NYC Alt-Metallers EYE RA HAZE Debut New Track

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New York City alternative/progressive quintet EYE RA HAZE and are pleased to share a stream of the band’s track Warships, the last track on the Eye of the Storm EP being released by the band before the its release on June 11. Take a listen now at teamed up with EYE RA HAZE to bring you more exclusive content. The site is hosting singer Natasha’s newest video blog, as well as an organic look at Natasha and Karine’s vocal cover of the track Stay by Rihanna. Head to to take a look at both videos.

Revolver Magazine recently teamed up with EYE RA HAZE to bring you the new music video for New Beginning, directed by Don Capria of 110 Films. You can watch the video now here: The tracks New Beginning, Quiet Storm and Warships are available for purchase now via iTunes.

EYE RA HAZE will release their new EP, Eye Of The Storm, Tuesday, June 11. The EP was recorded with world-famous producer Chris “Zeuss” Harris (Shadows Fall, Soulfly, Hatebreed) and features three new tracks.


The band is planning a string of live shows in the Northeast this spring and plans to return to the studio in July 2013 to record a full length with hit songwriters Bob Marlette (Saliva, Shinedown) and Jasen Rauch (Korn/Breaking Benjamin).

EYE RA HAZE features drummer Kevin Corcoran (ex-Buried Alive) and Berklee-schooled bassist Chris Marrone, as well as the female triple-threat of vocalist Natasha Nicholson, guitarist Nicole Papastavrou (ex-Through this Defiance), and classical pianist Karine Catenacci.

For more information and to hear more music from EYE RA HAZE please visit these websites:

DANAVA Signs to Tee Pee Records

Portland, OR sci-fi psych-metal rockers DANAVA (pronounced: DON-UH-VUH) signed to NYC’s Tee Pee Records. The group, who just completed a month-long European headlining tour, will enter an undisclosed studio this summer to record their Tee Pee debut and follow up to 2011’s Hemisphere of Shadows, which was called “a 37-minute contact high” by the Sacramento News & Review.

Darkly Hypnotic Herculean Heavyweights Sling Serious Riffs Like its 1971

Speedy and sinuous, DANAVA out rocks, out progs, out psychs and out retro-proto-metals all comers. Led by singer/guitarist/songwriter Greg Meleney, the quartet creates utterly unique astro-rock that is a thing of spectral beauty. Described as “a journey into a parallel sonic universe,” DANAVA’s side-long songs are sprinkled with spacey synth-y FX that push the band’s sound into outer space. This is progressive riff rock; barn-burning scorchers full of unison and tongue-twisting melodic runs that melt listener’s brains. DANAVA’s relentless fret-board wizardry – cast in the spirit of Iommi and Schenker – produces extended elliptical structures that live in a proto-magic era somewhere between Lemmy in Hawkwind and Lemmy in Motörhead, leaving sufficient room for wailing, noodling solos and a vocal croon that is halfway between Ian Gillan or Geddy Lee‘s high-pitched, semi-operatic prowess and Ozzy Osbourne’s insidious howl. The band’s songs list from side to side like a vessel cast adrift on an ocean of battering soundwaves.

“We are absolutely thrilled to partner with Tee Pee Records to unleash the fourth Danava record upon the underground,” comments Meleney.

“Many of our friends and contemporaries have passed through the ranks and we’re thrilled to march onward into the streets with them at our side.”

In the past seven years, DANAVA has unleashed a slew of critically-celebrated releases including the full length records Danava (2006), UnonoU (2008) and Hemisphere of Shadows (2011) as well as split releases with Uncle Acid & the Deadbeats and now – labelmates Earthless and Lecherous Gaze. The band has toured the world relentlessly both as headliners and alongside bands such as Down, Melvins, Witchcraft and Thrones.

In addition to Meleney, DANAVA features Zachariah Dellorto Blackwell (bass), Matthew Oliver (drums) and Andrew Forgash (guitar).

Find DANAVA online and ACTION! PR online (website/facebook/twitter).

“What is the sound of one van rocking? That would be the epic sludge riffage and hallucinatory fervor of Danava… sonic thunder, a sort of psych-prog-metal Frankenstein… far too dense and unwieldy to touch the Billboard album chart” – ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY

“Danava plays complex and difficult music. It’s metal, sure, but this is definitely metal of the progressive type. There are arpeggios. There are keyboards. There are odd time signatures. There are definitive devil horns of the high-in-the-sky kind. The hard, psych rock of Blue Cheer and Thin Lizzy is a starting point. The finishing line is somewhere very far and very weird” – WILLAMETTE WEEK

“Danava’s psychedelic prog-metal draws from the likes of early Black Sabbath and David Bowie, but only slightly… apocalyptic postpunkdom” – TIME OUT NEW YORK

XUL Offer Free Album Download, Post Tour Dates

amr_logo_smal_570Growing their fan base with a FREE DOWNLOAD offering of their debut album MalignanceVernon, BC blackened death metal band XUL posted their most recent adventures from their first cross Canada tour exclusively on their tour blog here. If you’re a fan of Behemoth, Dissection and Immortal then check out XUL deliver a brutal assault at one of these upcoming dates listed below.

XUL (pictured from left to right): Bill Ferguson (Vocals/Guitar), Wallace Huffman (Guitar), Marlow Deiter (Bass), Lowell Winters (Drums), Levi Meyers (Vocals)

2013 Canadian Dates

June 9, 2013 – Thunder Bay, ON – Crocks – w/ Striker, Icosian, The Vilification, On The Top – Show Details

June 13, 2013 – Montreal, QC – Katakombes

June 14, 2013 – Oshawa, ON – The Diezel Room – w/ Pagan Ritual, Livid & The Blood Thirsty, Primalfrost

June 21, 2013 – Winnipeg, MB – The Windsor Hotel – w/ Noire, Wilt

June 22, 2013 – Saskatoon, SK – The Fez

June 23, 2013 – Edmonton, AB – DV8 w/ Körperlose Stimme, Runeblade – Show Details

June 24, 2013 – Prince George, BC – The Artspace

July 19-20, 2013 – Armstrong, BC – Armstrong Metal Fest – Show Details

For more info on XUL, please visit these links: