INDIE RECORDINGS will host a label showcase at this year’s Inferno Metal Festival in Oslo, Norway. The event will be held at John Dee on March 27 and will include performances from INDIE RECORDINGS artists MAN THE MACHETES, BLOOD TSUNAMI, ALTAAR and an unannounced surprise guest. You can purchase tickets directly from Inferno’s website HERE.
The Inferno Metal Festival has become a true black Easter tradition for metal fans, bands and music industry professionals from all over the world since its 2001 inception. The festival offers exclusive concerts in unique surroundings with some of the best extreme metal bands and experimental artists in the world, from the new and underground to the legendary giants.

The festival, which takes place form March 27 – 30, will also feature performances from several other INDIE RECORDINGS acts including SATYRICON, SOLEFALD, PURIFIED IN BLOOD, IN VAIN, ISKALD and KRÅKE.

For more information on the festival, please visit:

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