DYING FETUS New Video Teaser


Death Metal powerhouse DYING FETUS completed work on a new video for the song Second Skin. The band released a trailer for the video, which can be viewed by clicking the still shot above.

DYING FETUS will be hitting the road in this month alongside Hatebreed, Shadows Fall and The Contortionist as part of “The Divinity of Purpose Tour” which kicks off January 26 in Flint, MI and will wraps February 17 in Amityville, NY.

Their latest album Reign Supreme was released in 2011 on Relapse Records. Multiple tracks have been heard on The Welding Room radio program. However, its streaming in its entirety on their Bandcamp Page.

Purchase Reign Supreme from the Relapse store HERE and digitally on iTunes.

For updates on DYING FETUS visit their Facebook page.

DYING FETUS with Hatebreed and Shadows Fall

1/26/13: Flint, MI @ The Machine Shop

1/27/13: Joliet, IL @ Mojoe’s

1/28/13: Omaha, NE @ Sokol Auditorium

1/30/13: Grand Junction, CO @ Mesa Theater

1/31: Flagstaff, AZ @ Orpheum Theater

2/1: West Hollywood, CA @ The Roxy

2/2: Chico, CA @ Senator Theater

2/3: Reno, NV @ Knitting Factory

2/5: Colorado Springs, CO @ Black Sheep

2/6: Wichita, KS @ The Cotillion

2/7: Sauget, IL @ Pop’s

2/8: Lexington, KY @ Buster’s

2/9: Nashville, TN @ Marathon Music Works

2/11: Ft. Lauderdale, FL @ Revolution Live

2/12: Jacksonville Beach, FL @ Freebird Live

2/13: Jacksonville, NC @ Hooligan’s

2/14: West Springfield, VA @ Empire

2/15: Allentown, PA @ Crocodile Rock

2/16: Syracuse, NY @ Westcott Theater

2/17: Amityville, NY @ Revolution



Texas dark heavy metal band VENOMOUS MAXIMUS just released its new album Beg Upon the Light to widespread celebration. The record has been called “Lovecraftian” and a “masterpiece” by Metal Injection, “mayhem without mercy” by Decibel, “super-thick occult doom” by Rhapsody and “the best metal album to come out of Texas in a long, long time” by the Houston Press.

Click the image below to watch the new Path of Doom video.

Venomous Maximus -

Additionally, VENOMOUS MAXIMUS were hand-picked by New Orleans metal titans DOWN to support the band for a string of live dates on their upcoming U.S. tour.

VENOMOUS MAXIMUS is one of the most successful metal bands to emerge from Houston in years, beloved of headbangers and headbanging blogs from across the U.S. and points beyond (maybe even astronauts).

Since its formation in 2010, the group has become the go-to metal band in the country’s third-largest city, winning back-to-back titles at the Houston Press Music Awards as the Space City‘s “Best Metal Band” and has shared the stage with the like-minded Mastodon, Pentagram, Saint Vitus, The Sword, Graveyard and more.

 U.S. Tour Dates (all shows supporting DOWN)

January 26     Denver, CO             Summit Music Hall
January 28     Minneapolis, MN     First Avenue
January 29     Milwaukee, WI        The Rave
January 30     Cincinnati, OH        Bogart’s
February 1     Chattanooga, TN     Track 29

VENOMOUS MAXIMUS’ sound combines intense, unabashed metal riffing that locks into heavy rock grooves featuring interjected dual leads and surprisingly darkened atmospheres. Add to it the distinctive voice of towering front man Gregg Higgins and his unorthodox, unsettling tone, unholy sinister laugh and unchained lyrics described as “primal psychomagic”, detailing “paths of doom”, dying witches, moon worship, haunted graveyards and travel through space and time, and the speed of the band’s bat out of hell success becomes surprisingly clear.

VENOMOUS MAXIMUS: Gregg Higgins (Vocals, Guitar), Christian Larson (Guitar),Trevi Biles (Bass) and Bongo (Drums)
Updated news and tour information is available via ACTION! PR online (website / facebook / twitter)

“Texas cult metallers Venomous Maximus will appeal to fans of proto-metal bands such as Pentagram and Sir Lord Baltimore and current sludge fiends like High on Fire and Red Fang.” – AOL NOISECREEP

“The occult imagery might tip your expectations toward a blackened doom sound, but truthfully these guys are more of a traditional, uptempo stoner band. It would be unfair to say Venomous Maximus sound like former touring mates (and distant neighbors) The Sword, but it would be totally accurate to say that if you like The Sword this is exactly the kind of 70’s-drenched, weed toking rock ‘n roll that’s right up your alley. The riff is dominant, the mood is “let’s party”, the fists are pumping.” – METAL INJECTION

“doom-y guitars, witchcraft-obsessed lyrics…These guys basically take the modern form of doom-metal and drag it backwards ’til it sounds like it might’ve if Phil Lynott & co. had gone through a “doom period” prior to Think Lizzy’s demise.”

“Iron Maiden via High on Fire…a kind of post-Mastodonic punk. Venomous Maximus could hit on an excellent balance of familiar and genre-defying, ultimately adding to their home state’s storied legacy of heavy. Recommended.”

“This is some prime-evil, straight wicked mischievous type stuff. These guys know how to raise hell. Period.” – EXAMINER.com

SEASON OF MIST Christmas Competition Ends


Satan Claus’ Christmas competition on Season of Mist’s website is now over!


Thanks to all contestants who participated and sent us their answers, but there could only be so many winners a day

Season of Mist, French independent label for Metal and Rock

Here is the list of all 31 questions featured in Season of Mist’s 2012 December calendar, with their respective answers (we admit some questions were rather tricky, so correct alternatives were accepted too):

01) NOTHNEGAL “Decadence”
Q: Which ocean surrounds the home of NOTHNEGAL?
A: The Indian Ocean

02) KELLS “Anachromie”
Q: KELLS singer Virginie Goncalves has been helping out which other French band live for a couple months?

03) DODECAHEDRON “Dodecahedron”
Q: Under which name did DODECAHEDRON start out before changing it?
A: Order of the Source Below

04) TERRORIZER “Hordes of Zombies”
Q: Which legendary frontman plays bass on TERRORIZER’s “Hordes of Zombies” album?
A: David Vincent (Morbid Angel)

05) V.A. MORBID ANGEL “Illud Divinum Insanus – The Remixes”
Q: Name three of the famous Electro / Indus artists remixing MORBID ANGEL

06) DRUDKH “Eternal Turn of the Wheel”
Q: How many albums have DRUDKH released including “Eternal Turn of the Wheel”?
A: 9

07) CYNIC “The Portal Tapes”
Q: Who is singing on “The Portal Tapes”?
A: Aruna Abrams (& Paul Masvidal)

08) SAINT VITUS “Blessed Night”
Q: What was the name of SAINT VITUS’ advance 7″ single for “Lillie: F-65”?
A: “Blessed Night”

09) BLACK SHEEP WALL “No Matter Where It Ends”
Q: BLACK SHEEP WALL originate from which Californian town?
A: Moorpark

10) ETHS “III”
Q: How many English language songs are on the French limited edition of ETHS’ album “III”?
A: 2 (“Music” and “7”)

11) GHOST BRIGADE “In the Woods (Jonny Wanha Remix) – Soulcarvers (Acoustic)”
Q: GHOST BRIGADE released an acoustic version of which song on the “In the Woods” 7″ single?
A: “Soulcarvers”

12) SAINT VITUS “Lillie: F-65”
Q: What is SAINT VITUS’ album title “Lillie: F-65” referring to?
A: A depressant (“downer”) drug that came in capsules marked “Lilly F65”

13) ETHS “Soma”
Q: How many albums did ETHS release after “Soma”?
A: 2

14) CARACH ANGREN “Where the Corpses Sink Forever”
Q: CARACH ANGREN are based in which country?
A: The Netherlands / Holland

15) ENGEL “Blood of Saints”
Q: ENGEL mastermind Niclas Engelin is also playing in which other famous Swedish band?
A: In Flames

16) BLACKLODGE “MachinatioN”
Q: French Industrial Black Metal elite BLACKLODGE consist of how many members?
A: 3

17) SETH “Les Blessures de l’Ame”
Q: In what year was SETH’ acclaimed album “Les Blessures de l’Ame” originally released?
A: 1998

18) DESTRÖYER 666 “Phoenix Rising”
Q: On which continent did DESTRÖYER 666 begin to conquer the world?
A: Australia

19) KHONSU “Anomalia”
Q: KHONSU mastermind Steffen Gronbech cooperated with his brother on which other release?

20) THE CASUALTIES “Resistance”
Q: THE CASUALTIES are mustering “Resistance” against the system with what style of music?
A: Punk

21) UNDERCROFT “Ruins of Gomorrah”
Q: Name two of the famous guest singers and their bands contributing on UNDERCROFT’s album “Ruins of Gomorrah”?
A: L.G. Petrov (ENTOMBED), Matti Karki (DISMEMBER), Erik Danielsson (WATAIN), Tobias Sidegård (NECROPHOBIC)

22) THE CHARIOT “One Wing”
Q: THE CHARIOT were founded by which vocalist, who left what band in order to do that?
A: Josh Scogin, NORMA JEAN

Q: How many albums have WAR FROM A HARLOTS MOUTH released on Season of Mist?
A: 1

24) WATAIN “The Vinyl Reissues”
Q: Which WATAIN albums has Season of Mist re-released on LP in November 2012?
A: “Rabid Death’s Curse“, “Casus Luciferi“, “Sworn to the Dark“, “Lawless Darkness”

25) RAGE NUCLÉAIRE “Unrelenting Fucking Hatred”
Q: In which band did RAGE NUCLÉAIRE vocalist Lord Worm scream before?
A: Cryptopsy

Q: Do THE CONTORTIONIST base their lyrical subjects on science or religion?
A: Science

27) A LIFE ONCE LOST “Ecstatic Trance”
Q: Which band did A LIFE ONCE LOST cover on the limited edition of “Ecstatic Trance”?
A: KILLING JOKE “Asteroid”

28) HELL MILITIA “Jacob’s Ladder”
Q: Which band member founded HELL MILITIA and what instrument does he play?
A: T. Persecutor (lead guitar)

29) VERA CRUZ “Skinandteethandnails”
Q: Which famous director shot VERA CRUZ’ video clip “The Game”?
A: Ian McFarland

30) KYLESA “From the Vaults Vol. I”
Q: KYLESA released which new song on “From the Vaults Vol. I”
A: “End Truth”

31) KOLDBRANN “Totalt Sjelelig Bankerott”
Q: Which track of KOLDBRANN’s forthcoming album “Vertigo” was also released as a 7″ single?
A: “Totalt Sjelelig Bankerott”

The winners will be informed by email and their names will be posted on Season of Mist’s Facebook page.

Classic WATAIN Album Released In North America

The cult classic Sworn to the Dark from Swedish shouting stars, WATAIN is finally available in North America.

Here is the cover artwork of the critically acclaimed third opus.

You can also find it in the Season of Mist e-shop on CDdeluxe LP and as part of the new collector’s LP box set.

Season of Mist, French independent label for Metal and Rock


More On KEN MODE Signing To Season Of Mist

Season of Mist, French independent label for Metal and Rock

Season of Mist is proud to announce the signing of metallic post-hardcore outfit KEN MODE! The Canada based trio recently completed recording their new album Entrench with acclaimed engineer Matt Bayles (MASTODON, ISIS, PEARL JAM, THE SWORD) and will unleash it on March 15 (March 19 in North America).

Here is the cover:

The band commented on the new union,

KEN mode is proud to be forming an alliance with a label with as heavy hitting and as creatively diverse a roster as Season of Mist”

“As (mostly) Canadians, we are excited to take this opportunity to put our 9th grade level French skills to use, particularly in our communications with the SoM head office. We are also excited to visit the Season of Mist US headquarters in Philadelphia where no doubt the staff will present us with the most extravagantly cheesed Philly cheesesteak sandwiches. As newly anointed cultural treasures of Canada, we look forward to the awards and accolades we are no doubt to receive through our international partnership with Season of Mist.”

Showcasing powerful noise rock influenced by AmRep‘s finest (MELVINS, JESUS LIZARD, HELMET) and fortified by an unhealthy dose of modern hardcore intensity (CONVERGE, THE DILLINGER ESCAPE PLAN, EVERY TIME I DIE), Entrench further asserts the band’s stance against a stagnant take on rock, metal and hardcore.

The band issued the following statement:

“The only logical way to follow up on the success of our previous album Venerable, was to put our noses to the grindstone and top that record in every way possible. With Entrench, we are convinced we have accomplished this. Entrench is our most collaborative effort, and the most creative and sonically diverse album of our entire career. Entrench sees us expand in both our handling of dynamics and general song and album craftsmanship; utilizing piano, keyboards, and strings to build on the classic power trio format. For this album, we have also enlisted guest vocal contributions from Dave Verellen (NARROWS, ex-BOTCH) and former DEADGUY/KISS IT GOODBYE vocalist Tim Singer. Both of them add another layer of icing to the metallic-hardcore-noise-rock-whatever-core cake we’ve baked”


KEN MODE was recently awarded a Canadian Juno Award – Canada’s version of the Grammy- in the inaugural “Heavy Metal/Hard Music Album of the Year” category, on the back of their critically acclaimed album, Venerable. Other nominees included DEVIN TOWNSEND and ANVIL.

Regarding the award, frontman Jesse Matthewson commented:

“It’s nice that Canada’s finally waking up to appreciate some of the darker arts… It’s cool that hopefully we’ll start getting more recognition on a grander scale”

KEN MODE announced a full North American tour for March and April with TODAY IS THE DAY, BLACK TUSK, and FIGHT AMP.

Click the TOUR DATES page above to view confirmed dates.


UPON WINGS To Release EP In March

UPON WINGS is proud to announce the release of their new EP, Afterlife, featuring guest vocals and production from Brett Hestla (Ex-Creed, Dark New Day). Afterlife is scheduled for a March 5 release on Sword of the Spirit Records LLC.

The debut single and title track is set to hit alternative and rock radio and digital outlets on Jan. 15, but you can hear it HERE now. Check out an exclusive stream of the title track Afterlife.

Rock and metal fans will recognize plenty of names on Afterlife. Kid Rock recording engineer and Grammy-nominated mixing engineer Glenn Brown mastered the single, while Brett Hestla (ex-Creed, Dark New Day) provided guest vocals and production talents. More metal assistance for the upcoming EP came from producer and guitarist Kevin Jardine, best known as the guitarist of Canadian nu metal giants Slaves on Dope, formerly on Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne‘s Divine Recordings label. Drummer Peter Tzaferis also contributed to the EP.

Recording sessions for Afterlife took place at Johnny K’s legendary Groovemaster Studios in Chicago, where Disturbed, 3 Doors Down, Staind and countless other heavy music-makers have laid down tracks.

UPON WINGS combines operatic, female-fronted goth-pop with rousing rock and metal in a unique, ethereal fashion. Frontwoman Anne Autumn Erickson is a classically-trained dramatic mezzo-soprano, and her lyrics take listeners down a path of heartfelt introspection, pain, joy and faith.


For More Info Visit:









(NEW YORK, NY) – NO BRAGGING RIGHTS released the second and final music video for the track, Legacy. Click HERE or the image above to watch.

Directed by veteran director Josh Knoff (As I Lay Dying, Asking Alexandria), the video is a clear example of the bands intense live show.

The band is scheduled to support Every Time I Die, The Acaia Strain and Vanna next month. Click here for more info.

1. The Advent Of Change
2. Hope Theory
3. Appraisals and Ommissions
4. Cycles
5. No My Salvation
6. Legacy
7. Fight For My Life
8. Repeater
9. The Prequel
10. Ascensions

NO BRAGGING RIGHTS released Cycles just a few months ago to much critical acclaim. Click HERE or click the underlined songs above to purchase on iTunes.

NO BRAGGING RIGHTS: Mike Perez (vocals), Christian Lee (guitars), Daniel Garrow (guitars), Martin Alcedo (drums) and Ryan Warrell (bass)



HOLY GRAIL Ride The Void Lyric Video

(Los Angeles, CA) – HOLY GRAIL released the lyric video for the title track of their upcoming album, Ride The Void. You can view the video directly on their site HERE or by clicking the video below. The album, to be released on Jan. 22 through PROSTHETIC RECORDS in U.S., Jan. 16 via Universal in Japan, and via Nuclear Blast on Jan. 18 in Europe and Jan. 21 in the UK, is available for pre-order through www.RideTheVoid.com. Pre-order bundles include Ride The Void on CD or LP along with either a t-shirt, long-sleeve, or pullover hoodie featuring the album’s artwork (featured above).

Watch the Video

Ride The Void was produced by Grammy award winner Matt Hyde (Slayer, Children of Bodom).

“You’d have to go back 20 years to find a metal record that achieves this level of instant infectiousness”Decibel magazine

The band kicks off an extensive tour cycle on the upcoming Metal Alliance tour, playing alongside Anthrax, Exodus, High on Fire and Municipal Waste. Dates & tickets can be found on www.MetalAllianceTour.com.

For more information on the band please visit: