LIGHTNING SWORDS OF DEATH Release Single, Video Forthcoming

Occult, black metal bandLIGHTNING SWORDS OF DEATH, recently released a brand new song from the group’s upcoming album, Baphometic Chaosium. The track, R’lyeh Wuurm, is available for streaming on now at

Additionally, they also completed a music video for the song. The premiere date is TBA.

When reached for comment, vocalist Autarch simply responded:

“R’lyeh Wuurm will instruct you in a method for creating a simple, yet useful servitor.” 

LIGHTNING SWORDS OF DEATH previously released the title-track from Baphometic Chaosium on The album is available for pre-order on iTunes and

About Baphometic Chaosium:
Nearly seven years after the release of The Golden Plague, LIGHTNING SWORDS OF DEATH prepares to bring forth their third full length offering, the band’s second release on Metal Blade. The band appropriately became a five piece (completing the pentacle) with the recruitment of lead guitarist “Inverted” Chris Velez, before they began developing what is described as “devotional work”, dedicated to their patron god – A mind altering experience compelled by the embodiment of chaos, death and ecstasy entitled Baphometic Chaosium. To record the psychedelic devilry, they returned to Trench Studios with John Haddad again seeing to the engineering with Roskva producing, no doubt to the delight of the tributed horned deity.


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