KLAUS SCHULZE Album Released Date Pushed Back

Due to unforeseeable health issues and the resulting delays in production, the release of the upcoming album Shadowlands by KLAUS SCHULZE will be postponed for one month.

The new release dates of Shadowlands are as follows:

Germany: Feb 22, 2013

Europe: Feb. 25, 2013

USA: March 26, 2013

Not even Schulze himself knows the exact number of albums he has recorded and released, it must be somewhere between 200 and 500, some of them sounding almost like identical twins, others not even seeming to belong to the same family. Schulze is the only musician from the legendary Krautrock era to have preserved his absolute freedom in terms of formats. His new opus Shadowlands consists of three tracks with a total playing time of 75 minutes on the first CD.

Shadowlands features, probably for the umpteenth time, a slightly different Klaus Schulze. One of the reasons for this is the fact that violinist Thomas Kagermann accompanied him for the second time since Contemporary Works (2000). 

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