Drummer Gabe Seeber of Sacramento‘s fast rising death metal juggernaut, The Kennedy Veil, will be filling in for tech death heavy hitters, Decrepit Birth for their entire Hell In July tour run with Six Feet Under and Cannabis Corpse. With The Kennedy Veil being midway through recording their debut full length and only bass and vocal tracking remaining, Gabe had the time and availability to hit the road while the rest of the band returns to the studio to wrap up the recording process for Trinity of Falsehood.

Decrepit Birth stated via their Facebook page:

“We are pleased to announce that drummer Gabe Seeber (THE KENNEDY VEIL) will be filling in for us during our upcoming tour and and headline festival this July! Due to having such a short amount of time to learn our material, our set at the Homeless One festival will be a bit shorter than expected, but we still promise give you all our absolute best!!! A HUGE thank you to Gabe for busting his ass to keep us going with such short notice!!!”Gabe TKV1

Recording sessions for Trinity of Falsehood officially got underway in June with Gabe traveling out to NB Recording in Santa Rosa, CA to lay down drum tracks with producer/engineer Nick Botelho. Multi-camera video footage was captured, and studio video updates will eventually make their way online, once the band wraps up recording sessions later this month. The rough mix of the song Disciples of Dead Aeons, which is being re-recorded for the album, can be heard here.

Trinity of Falsehood is tentatively set to see a release in late 2013 via Unique Leader Records.

For more information, please visit:

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