Valkyrian Music


Fucked to Death

Released 6th February, 2013

Death Metal

Released via Ossuary Industries

Gutfucked’s newest full length album Fucked to Death is so far in my top 10 favorite albums of 2013. The brutality and heaviness that is strewn throughout this entire album is just mind blowing, and for a newer band, I commend them for coming off with a strong first albums. I enjoyed everything from the heavy guitars, punishing blast beats, and vocals so low that they practically blended into the music itself. Not to mention, I got a good chuckle out of some of the song titles that were used such as Sister Fister, Too Sick to Suck It, and A Night with Uncle Daddy.

Fucked to Death starts off surprisingly with a beautiful intro of a choir singing and it sounded like an apocalypse was about to begin. Once the choir music ends, Gutfucked

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