SEASON OF MIST Christmas Competition Ends


Satan Claus’ Christmas competition on Season of Mist’s website is now over!


Thanks to all contestants who participated and sent us their answers, but there could only be so many winners a day

Season of Mist, French independent label for Metal and Rock

Here is the list of all 31 questions featured in Season of Mist’s 2012 December calendar, with their respective answers (we admit some questions were rather tricky, so correct alternatives were accepted too):

01) NOTHNEGAL “Decadence”
Q: Which ocean surrounds the home of NOTHNEGAL?
A: The Indian Ocean

02) KELLS “Anachromie”
Q: KELLS singer Virginie Goncalves has been helping out which other French band live for a couple months?

03) DODECAHEDRON “Dodecahedron”
Q: Under which name did DODECAHEDRON start out before changing it?
A: Order of the Source Below

04) TERRORIZER “Hordes of Zombies”
Q: Which legendary frontman plays bass on TERRORIZER’s “Hordes of Zombies” album?
A: David Vincent (Morbid Angel)

05) V.A. MORBID ANGEL “Illud Divinum Insanus – The Remixes”
Q: Name three of the famous Electro / Indus artists remixing MORBID ANGEL

06) DRUDKH “Eternal Turn of the Wheel”
Q: How many albums have DRUDKH released including “Eternal Turn of the Wheel”?
A: 9

07) CYNIC “The Portal Tapes”
Q: Who is singing on “The Portal Tapes”?
A: Aruna Abrams (& Paul Masvidal)

08) SAINT VITUS “Blessed Night”
Q: What was the name of SAINT VITUS’ advance 7″ single for “Lillie: F-65”?
A: “Blessed Night”

09) BLACK SHEEP WALL “No Matter Where It Ends”
Q: BLACK SHEEP WALL originate from which Californian town?
A: Moorpark

10) ETHS “III”
Q: How many English language songs are on the French limited edition of ETHS’ album “III”?
A: 2 (“Music” and “7”)

11) GHOST BRIGADE “In the Woods (Jonny Wanha Remix) – Soulcarvers (Acoustic)”
Q: GHOST BRIGADE released an acoustic version of which song on the “In the Woods” 7″ single?
A: “Soulcarvers”

12) SAINT VITUS “Lillie: F-65”
Q: What is SAINT VITUS’ album title “Lillie: F-65” referring to?
A: A depressant (“downer”) drug that came in capsules marked “Lilly F65”

13) ETHS “Soma”
Q: How many albums did ETHS release after “Soma”?
A: 2

14) CARACH ANGREN “Where the Corpses Sink Forever”
Q: CARACH ANGREN are based in which country?
A: The Netherlands / Holland

15) ENGEL “Blood of Saints”
Q: ENGEL mastermind Niclas Engelin is also playing in which other famous Swedish band?
A: In Flames

16) BLACKLODGE “MachinatioN”
Q: French Industrial Black Metal elite BLACKLODGE consist of how many members?
A: 3

17) SETH “Les Blessures de l’Ame”
Q: In what year was SETH’ acclaimed album “Les Blessures de l’Ame” originally released?
A: 1998

18) DESTRÖYER 666 “Phoenix Rising”
Q: On which continent did DESTRÖYER 666 begin to conquer the world?
A: Australia

19) KHONSU “Anomalia”
Q: KHONSU mastermind Steffen Gronbech cooperated with his brother on which other release?

20) THE CASUALTIES “Resistance”
Q: THE CASUALTIES are mustering “Resistance” against the system with what style of music?
A: Punk

21) UNDERCROFT “Ruins of Gomorrah”
Q: Name two of the famous guest singers and their bands contributing on UNDERCROFT’s album “Ruins of Gomorrah”?
A: L.G. Petrov (ENTOMBED), Matti Karki (DISMEMBER), Erik Danielsson (WATAIN), Tobias Sidegård (NECROPHOBIC)

22) THE CHARIOT “One Wing”
Q: THE CHARIOT were founded by which vocalist, who left what band in order to do that?
A: Josh Scogin, NORMA JEAN

Q: How many albums have WAR FROM A HARLOTS MOUTH released on Season of Mist?
A: 1

24) WATAIN “The Vinyl Reissues”
Q: Which WATAIN albums has Season of Mist re-released on LP in November 2012?
A: “Rabid Death’s Curse“, “Casus Luciferi“, “Sworn to the Dark“, “Lawless Darkness”

25) RAGE NUCLÉAIRE “Unrelenting Fucking Hatred”
Q: In which band did RAGE NUCLÉAIRE vocalist Lord Worm scream before?
A: Cryptopsy

Q: Do THE CONTORTIONIST base their lyrical subjects on science or religion?
A: Science

27) A LIFE ONCE LOST “Ecstatic Trance”
Q: Which band did A LIFE ONCE LOST cover on the limited edition of “Ecstatic Trance”?
A: KILLING JOKE “Asteroid”

28) HELL MILITIA “Jacob’s Ladder”
Q: Which band member founded HELL MILITIA and what instrument does he play?
A: T. Persecutor (lead guitar)

29) VERA CRUZ “Skinandteethandnails”
Q: Which famous director shot VERA CRUZ’ video clip “The Game”?
A: Ian McFarland

30) KYLESA “From the Vaults Vol. I”
Q: KYLESA released which new song on “From the Vaults Vol. I”
A: “End Truth”

31) KOLDBRANN “Totalt Sjelelig Bankerott”
Q: Which track of KOLDBRANN’s forthcoming album “Vertigo” was also released as a 7″ single?
A: “Totalt Sjelelig Bankerott”

The winners will be informed by email and their names will be posted on Season of Mist’s Facebook page.

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