ANTROPOMORPHIA To Shoot New Videoclip

Dutch Death Metallers ANTROPOMORPHIA are all fired up for another video shooting, this time around for the song Debauchery In Putrefaction, that will be shot February, 23.

ANTROPOMORPHIA to shoot new videoclip for Debauchery In Putrefaction

The band comments: “The tale continues… This time the crypt portals to the song Debauchery in Putrefaction will be opened and we’ll descend deeper into the story of this post-mortal display of lesbian affection and the visual aspect of Evangelivm Nekromantia. Debauchery in Putrefaction will be immersed in a dark and bleak atmosphere therefore we continue our collaboration with Maurice Swinkels, who is also responsible for the first visual chapter Psuchagogia.”

Watch the video for Psuchagogia below:

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