DARKHAUS Sign Worldwide Deal With SPV


An Intercontinental Modern Rock outfit consisting of 5 men from 4 representative countries (Scotland, US, Germany, Austria).

Band maestro Rupert Keplinger is a multi-platinum songwriter/composer best known for his collaborations with top selling artists such as Eisbrecher, Stephan Weidner, Oomph! and Peter Maffay, among others.

(pictured from left to right): Marshall Stephens, Gero Herrde (A&R SPV GmbH), Kenny Hanlon, Rupert Keplinger, Gary Meskil, Paul Keller

DARKHAUS co-creator Gary Meskil (founder of legendary US hardcore band PRO-PAIN) describes their sound as “stylistically versatile, dark and emotional, but with much light to be found at the end of the proverbial tunnel.”

The 5 architects of DARKHAUS combine their best efforts to present an ambitious and diverse plethora of songs which combine the urgency of true rock´n´roll, the epic moments which define great acts, and those “catchy hooks and melodies” like those which have been delivered straight to your ears via radio stations around the world throughout modern time.

For fans of emotionally inspired songwriting which has the power to move one’s body, mind, and soul.

 “I’ve always wanted to make music like this some day which is totally different from what I’m usually known for. Aside from Punk and Hardcore, I grew up with bands like The Cure, Siouxsie And The Banshees, Bauhaus and Depeche Mode – and those left a mark on me. With DARKHAUS, I can finally make it happen!”  – Gary Meskil

“Not only has every single member of DARKHAUS already proven their musical capabilities and skills – it’s the mixture of characters combined with the ambition to produce music that is totally opposed to what they did earlier. Oblivion/Steamhammer (SPV) is the perfect home for this. We’re glad to be able to work this.” – SPV A&R Gero Herrde

The DARKHAUS album debut will be released in Fall 2013 on Oblivion/Steamhammer (SPV).

More information about the band at www.darkhausmusic.com

Kenny Hanlon – vocals
Rupert Keplinger – guitars, synth
Marshall Stephens – guitars
Gary Meskil – bass
Paul Keller – drums


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