World-renowned STOLEN BABIES drummer Gil Sharone is pleased to announce that he recently joined the Vater endorsement family! Gil’s fresh perspective on drumming, dedication, and his love for the craft have allowed him to play with many artists he came up listening to like Fishbone, Dillinger Escape Plan, OTEP, Dave Wakeling, Maynard James Keenan, Tom Morello, HR, and Eek-A-Mouse to name a few. Vater took notice to this and once he tried out the sticks, Gil knew it was a match made in drumming heaven.


“I’ve been with Pro Mark for over 10 years and decided to look for something new due to various reasons,” states Gil Sharone.

“I had an open door at all of the other stick companies and knew that Vater was the right choice. I’m looking forward to starting a new chapter in my career with Vater!”

Gil Sharone was also recently featured in the brand new DW Drums snare ad campaign.


On top of being featured in all the top drumming magazines worldwide and being voted #2 up-and-coming drummer in Modern Drummer Magazine Reader’s Poll in 2008, Sharone continued to play world class drumming events like the Modern Drummer Festival 2010 and the 2012 Tam Tam Drum Fest in Spain, as well as other clinics worldwide.

STOLEN BABIES released their new album in October, entitled Naught. The album is available at your local music retailer and through iTunes, Amazon and all other standard digital retailers.


Dominique Lenore Persi – Lead Vocals/Accordion

Rani Sharone – Bass/Vocals

Gil Sharone – Drums

Davey Oberlin – Guitar (touring member)

For more information on STOLEN BABIES, please visit these websites:

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STOLEN BABIES: Live in Philly photos

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