GWAR Announces Second Leg Of U.S. Tour

After spending months deep inside their arctic fortress working on what will be their next album, your Lords and Masters GWAR announced their return to the road in North America. The second leg of the “Fate or Chaos” tour is scheduled to kick off April 10 and will run through April 25. Support on the tour will come from Warbeast and Wilson. Tickets go on sale this Friday, February 15.

Briefly putting down the crack pipe, lead throat thing Oderus Urungus spoke about going back on tour:

“As you humans amuse yourself with your mundane holidays, it has been a time of intense activity for GWAR, as we record our 13th studio album – the first one with our new Scumdog brother, Pustulus Maximus!”

The Filth-Lord continues,

“We begin this years festivities with the second and final leg of our Fate or Chaos tour, so everybody who missed the first leg can see Cyber-Jesus get his fucking ass handed to him. Then it’s back in the studio to work on all the hulking war machines we shall need on our devastating, brand-spanking new tour, after the album drops at the end of the summer! Can you believe I said drop? How fucking stupid!”

Oderus Urungus and Balsac the Jaws of Death, recently took New York by storm when they were in town filming a segment for the SyFy TV Show Oddities.

The guys were once again recruited by MTV’s Next Movie to give their critique of another Steven Spielberg directed, Oscar nominated film. Last time, they did a review for War Horse so it was fitting that Lincoln be next. Check out Oderus and Balsac’s review HERE.

The summer will also herald the fourth annual GWAR-B-Q, and this year is shaping-up to have the most colossal, bone-crushing line-up yet. But that’s not all from your toxic mutant under-lords. Rumors of boxed sets, GWAR-B-Q sauce, GWAR beer, and long-awaited “comedy” albums abound. Further details about all of these projects would have to wait until “we get our shit together”, said Oderus.

GWAR “Fate Or Chaos Tour” with Warbeast and Wilson

(Click linked dates for tickets)

4/10: Tucson, AZ @ Rialto Theatre
4/11: San Diego, CA @ House of Blues – Tickets
4/12: Las Vegas, NV @ Hard Rock Cafe – The Strip – Tickets
4/13: Ventura, CA @ Majestic Ventura Theatre – Tickets
4/14: Reno, NV @ Knitting Factory – Tickets
4/15: Salt Lake City, UT @ The Complex – Tickets
4/16: Grand Junction, CO @ Mesa Theater & Club
4/17: Englewood, CO @ Gothic Theatre – Tickets
4/18: Lincoln, NE @ Bourbon Lounge
4/19: Des Moines, IA @ Wooly’s
4/20: Tulsa, OK @ Cain’s Ballroom – Tickets
4/21: Little Rock, AR @ The Rev Room – Tickets
4/22: Nashville, TN @ Marathon Music Works – Tickets
4/23: Greenville, SC @ The Handlebar – Tickets
4/24: Orlando, FL @ Beacham Theater
4/25: Jacksonville, FL @ Free Bird Live – Tickets



RAVEN BLACK NIGHT Stream Third Single

RAVEN BLACK NIGHT posted the third and final single, Fallen Angel from Barbarian Winter.

Surf over to THIS location to check out the second single Lips Of Desire.

The first single Morbid Gladiator and pre-order options can be found here.

Barbarian Winter will be released as a CD, double gatefold vinyl (Europe ONLY) and digital download. The double gatefold vinyl will feature two exclusive bonus tracks, Metal Martyr and Love Is Holy.

Barbarian Winter track listing:
1. Fire In Your Eyes
2. Morbid Gladiator
3. Mystery Woman
4. Fallen Angel
5. Black Queen
6. If You Choose The Dark
7. Warriors Call
8. Barbarian Winter
9. Changes
10. Lips of Desire
11. Nocturnal Birth
12. Angel With A Broken Wing
13. Metal Martyr (vinyl exclusive)
14. Love Is Holy (vinyl exclusive)

It was late 1999 when Jim Petkoff, The White Knight [guitar/vox] and Rino Amoriono, The Raven [guitar], met over a cold beer in Adelaide, South Australia: the city of churches and where AC/DC found Bon Scott. This would mark the beginning of RAVEN BLACK NIGHT’s campaign to bring their traditional metal sound to a worldwide audience.

After deciding to form a doom/heavy metal band, they enlisted Matt Spencer The Black Knight [bass], and Jeremy The Godfather on drums. They began building a formidable live reputation, with a style of metal that appealed to many varieties of metal heads in their home town. With their stage adorned with swords, shields, and candles, they spent 2003-2006 criss-crossing Australia, performing at various metal festivals and underground clubs. Drummer Joe Toscano was brought into the band and their first album, Choose The Dark, was recorded and released in 2005.

Choose The Dark garnered praise throughout Australia and Europe culminating into an invitation in 2007 to perform at the 10th annual Headbangers Open Air in Germany, where they band performed with Candlemass, Rage, and many others.

Several years of touring and festival appearances were to follow: Hard and Heavy summer nights, the Hamburg Ballroom, and more dates throughout Australia. In 2011 Jim, Rino with Chris on bass enlisted Matt Enright to record new material for their long awaited follow up cd.

Jim and Rino are prepared to take the RAVEN BLACK NIGHT sound of true metal/doom rock to a global audience. A new partnership with Metal Blade Records and a new album will firmly place RAVEN BLACK NIGHT on the world map of true heavy metal.

AOSOTH Reveals New Album Details

French sowers of intelligent, distinctive and airless Black Metal, AOSOTH, revealed details of their forthcoming full-length album out on Agonia Records. The release entitled IV:Arrow In Heart will make its worldwide debut on April 16. More details can be found below.

The new album is a natural improvement over bands previews release, entitled III, which already was “a major step forward for Aosoth in creating their own distinct sound” (Sputnik Music).

Members of the band commented that IV:Arrow In Heart holds yet a bigger spiritual meaning:

“We’ve spent such a huge amount of time on defining a darker identity, yet open to a wider range of influences. Those tracks still haunt us, as delivering them was a painful and excruciating experience, and left some of us even physically wounded… Which gives that album even more of a spiritual value, as it involved a form of sacrifice.”

They went on to add:

“This fourth full-length release is without a doubt a great step forward for us in term of music writing, and sound.”

Pre-order IV:Arrow In Heart (6 original tracks, 56 minutes) now exclusively on the Agonia Records webshop

When the album hits stores, a re-release of AOSOTH’s II and III albums will be available for the first time on vinyl.

Tracklist for IV:Arrow In Heart

1. An Arrow in Heart
2. One With The Prince With A Thousand Enemies
3. Temple of Knowledge
4. Under The Nails and Fingertips
5. Broken Dialogue 1
5. Broken Dialogue 2
6. Ritual Marks of Penitence

Two tracks from AOSOTH’s former album can be streamed at:

Track “I”:
Track “V”:

Upcoming live appearances include:

May 9: France, Paris – La Boule Noire
May 25: Maryland Death Fest (USA)

CONDITIONS Announce New Record Details

(NEW YORK, NY) – Richmond’s own CONDITIONS will be releasing their newest full length Full Of War on March 26, 2013.

Vocalist Brandon Roundree offers an explanation of the record’s title.“Life is a series of decisions and what are decisions but little mini-wars, opposing forces, pulling upon each other?” Roundtree concludes,Full Of War lyrically ties the record together literally and metaphorically.”

On Tour with Sleeping With Sirens in March
Lyric Video Fan Content Needed ASAP!
“Full Of War” Available March 26, 2013

Producers Brandon Paddock and Taylor Larsen (PERIPHERY), who’ve done various production and engineering work with THE USED, PAPA ROACH and BLACK VEIL BRIDES, among others has helped CONDITIONS craft an album that is leaps and bounds beyond their already impressive debut, Fluorescent Youth.

“We wholeheartedly believed in our last record,” insists Roundtree. “But then after we lived with it, we realized it was maybe a little ‘safe’ for us. We took that very much to heart and decided to showcase the fact that we are not a play-it-safe band.”

Even the album artwork shows a very different side of CONDITIONS. Artist Matt ‘Portland’ Hay of Sons of Nero is normally known for his work in the metal and hardcore community shows a differnet side with Full Of War.

The band is out on the road right now with LET LIVE and will be joining SLEEPING WITH SIRENS on the TAKE IT OR LEAVE IT TOUR starting in March.

The band is also launching an initiative today that aims to get fans involved in debuting the first single from the record. The band breaks it down here:

“We will be releasing the first track from our upcoming album Full Of War soon, and we need your help to bring the words to life! We thought it would be fun to have all of you submit photos of yourself with the lyrics to our song Love Elusive. Make a sign, write the words on your face, write them on your arm, write them on a wall, act out the words, spray paint your dog (don’t really do that), but get creative!”

Below are the lyrics, so take a word, take a line, take a verse, etc. The more content we get, the better!


Have fun!


All the girls and boys who fill their voids with anything that comes
Are you aware of what you’ve done?
Cause I can’t believe the mockery, the mess you’ve made of love
If you hunt for a word, the feeling will never come

And I try to see through open eyes
And I try to learn the lesson
Then I let it die…

Lost love, push shove, feel it in my bones again
And that weight will drown me, crown me king of all the skeletons
And although I may walk with the dead men
I won’t stop ’til I know when
This will end like everything must end
And outgrow my bones again

All the suits and ties afraid of time will never make amends
Are you aware you’ll come undone?
You think you’ll fly beyond our sky and the ground won’t see you end
But you’re only melting in the sun
Tear those wings off, you are one of us

Lost love, push shove, feel it in my bones again
And that weight will drown me, crown me king of all the skeletons
And although I may walk with the dead men
I won’t stop ’til I know when
This will end like everything must end
And outgrow my bones again

Why can’t you see you could be free again if you just simply choose to be?
I swear you could make it feel good again if you just simply let it be…

Lost love, push shove, feel it in my bones again
And that weight will drown me, crown me king of all the skeletons
And although I may walk with the dead men
I won’t stop ’til I know when
This will end like everything must end
And outgrow my bones again

CONDITIONS: Brandon Roundtree (Vocals), Alex Howard (Guitar & Vocals), Ryan Tinsley (Drums) and Corey Thomas (Bass)





3/1 Fort Wayne, IN – Broadripple

3/2 Louisville, KY – The Vernon Club

3/3 Birmingham, AL – The Forge 250

3/4 Fayetteville, AR – NWA Showcase Theater

3/5 St. Louis, MO – Firebird

3/6 Iowa City, IA – Gabe’s Oasis

3/7 Lincoln, NE – Bourbon Theatre

3/8 Denver, CO – The Summit Music Hall

3/10 San Francisco, CA – Bottom of the Hill

3/12 Anaheim, CA – Chain Reaction

3/13 San Diego, CA – Soma Sidestage

3/14 Lake Buena Vista, FL – House of Blues

3/16 St. Petersburg, FL – Stater Theatre

3/17 Pensacola, FL – American Legion Hall 33

3/20 Nashville, TN – Rocketown

3/21 New Orleans, LA – House of Blues

3/22 Houston, TX – Warehouse Live

3/23 San Antonio, TX – White Rabbit

3/24 Dallas, TX – The Door

3/27 Oklahoma City, OK – Diamond Ballroom

3/28 Albuquerque, NM – Sunshine Theater

4/1 Reno, NV – Knitting Factory

4/3 Spokane, WA – The Knitting Factory

4/4 Boise, ID – The Knitting Factory

4/6 Billings, MT – Manny’s

4/7 Fargo, ND – The Aqarium

4/9 Sioux Falls, SD – Boonies

4/11 Iowa City, IA – Blue Moose Tap House

4/12 Grand Rapids, MI – The Intersection

Swedish Death Metal: ENTRAILS Finish New Album

Swedish death act, ENTRAILS, completed the recordings for their much anticipated upcoming third album, Raging Death. The album was recorded in different studios: the drum recordings took place at the Racetrack studios while the basis recordings were done at Jimmy Lundqvist’s own The Crypt recording studios. The album was mixed and mastered by Dan Swanö at Unisound.

The band comments on the album:

“This is the perfect next step for ENTRAILS. A massive stench of death, right in your face! Raging Death as a title suited the album as a whole, since it’s pure death metal without mercy!”

Raging Death will be released in Europe on May 10 via Metal Blade Records on vinyl, as a limited Digi-CD with bonus-cd and as a jewelcase CD. In North American, the album will be available on May 14. More details on the content will be revealed shortly.

ENTRAILS formed in the ’90s, but split up before they were able to release a demo or even an album. It took them until 2008 to come back when guitarist Jimmy Lundqvist rediscovered some old tapes. In a moment of nostalgia, he decided that they deserved to be released as they should have been originally. With modern recording technology, the first ENTRAILS demo could finally take shape. After releasing another demo in 2009, ENTRAILS recorded and released their debut album, Tales From The Morgue, in 2010. Just a year later, The Tomb Awaits was released, an album that gained worldwide attention of music fans of the extreme and was considered by many as the best death metal release of 2011. ENTRAILS has played numerous prestigious festivals in 2012 including gigs at Party.San Open Air, Summer Breeze Open Air and Hell Inside festival.

Joakim Svensson – Vocals/Bass
Jimmy Lundqvist – Guitar
Mathias Nilsson – Guitar
Adde Mitroulis – Drums

Raging Death art and the first new song will be released soon. Stay tuned.


Metal Blade Records Declare Trenton Titans “Official Hockey Team of Metal”

Los Angeles-based Metal Blade Records, who recently celebrated their 30th anniversary in 2012, have partnered with the Trenton Titans declare them as metal’s official hockey team. The two brands will be launching various cross-promotions over the next few months, primarily through both company’s array of social networks. The Trenton Titans play in the ECHL the premier “AA” hockey league and are the proud affiliate to the Philadelphia Flyers in the NHL and the Adirondack Phantoms in the AHL.

The Trenton Titans host a weekly Google+ and YouTube live video feed. On the show, Titans GM Rich Lisk discusses the latest games, player moves, promotions, a top 10 related to current events in Titans Nation and a question and answer segment. Previous broadcasts are available on the Trenton Titans YouTube channel. The Trenton Titans are about halfway through their regular season as part of the ECHL’s Eastern Atlantic divison, with the remaining schedule available on Fans can follow the team there, as well as via their other social outlets at:,

Metal Blade Records CEO Brian Slagel teamed up at the beginning of 2011 with’s Shawn Roarke for a new radio show called ‘Metal Misconduct’. This show features interviews with musicians and athletes, merging the worlds of sports and metal music. Past guests have included Drew Stafford (Buffallo Sabres), Josh Barnett (MMA), Kyle Turley (Kansas City Chiefs, New Orleans Saints), and more. The podcast is available on iTunes HERE.

Metal Blade Records social networks:




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SPEKTR Song From New Album Now Available

A full track track off SPEKTR‘s new album entitled Cypher is streaming here.

The French duo – who’s identity remains shrouded in mystery – will release the new opus on February 19 in North Amercia on Agonia Records. The release is already available in Europe.

Cypher is an experimental black metal album, recorded entirely without vocals except sampling. The album introduces industrial and ambient elements and as a whole should be considered as a strongly psychedelic release; it produces a feeling, as if the mind of the listener, dragged into the music, were unable of concentrate itself or were experiencing a powerful hallucinogen effect.

Successor of Near Death Experience (from 2006) will is made available as CD, Vinyl (150 on white & 150 on black vinyl) and digital download. Cypher includes 9 new tracks:

1 – Hermetism
2 – Teratology
3 – The Singularity
4 – Solitude
5 – Antimatter
6 – Solve Et Coagula
7 – Cypher
8 – Decorporation
9 – Le Vitriol du Philosophe

Agonia Records myspace: 

Agonia Records facebook:



CANCER BATS EP Available Online

The CANCER BATS released a new EP, Bat Sabbath – Bastards of Reality consisting of five Black Sabbath covers. The idea to record the EP was inspired by the overwhelmingly positive response the band received for their Bat Sabbath Canadian tour in 2011, as well as the Sonisphere 2011 after party. Bootleg videos from the Sonisphere set can be seen now on Bat Sabbath – Bastards of Reality is available now on iTunes for $4.95.

Dead Set On Living also available worldwide

Critics and fans across the globe have heaped praise upon Dead Set On Living. Fans can pick it up directly from, as well as on iTunes, Amazon, and at local record stores.

East Coast Ice Rage w/ Dance Laury Dance
02/12 Montreal, QC Tulipe
02/13 Charlottetown, PEI Hunter’s Ale House
02/14 Moncton, NB The Manhatten Club
02/15 Sydney, NS Elk’s Lodge
02/16 Halifax, NS The Pavilion AA
Michaels Bat (19+ show)
02/17 Fredericton, NB Nicky Zee’s
02/18 Quebec City, QV L’Union Commerciale
02/19 Kingston, ON Mansion
Soundwave Festival
02/23 Brisbane, AU Soundwave Festival
02/24 Sydney, AU Soundwave Festival
03/01 Melbourne, AU Soundwave Festival
03/02 Adelaide, AU Soundwave Festival
03/04 Perth, AU Soundwave Festival
UK Tour 2013
w/ Brutality Will Prevail, Empress
03/08 Plymoth, UK White Rabbit
03/09 Cardiff, UK Great Hall 2
03/10 Birmingham, UK HMV Library
03/11 Newcastle, UK O2 Academy 2
03/12 Glasgow, UK King Tuts
03/13 Manchester, UK Academy 3
03/14 Leeds, UK Cockpit
03/15 London, UK Koko
03/16 Southampton, UK The Cube
03/17 Milton, UK Keynes Craufurd Arms
03/18 Norwich, UK Waterfront
03/19 Nottingham, UK Rescue Rooms
03/20 Reading, UK Sub 89
03/21 Bristol, UK The Fleece
03/22 Brighton, UK The Haunt