – Backstage
24/04/13 – CH – Zürich – Komplex
25/04/13 – AT – Wien – Arena
26/04/13 – IT – Milano – Officina Creative Ansaldo
27/04/13 – DE – Stuttgart – LKA

Comments SHAI HULUD’s Matt Fox:

“The opportunity to tour Europe is not something we will ever take for granted. Before our first trip in 1999, the idea of touring another country was something only “real” bands did. We were kids, fanboys ripping off our favorite bands. All we ever wanted to do was try to make someone else feel something resembling what we felt when listening to the bands who inspired us. We never thought our name or music would get out of South Florida. Somehow it made it to Europe, and we graciously followed.

“Since 1999 we have now been to Europe countless times, having played some our most memorable, emotional, and altogether unbelievable shows there, across many different countries. Where we once had what some refer to as “fans,” we now have friends, some so close they are practically family. We cherish the relationships we have made in Europe: personal, musical, lyrical, and in most cases all of the above.

“In 2013 we are returning to Europe with Propagandhi, one of our all time favorite bands. This will be yet another extremely special tour we are fortunate enough to share with our European family. Young and not as young, faces new and familiar, we’re grateful to make new memories and rage with everyone soon!”

About Reach Beyond the Sun:
Reach Beyond the Sun, the fourth entry in SHAI HULUD’s storied catalog, will see its release in February of 2013. The album was produced by current New Found Glory guitarist, Chad Gilbert, and notably, vocalist on Hulud’s debut LP Hearts Once Nourished With Hope And Compassion. In addition to producing, Gilbert also returned to sing on the album – his first offering of recorded vocals with the band in over a decade. Not unlike SHAI HULUD’s previous releases, Reach Beyond the Sun was born of several years of toiling before ever entering a studio. The band’s previous effort, Misanthropy Pure, a polished, metallic and frenzied piece of masterwork, is contrasted by the much more visceral, instinctively compositional songs found on Reach Beyond the Sun, an embracement of the raw Hardcore/Punk elements that sit at the cornerstone of the band’s influences.

Longtime bass player Mad Matt Fletcher asserts,

“Anyone who really knows the band will agree this album is our definitive sound, encompassing all of our different influences and styles.” He conclusively reiterates, “Yep, this sounds like Shai Hulud.”

Reach Beyond the Sun will be released on February 19 in North America, and February 15/18 in Europe.


HATCHET Releases New Single

March 5, 2013 marks the release date of the latest album from the Bay Area’s Hatchet. The quartet’s sophomore work is a huge step forward in precise aggression, performance, songwriting and production. Having recently confirmed The End Records as the band’s new home the band and label want to share a new song from the album, Fall From Grace, in addition to the Dawn of the End cover art, as illustrated by All Things Rotten (Children of Bodom, Eluvetie, Amon Amarth).

Fall From Grace was chosen as the first preview track off Dawn of the End. This song is about the fall of Lucifer from heaven as the fable goes. Lucifer was struck down by God for taking a stand against him leading to what we now know as Satan and Hell; that is if you believe in that sort of thing.

The cover art of Dawn of the End was meant to depict and signify the title of the album in one picture. It’s the end of all mankind — a total apocalypse. This could be depicted in many ways, but to us this might be a scene from the end of the world with Death summoning demons to rise from their slumber and ascend unto our world and destroy it completely. I’ve just always been a fan of apocalyptic scenes. Very metal!” laughs Julz.

Click Here To Listen To Fall From Grace


Hatchet Facebook
Hatchet Twitter
The End Records Website
The End Records Facebook
The End Records Twitter

The group is playing some west coast shows prior to the album’s release –

Jan. 18 – El Divan de Alicia – Tijuana, Mexico with Exmortus, Blessed Curse

Jan. 19 – The Riff Haus – Fullerton, CA with Exmortus, Witchaven

Jan. 20 – The Wheelhouse – Hemet, CA with Exmortus, Blessed Curse

Feb. 9 – Thee ParksideSan Francisco, CA supporting Sabaton