One thought on “GOLDEN GODS – Last Chance To Vote!

  1. A good deal of crappy selections but here are THE WELDING ROOM picks (to help sway your vote… the opposite way?)
    BEST DRUMMER: Mario Duplantier (Gojira) – I’m so sorry, Gene. You’re an ALL TIMER though
    BEST GUITARIST: Periphery guy
    BEST BASSIST: Steve Harris (MAIDEN!)
    MOST METAL ATHLETE: terrible choices… Triple H (the other cats aren’t metal at all)
    BEST NEW TALENT: Ghost are not new.
    ALBUM OF THE YEAR: GOJIRA – L’enfant Sauvage
    BEST LIVE BAND: Anthrax
    BEST VOCALIST: eh, best performer? best frontman… the metal choice is Phil
    COMEBACK: Refused
    MOST DEDICATED FANS: actually a tough one, but i’ve gotta go with BLS
    SONG OF THE YEAR: Dethklok – I Ejaculate Fire (Skyhunter killed on TWR radio last year)


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