ZOZOBRA Announce New Album Details

Brutal Panda Records
(Boston, MA) – ZOZOBRA have revealed the details behind their latest release Savage Masters, due out April 2 on LP/Digital via Brutal Panda Records.

The brainchild of Caleb Scofield (Cave In, Old Man Gloom), ZOZOBRA formed in 2006 and quickly released two crushing full-lengths of atmospheric sludge metal, Harmonic Tremors (2007) and Bird of Prey (2008). Now five years later, the band has re-emerged with Savage Masters, their most aggressive and straightforward release to date.  Bursting out the gate with a bold, determined purpose, Savage Masters is an unrelenting fury of post-hardcore ferocity and sludge-tinged amplifier crunch. This release, featuring long-time Cave In bandmates Adam McGrath (guitars) and J.R. Conners (drums), proves once and for all that ZOZOBRA are a veritable force to be reckoned with. Savage Masters was produced and recorded by Andrew Schneider (Unsane, Pelican) and contains stunning artwork by English alchemist Glyn Smyth (Unearthly Trance, Wolves in the Throne Room, Cough).

The track Black Holes is available for streaming here and a preview of the album art plus pre-order packages are available here with digital pre-orders available here.

Additionally, the band announced a co-headlining Northeast tour with label-mates KOWLOON WALLED CITY, set to begin on April 6 in Brooklyn, NY. Click on the TOUR DATES tab (above) to view list of live dates.www.brutalpandarecords.com

ZOMBIFIED Post New Music Video

Zombified recently completed a new music video for the track Pull the Trigger from their brand new album, Carnage Slaughter and Death. The video features each member of Zombified, guitarists Patrik Myrén and Pär Fransson, drummer Jacob Johansson, and bassist/vocalist Roberth Karlsson performing the song. The video shot by the members of Zombified and edited by Jacob Johansson. Pull the Trigger has been the featured single on The Welding Room radio program.

About Zombified:
Zombified was started as a two man project by guitarists P. Myrén and P. Fransson in the winter of 2006. After some beers, and a three song demo, they decided to assemble a full band and record an album. They got in contact with the session members “Von Pest” and M.Askinen and with them they gave birth to the first album Zombified Slaughtermachine. After the release, M.Fiebig and R.Karlsson joined the band on drums and vocals and Zombified didn’t waste any time and created a new album called Carnage Slaughter And Death. Shortly thereafter, M. Fiebig decided to leave the band and a new drummer was found in J. Johansson.

Zombified Slaughtermachine led to the band signing with Cyclone Empire. Carnage Slaughter and Death will be released in February 2013 by Metal Blade Records in North America. It was recorded at Shotgun Studios, which is owned and operated by the band. Additionally, the band is wasting no time and has already begun assembling material for a third album.



WARDRUNA Reveal Album Teaser Video

Viking neo-folk collective WARDRUNA released a teaser video featuring samples of the first four tracks from their new album Yggdrasil – due out April 2 in North America – along with exclusive commentary by members Kvitrafn and Gaahl (God Seed, ex-Gorgoroth). You can view the video below.

Watch the Video

Yggdrasil is the second release in the band’s Runaljod trilogy, which interprets the runes of the elder futhark. Much like the first album in the series, gap var Ginnunga, the recording took place at locations relevant to the different runes using outdoor locations along with old and historical instruments such as deer-hide frame drums, mouth harp, clove and hoof rattles from deer and goats, bone flutes, goat and cow horns, Hardanger fiddle and bowed lyres.



Kvitrafn comments,

“Although the instruments are more or less the same as on gap var Ginnunga, the nature of the runes featured on Yggdrasil have naturally made it a very different album.”

WARDRUNA will make their American debut at the pagan/neo-folk/doom-focused Stella Natura Festival in California’s Tahoe National Forest later this year. Additionally, the band will appear at the annual Inferno Festival in Switzerland where they will share the stage alongside acts including Anaal Nathrakh, Primoridial, Dark Funeral, My Dying Bride and Aura Noir.

For more information and updates on the upcoming album, make sure to visit:


JEREMY SAFFER Photo Book Now Available for Pre-Orders

Just in time for Valentine’s Day, get your sinister sweetie a unique gift this year.

Till Death: A Guide to Love and Loss is a brand new, 70-page, full color hardcover photo book that combines the creative and twisted minds of world renowned rock photographer JEREMY SAFFER and the to-die-for front woman of New Years Day, Ash Costello, in a goth culture romantic horror-comedy with an axe-sharp sense of humor. Our victim is portrayed by Kriz DK of the Genitorturers and Deadstar Assembly.


Pre-Order Till Death: A Guide to Love and Loss – A Twisted and Torrid Hardcover Photo Book by World-Renowned Photographer JEREMY SAFFER

Pre-orders are set to start shipping the week of March 18, packages detailed below.

Till Death… shows the trials and tribulations of a boy as he tries to win the heart of the girl of his dreams (or nightmares). His misadventures hilariously lead him to torture, beatings, loss of vital internal organs, and worse…all in the name of love. Follow Ash Costello as she (literally) catches the eye and captures the heart of an innocent boy in love.

Till Death… shows what it might be like to date a gothic matriarch, like Morticia, Elvira, Lily, etc. prior to them meeting their Gomez or Herman” – JEREMY SAFFER

“What would a boy would have to go through and endure to win her heart? We really tried to capture the comedic aspects of romantic goth culture and horror, giving the book a Addams/Tales From The Crypt style sense of humor.”

Ash Costello adds,

“Jeremy is such a doll to work with. I can be kind of a pain, as most girls tend to be, but he always made me feel so comfortable and confident and really excited about what we were doing. His vibe during the entire process made me so excited to share this project with the world! I cannot wait to shoot more!”

Till Death: A Guide to Love and Loss is a 70 page, 8.5 x 5.5 full color hardcover book with over 50 full page images.

ALL Pre-orders come with one of three anti-Valentine’s Day greeting cards made from the images and words of Till Death… (chosen at random).

Pre-order (book only)
– A copy of Till Death…

Pre-order pack 1
– A copy of Till Death…
– A limited edition metallic 8×12 of the cover printed on Kodak endura metallic paper signed by both Ash Costello and JEREMY SAFFER

Pre-order pack 2
– A copy of Till Death…
– 5 metallic 4×6 mini prints of images taken from Till Death…

Pre-order pack 3
– A copy of Till Death…
– all three anti- Valentine’s Day greeting cards made from the images and words of Till Death…

Pre-order pack 4
– A hand numbered and signed copy of Till Death… signed by both Ash Costello and JEREMY SAFFER.
– A limited edition metallic 8×12 print of the cover printed on Kodak endura metallic paper signed by both Ash Costello and JEREMY SAFFER
– 5 metallic 4×6 mini prints of images taken from Till Death…
– All three anti-Valentine’s Day greeting cards made from the images and words of Till Death…
– A limited edition 4×6 metallic mini print of the “its complicated” AD
– A double sided Till Death… postcard
– A double sided Ash Costello postcard

For more information or purchases, visit http://jeremysaffer.com/tilldeath/

BLACK TUSK Begin Work on New EP

(Savannah, GA) – BLACK TUSK commenced work on new material for their upcoming EP scheduled to be released later this Spring via Relapse Records.

“This new release is a mean one. It reminds me of a new twist on an old days BLACK TUSK sound. We got back together with Jay and Phillip Cope to turn this out with some of that earlier, brutal sound you might have heard back in the beginning albums. We figured it was about time to see what the old gang could do years later.”Black Tusk drummer, James May

The band will be taking a break from the studio in March for a short run of headline dates, followed up by a run of shows with Today is the Day, KEN Mode and Fight Amp. The tour begins March 1 in Spartanburg, SC and runs through April 7 in Chicago, IL. A complete list of dates can be found here, on the TOUR DATES page.

BLACK TUSK North American Tour Starts March 1st

BLACK TUSK is scheduled to appear at this year’s SXSW Music Festival in Austin, TX. Additionally, BLACK TUSK are working with UnBlock the Rock (UBTR), an independent grassroots movement, working tirelessly to bring Cuban metal band Escape to the United States in March for this year’s SXSW Music Festival and Conference in Austin, Texas to perform the first Cuban heavy metal concert on U.S. soil. To help UBTR quickly raise funds over the next few weeks to cover Escape’s travel and visa costs to SXSW, BLACK TUSK donated a track to The Red Album, UBTR’s first compilation CD now available by donation at www.unblocktherock.com.

BLACK TUSK latest release Set The Dial is streaming in full here. The album is available for purchase via Relapse.com here and iTunes here.

Headline Dates:
3/1: Spartanburg, SC @ Ground Zero
3/2: Chesapeake, VA @ Roger’s Sports Pub (With Iron Reagan)
3/3: Harrisonburg, VA @ Blue Nile
3/4: Frederick, MD @ Café 611
3/5: Reading, PA @ Reverb

THE SAINT JAMES SOCIETY Reveal Title Track from Debut LP

(Austin, TX) – Occult psych rock band THE SAINT JAMES SOCIETY will release its full length debut Bab(a/y)lon Rising on March 12 via Tee Pee Records. Put to tape at East Austin’s Cacophony Recorders with award winning producer Erik Wofford (The Black Angels, Roky Erickson, White Denim), the LP showcases eleven tracks of the band’s unique “desert glam” and is the full length follow up to the group’s self-titled EP which landed at the #1 position in the Austin Chronicle‘s year-end critic’s poll.


“A black-lit amalgam of glam swagger, leather-jacketed hard rock, and occult psychedelia” – Austin Chronicle

Check out THE SAINT JAMES SOCIETY’s Bab(a/y)lon Rising here.

THE SAINT JAMES SOCIETY plays electrifying rock music that brilliantly connects the dots between dark 60’s blues-based garage rock and early ’80s post punk resulting in a hypnotically powerful sound the fabulous four-piece calls “Pentecostal Desert Glam”. TSJS’s full length debut – the mystically-titled Bab(a/y)lon Rising – pulses through the speakers like punk rock gypsies on a rampage, perfectly capturing the band’s apocalyptic nomad-rock as it drips with dark fuzz and acid drone that will surely find favor with restless sinners everywhere.

“Whereas our EP defined what we like to call ‘Desert Glam’, Bab(a/y)lon Rising has refined that sound,” says TSJS frontman Brandon Burkart.

“This record is filled with songs of sex and death, of sleepless nights, serpentine highways and mystic road chants for the eternal wanderer.”

Equal parts style and sound, THE SAINT JAMES SOCIETY blends sex, rebellion and mysticism with a fascination for western mystic traditions and secret societies, creating modern music that aims to awaken something deep and wonderfully dangerous within the listener. It has been said that “The Saint James Society sounds as good as any band on the planet at full volume,” a point to which the band’s bustling fan network of artists, writers, musicians, filmmakers, photographers, creeps and thieves would most assuredly agree. When the heavy swagger of vocalist / bassist Burkart and golden guitars of Dahveed Dubois align with the band’s heavy-footed rhythms, ticking-time-bomb beat and stunning twin vocal tandem of rebel queens Elza Burkart and Candice Bertalan, the resulting musical statement mainlines the thrill of defiance straight to the listener’s heart.

THE SAINT JAMES SOCIETY (pictured from L to R): Brandon Burkart, Candice Bertalan, Dahveed Dubois and Elza Burkart

Track Listing:
1.) Refractions
2.) Bab(a/y)lon Rising
3.) The Serpentine Highway
4.) Blood & Sand
5.) The Book of the Jaguar Priest
6.) Get Cold
7.) Post Tenebras Lux
8.) Ode to the Turquoise Ox
9.) Letters Signed in White
10.) Celestial Symbols Interpreted
11.) House of Snakes

THE SAINT JAMES SOCIETY will debut more new songs from Bab(a/y)lon Rising in the coming weeks. Select songs from the album will also score a four separate chapters of a unique music / art / film crossover by acclaimed director Juan Azulay (The Blue of Noon, Insatiable Vine).

“A black-lit amalgam of glam swagger, leather-jacketed hard rock, and occult psychedelia” – THE AUSTIN CHRONICLE

“Austin “Pentecostal desert glam” band The Saint James Society looks freaky and sounds killer – or is it looks killer and sounds freaky?” – BLURT

“Ideal music for black lights and bong hits at midnight” – VEGAS SEVEN

“Rock is not dead” – BOISE WEEKLY