TRIOSCAPES Confirm Tour Dates


Dan Briggs, Walter Fancourt, and Matt Lynch: the over-the-top trio appropriately known as Trioscapes, will once again be taking their instrumental show on the road. This April, fans can catch Trioscapes in Tenesse, Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, and Puerto Rico. The first two dates (April 6-8) will be with fellow virtuoso Evan Brewer (The Faceless). Additionally, on April 12 in San Juan, Puerto Rico, Trioscapes will be holding a “master class” for fans.

Bassist Dan Briggs elaborates on the master class:

“We’ll be talking about how we started, the different ways we write, breaking down sections of songs, talking about soloing and improvising, and opening it up for questions from the crowd.”

The complete list of confirmed dates can be found on the TOUR DATES page, as well as on the band’s facebook page. A live performance of Curse of the Ninth from Separate Realities can be seen on The video exemplifies the band’s immense talent and creativity and is a must-see for anyone remotely interested in all things progressive.

“prog-jazz mania with relentless, wailing saxophones and off-kilter drum fills that would make most fans of Between The Buried And Me wonder what the fuck was put into their orange juice this morning”  – Alternative Press

“combining technical metal and jazz in a way that underlines an unseen connection between the two styles” –

“Trioscapes is not just a prototypical jazz fusion band that you’d hear in some smoky club as background music. These songs have a groove to them, a pulse that beats to the tight-as-a-knot rhythm section” –


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