SENSELESS BEAUTY To Release New Album On Standby Records

In a world and industry that is ever changing, there is something to be said for surviving and never giving up – and that is exactly what Iowa based, melodic post-hardcore outfit, SENSELESS BEAUTY has done since their formation in late 2005. 

They have the mileage and the scars to prove it; they’re again preparing to hit the road to unleash their newest material. After years of honing their craft locally, regionally, and several nationwide tours with bands like; Burden of a Day (Rise), Remove the Veil (Facedown) and Brian “Head” Welch (formerly of Korn), the boys from Iowa are fully road tested and ready for more.

Fueled by a talented and motivated lineup and managed by Damon Moreno and The Inner Light Agency, SENSELESS BEAUTY is driven by their message of faith and hope. Their passion can be witnessed in their energetic and dominating live show.

“These guys mean business both on and off stage; it’s been nonstop push no matter the obstacles, we have not let off the gas and the reception simply continues to strengthen for the band and now having teamed with Neil and the Standby Records family, we just see this New Year as more fertile ground” – Damon Moreno

The band is ready to release their third full-length album and Standby Records debut with their upcoming release The Belonging Endeavor, which is set to drop April 16. The term, The Belonging Endeavor alludes to the struggle and journey of finding one’s place and meaning in life. One listen to this record and you will hear the unrelenting passion, honesty, and truth expressed through their writing.

It is safe to say that this is just the beginning of things to come from these guys and that 2013 has much in store for SENSELESS BEAUTY. With their current lineup, fire, and new label you can be assured that the band is showing no signs of slowing any time soon!

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