EN ROUTE TO HEAVY MTL Round 3 Guest Judges Announced



Following the success of the inaugural edition in 2012, Dungeon Works Productions and Evenko are proud to present En Route to Heavy MTL 2013 and the selected twenty bands that will be battling it out over the next five months to win one of two opening slots at this year’s 2013 HVY MTL.

Battle 3 of the BOTB will take place on Thursday, March 7 at Les Katacombes (1635 St-Laurent Blvd) with special guest judges Dan Lilker (Brutal Truth, Nuclear Assault) & Flo Mounier (Cryptopsy) along with local music industry for the death metal night.

Competing bands: Death Metal Night





Event Details:

Link: https://www.facebook.com/events/538264052860653/

Ticket Purchase: http://www.admission.com/event/en-route-vers-heavy-mtl-2013-bataille-3-tickets/708091 & La Boutique Labyrinthe: 486 Ste. Catherine Ouest

Date: Thursday, March 7, 2013

Time: 8:30PM

Cost: $12 Advance / $15 Door

sponsored by:

Budweiser – http://www.budweiser.ca/
Galaxie – http://www.galaxie.ca/
Revolutionary Longboards – https://www.facebook.com/RevolutionaryLongboards
Godin Guitarshttp://www.godinguitars.com/
Delta Hotelshttps://www.deltahotels.com/Hotels/Delta-Montreal
Italmélodie – http://www.italmelodie.com/
La Boutique Labyrinthe – http://www.labyrintherock.com/
Slick Styled Steel Tattoo & Piercing – http://www.slickstyledsteel.com/
HMMAC – https://www.facebook.com/HMMACANADA
Absolute Underground Magazine – https://www.facebook.com/groups/10034445807/

For more info, please visit (www.dungeonworksprods.com & http://heavymtl.com/en/jouer-heavy/)

Rounds to come!

Prog/Power/Epic Metal Night:
Transcend – http://www.reverbnation.com/transcendband
Eclipse Prophecy – http://www.facebook.com/eclipseprophecy
Kalter (Quebec City) – http://kalterofficial.com/
Unbeing – http://www.unbeingmusic.com/

Deathcore Night:
Rosewood – http://www.facebook.com/RosewoodMTL
Self Collapse – http://www.reverbnation.com/selfcollapsemetal
Pandora’s Wake – http://www.facebook.com/pandoraswake
Death Lullaby – http://www.deathlullaby.com/


WARDRUNA Release New Single on iTunes

Viking neofolk act WARDRUNA released the first single, Fehu, from their upcoming album Yggdrasil exclusively through iTunes. The album will be the band’s second release in the planned Runaljod trilogy, a musical interpretation of the runes of the elder futhark. Yggradsil will be released on April 2 in U.S., March 15 in Norway, and March 25 throughout mainland Europe.

Yggdrasil pre-order packages available now

In addition to launching the aforementioned single, the band – which consists of multi-instrumentalist Kvitrafn, Gaahl (God Seed, ex-Gorgoroth), and Linda Fay Hella – also unveiled pre-order packages for their upcoming album, available through Indie Recording’s webstore by clicking HERE. Yggdrasil will be available as a regular jewel case CD, but also as a limited edition digibook (as pictured above) including a specially designed bronze necklace and a 32-page booklet with extra artwork, translated lyrics and additional text on the Runes concept.

Kvitrafn added,

“The design of the necklace is a combination of the Sun-wheel representing the turning bane of the sun and the mythological serpent Jörmungandr that circles the earth and holds it together.”

The album was recorded mainly in outdoor settings with the use of ancient Nordic instruments (deer-hide frame drums, mouth harp, clove and hoof rattles from deer and goats, bone flutes, goat and cow horns) and features guest appearances by renowned Icelandic composer Himlar Örn Hilmarsson and leading rímur singer Steindór Andersen. Preview the first four tracks of the album with exclusive commentary by Kvitrafn and Gaahl on the band’s YouTube channel HERE.

WARDRUNA will make their American debut at the pagan/neo-folk/doom-focused Stella Natura Festival in California’s Tahoe National Forest later this year. Additionally, they will appear at the annual Inferno Festival in Switzerland alongside acts including Anaal Nathrakh, Primoridial, Dark Funeral, My Dying Bride and Aura Noir.

For more information and updates on the upcoming album, make sure to visit:


THE MOTH GATHERER Premieres New Song


A second song from the Swedish Experimental/Progressive band THE MOTH GATHERER found its way on-line.

An action shot from band’s first video clip, to be released March 18


The song itself can be streamed or embedded using this direct SoundCloud link: https://soundcloud.com/agoniarecords/thewomb-thewoe-thewoman

The Womb, The Woe, The Woman is the second track unveiled from the band’s upcoming debut album entitled A Bright Celestial Light via Agonia Records. The album will hit the shops worldwide on April 16. The first song can be listened to at this location: https://soundcloud.com/agoniarecords/the-moth-gatherer-premiere


A Bright Celestial Light was mastered by Karl Daniel Liden (Terra Tenebrosa, Grammy nominated Switchblade album) and will feature a guest appearance from Member 001 of The Konsortium fame. The tracklist (5 original tracks, 44 minutes of playing time) is as follows:

1. The Water That We All Come To Need
2. Intervention
3. A Road of Gravel and Skulls
4. The Womb, The Woe, The Woman
5. A Falling Deity

THE MOTH GATHERER’s music is hard to label, due to band’s non-one-dimensional approach towards the songs they create; the Experimental/Progressive etiquette seems almost too laconic to fully do justice to the spirit of the compositions. The debut offers up long and complex tracks, but still surprisingly simple and compelling. Abundance of tempo changes and variations that surround the album bask in emotionally charged, progressive yet utterly melodic slower-sections, addictive enough to stimulate the imagination.

The band is recommended for fans of Neurosis, Breach, Pelican and Cult of Luna.


Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/TheMothGatherer
Twitter: https://twitter.com/TheMothGatherer
Website: http://www.themothgatherer.com/
Album preview: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aUtQcrrJo7k
First unveiled track: https://soundcloud.com/agoniarecords/the-moth-gatherer-premiere


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Threshold of Pain Records Launch

(Boston, Massachusetts) – Nefarious Realm Productions officially launched their imprint vinyl label, Threshold of Pain Records. The specialty label makes it’s debut with four releases that have not yet seen a release on wax and with plans to release several more albums and splits later this year. The vinyl only label will be concentrating on releasing very limited edition, very high quality, and very special releases spanning genres. With releases from SEEMLESS, ABNORMALITY, EARTHRISE, and ORWELL slated for a May 21 release, Threshold of Pain Records takes its first step as a label.

Nefarious Realm boss, Threshold of Pain Records owner and megalomaniacal Masshole, Matt Darcy commented upon starting the label:

“I’ve been collecting limited vinyl copies for the past couple years now. With most music being obtained digitally, the feeling of owning a piece of music is dwindling. I remember flipping through a booklet and being able to smell the paper and ink while gazing upon photos and artwork. With this label, I’m bringing those feelings back, that sense of holding a piece of music that then becomes priceless to you. Which each release being the highest of quality, all will include something special with it’s respected release, never before seen photos, expanded artwork, etchings, and posters… These records will be more than a piece of wax, these records will be pristine keepsakes that will be priceless to the owners as well as trophies to the musicians who created the music.”

The first four releases include the 2004 SEEMLESS self titled, which was then re-released the following year through Equal Vision Records. The vinyl version will see the fan favorite Haze which was left off the 2005 re-issue. SEEMLESS, the group formed by ex-Shadows Fall/Unearth drummer Derek Kerswill, Killswitch Engage vocalist Jesse Leach, ex-Overcast/current Death Ray Vision guitarist Pete Cortese, and ex-Medium bassist Jeff Fultz made a splash coming out of the metalcore saturated as a heavy rock group with southern feel in the mid-2000’s before disbanding in 2009.

EARTHRISE is a sonic wall of post-metal drunken sludge hailing from Minneapolis, MN, released an audio onslaught that mimics the experience of being inebriated in outer space. Eras Lost is over 50 minutes of post-metal that meets experimental hardcore elements.

ORWELL is a continuously progressing metal band from all over the Midwest. Existing in various forms since 2005, the band recently saw their most successful and far-reaching release so far with 2011′s AVOHFASIH. which is an acronym for A View of Heaven From A Seat In Hell. This new album found the band exploring art as whole with their music, presentation, and their live show.

ABNORMALITY, formed in 2005, is an extreme metal band hailing from Massachusetts. Purveying a female fronted violent hybrid of the heaviest subgenres in metal, taking from a wide range of influences, ABNORMALITY mixes technicality and speed with devastating grooves delivering a brutal sonic experience that death metal fans cannot deny. Contaminating the Hive Mind, originally released in June of 2012 through Sevared Records unleashes eight tracks of pummeling death metal that will please all that will lend an ear.

For further updates, details, and pre-order information, please visit www.thresholdofpainrecords.com


SYMBOLIK Release Teaser Clip From Debut Album

(Stockton, CA) – Tech/melodic death metal merchants, Symbolik, put together a brief video teaser clip featuring some new pre-production material from their forthcoming As-Yet-Untitled debut full length album, which is tentatively slated for a late Summer 2013 release. You can check out the teaser clip at this location.

Symbolik Promo Logo Pic.jpg

The band spent the last few months of 2012 finishing up the writing and pre-production process for the new album, which they will officially begin recording later this Spring. A lyric video for the track Twin Fates, which comes off their Pathogenesis EP (released digitally in late 2011). Check out the video at this location.

The Pathogenesis EP was originally self released by the band in December 2011 as a free digital download. Due to a demand for physical copies from fans both online and at the band’s live shows, the band to move forward with pressing CD‘s which are now available for purchase (including package CD/T-shirt bundles) via the band’s official Bandcamp page at http://symbolik.bandcamp.com/. Bundles consisting of the CD + Album Art T-shirt will begin shipping in early March 2013.
For more information and updates, please visit:


(NEW YORK, NY) Fresh off a successful run with HATEBREED and DYING FETUS, THE CONTORTIONIST announced their participation in a handful of dates with DEFTONES.

Spring 2013 Tour Dates Announced, Intrinsic Out Now!

Frontman/Keyboardist Jonathan Carpenter weighs in on the news:

“We feel honored to be sharing the stage with the legendary Deftones! They have an incredible sound that has absolutely impacted us as musicians. Should be a surreal week”

The band then heads out on the road with label-mates WITHIN THE RUINS on a batch of dates trekking to the west coast and back. They’ll then kick off the THE ROAD TO METAL FEST supporting AFTER THE BURIAL. Dates on TOUR DATES page (click tab above).

THE CONTORTIONIST released Intrinsic to much critical acclaim. Landing at number #107 on the Billboard Top 200, #15 on the Hard Music Chart and #3 on the New Artist Chart, it was the most successful first week the band has had to date. It’s also on sale now for $6.66 here!

“The band’s ability to balance chaos and solemnity have never been better. Breaking from soft, ethereal passages into grueling, mosh-ready grooves at the drop of a hat”Altpress.com

“This is certainly one of the most exciting metal albums of the year, and it shows that The Contortionist is definitely going places in the very near future”Metal Injection

“The Contortionist are, without a doubt, one of the most exciting young prog-metal bands on the scene today”MetalSucks

“It is not a record to put on while studying or in the car, but on a good stereo or set of headphones and really kick back and get immersed. It truly deserves your full attention, and so does this band” – About.com

THE CONTORTIONIST: Robby Baca (Guitar), Jonathan Carpenter (Vocals, Keyboards), Joey Baca (Percussion), Cameron Maynard (Guitar), Christopher Tilley (Bass Guitar)






CARICATURE Release Video Teaser

(Allston, MA) Groove heavy prog metallers, Caricature, released a video teaser clip for the song A Long Term Illness from their forthcoming debut album, The Sound of One Man’s World Collapsing. Check the teaser clip here in anticipation of the full music video, which will be premiering March 1.

CARICATURE – A Long Term Illness official music video TEASER in HD

The band is also featured in the March 2013 issue of Alternative Press Magazine (#296) in the AP&R section.

Caricature also posted another new single entitled Monuments, which is streaming now via the band’s Official Soundcloud.

If you’re not familiar with Caricature yet, it’s only a matter of time. Be sure to keep an eye out, as the band have plans to hit the road and travel all over the U.S. starting this Spring and continuing on throughout 2013.


For more information, please visit:


WITHIN THE RUINS Announce Spring Tour Dates

(NEW YORK, NY) – WITHIN THE RUINS announced a new batch of spring tour dates surrounding the release of their brand new record, Elite due out next week. The band recently announced their participation in the THE SICK TOUR II last week, which begins in just a few weeks.

WITHIN THE RUINS will release Elite on Tuesday, February 26, 2013

The band will then be heading out with label-mates THE CONTORTIONIST in part of the GOOD FIGHT TOUR along with I DECLARE WAR, REFLECTIONS and CITY IN THE SEA. Soon after that, the ROAD TO METAL FEST tour kicks off with the band supporting AFTER THE BURIAL, see TOUR DATES page for dates.

Elite is by far the strongest record Massachusets maulers Within The Ruins have released”Alternative Press Magazine

A plethora of pre-order bundles are also now available. Most notably, the “Party Pack” which includes an autographed CD, shirt, Snapback hat, 11″x17″ lithograph poster, Glass mug, Coozie, Bottle opener keychain and Ping pong balls.

All pre-order bundles can be seen here and here.


Feeding Frenzy Official Lyric Video

WITHIN THE RUINS: Tim Goergen (vocals), Joe Cocchi (guitar), Andrew Tate (bass), Kevin McGuill (drums)









New BLAAK HEAT SHUJAA Album in April

“Heavy Mental” psych rock band BLAAK HEAT SHUJAA will release their sophomore LP The Edge of an Era, on April 9. The follow up to the Los Angeles trio’s critically acclaimed Tee Pee debut, The Storm Generation, sees the über-talented group’s enticing blend of genres combine to shape a sound unlike anything you’ve likely heard before; one that has been called “a dissonant symphony unveiling visions of great natural expanses.” Produced by desert session legend Scott Reeder (Sunn O))), The Obsessed) and mastered at Ventura, CA‘s Golden Mastering (Primus, Sonic Youth, Calexico),The Edge of an Era boasts guest appearances by both Nobel Prize-nominated gonzo poet Ron Whitehead and desert rock pioneer Mario Lalli (Yawning Man, Fatso Jetson) adding even more color to BLAAK HEAT’s signature psych rock!

BLAAK HEAT SHUJAA’s transcendental tension between its heavy rock roots and an organic inclination to drift towards psychedelia pays homage to the vast collection of mind-expanding sounds the trio grew up on: neo-psychedelia, surf rock, spaghetti westerns, Middle Eastern scales and even Far Eastern melodies! Striking, imaginative cover art courtesy of Paris-based Arrache toi un oeil! collective (Brian Jonestown Massacre, TV on the Radio, Acid Mothers Temple) and inspired by the album title adds to the kaleidoscopic lean of the record from the band who boasts a cinematic sound that has been called “Heavy Spaghedelia” and “Kyussian”, featuring “psychedelic, meditative, trance-inducing” and “spacey atmospheres”. Prepare to take a windswept magic carpet ride over vast plains of astral soundtrack psychedelia!!

Track listing:

1.) Closing Time, Last Exit (0:57)
2.) The Obscurantist Fiend (The Beast Part I) (10:21)
3.) Shadows (The Beast Part II) (8:11)
4.) Society of Barricades (8:20)
5.) Pelham Blue (5:19)
6.) Land of the Freaks, Home of the Brave (8:22)

BLAAK HEAT SHUJAA’s Thomas Bellier headed up the very first edition of “Tee Pee Records Nights in LA” at the Satellite in Los Angeles, featuring live performances from such killer bands as Fatso Jetson, Old Testament (featuring Jason Simon of Dead Meadow and Nate Ryan formerly of The Black Angels) and Ides of Gemini. Bellier cranked the latest Tee Pee releases as well as some sick psychedelia, surf rock and mental heaviness at the first session. For full details on “Tee Pee Records Nights in LA”, visit THIS location.

“Parisian trio Blaak Heat Shujaa has decamped to L.A., and the scorching of year-round sun pleasantly stains this psychedelic desert-rock record. The band moves between thick, bass-driven riffing, lo-fi surf rock, Cisnerosian lyrics, cues that sound borrowed from an Ennio Morricone score, and even slam poetry”THE ONION