ORWELL To Re-Release EP

AVOHFASIH cover art

Wisconsin‘s ever-progressing ORWELL (http://www.facebook.com/orwellwi) are re-releasing their 2011 EP AVOHFASIH (an acronym for A View of Heaven From A Seat In Hell).

Originally, a self-released, 40-plus minute, 6-song EP; the newly formed specialty vinyl label, Threshold of Pain Records (http://www.facebook.com/ThresholdOfPainRecords), are also re-releasing efforts from Seamless and planning several splits and releases spanning the heavy music spectrum.

AVOHFASIH, produced and engineered by Steve Henningsgard of Iron Thrones at Signaturetone Recordings in La Crosse, Wisconsin, explores a much heavier, more emotionally-driven direction. From doom and sludge and acoustic meddling, to head-on metal riffing and spiraling guitar solos, AVOHFASIH marks a true evolution in ORWELL’s sound.  

Listen for yourself and grab a digital copy at the name-your-price offering via their BandCamp (http://orwellus.bandcamp.com)

The vinyl release will feature new and expanded artwork from guitarist Tim Bradley, with the record itself being on high quality 180-gram wax and limited to 250 pieces. Expect AVOHFASIH to drop on special edition vinyl Spring of 2013.  

Specific details are to be announced soon.

For updates, be sure to follow the band online on their website – www.aseatinhell.comFacebook, and Twitter.

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