Valkyrian Music

Operation Overlord
Released: February 2013
Heavy Metal/ Thrash Metal
Dust on The Tacks Records

‘Operation Overlord’ is the third album from the Calgary-based, Canadian thrash metal band Hellrazer. It is the follow-up to their 2008 ‘Prisoner of The Mind’ album. This edition also features new recordings of two songs from their debut album as bonus tracks.

Oddly enough I was listening to an old Destruction album earlier today and this really does seem like continuation of the same theme. Make no mistake, Hellrazer is about as archetypal as thrash metal gets! Straight from the offset, the theme tune ‘Hellrazer’, which I’m guessing is a homage to the famous horror movie ‘Hellraiser’, you’re in for a barrage of guitar riffs, solos and some rather cheesy sounding lyrics sung in a stereotypical thrash metal vibe. Oh and by cheesy lyrics I’m talking about the real deal here, think Goddess of Desire/Manowar…

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