WARDRUNA Reveal Album Teaser Video

Viking neo-folk collective WARDRUNA released a teaser video featuring samples of the first four tracks from their new album Yggdrasil – due out April 2 in North America – along with exclusive commentary by members Kvitrafn and Gaahl (God Seed, ex-Gorgoroth). You can view the video below.

Watch the Video

Yggdrasil is the second release in the band’s Runaljod trilogy, which interprets the runes of the elder futhark. Much like the first album in the series, gap var Ginnunga, the recording took place at locations relevant to the different runes using outdoor locations along with old and historical instruments such as deer-hide frame drums, mouth harp, clove and hoof rattles from deer and goats, bone flutes, goat and cow horns, Hardanger fiddle and bowed lyres.



Kvitrafn comments,

“Although the instruments are more or less the same as on gap var Ginnunga, the nature of the runes featured on Yggdrasil have naturally made it a very different album.”

WARDRUNA will make their American debut at the pagan/neo-folk/doom-focused Stella Natura Festival in California’s Tahoe National Forest later this year. Additionally, the band will appear at the annual Inferno Festival in Switzerland where they will share the stage alongside acts including Anaal Nathrakh, Primoridial, Dark Funeral, My Dying Bride and Aura Noir.

For more information and updates on the upcoming album, make sure to visit:


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