Forthcoming LORD DYING Album Due Next Week

Portland, Oregon’s Lord Dying are poised to be the new heavyweight champions of metal. Smashing the riffs of High On Fire into the groove of Kylesa, Lord Dying delivered one of the most impressive metal debuts in a long, long time. Having already toured and shared the stage with Down, Red Fang and Witch Mountain, Lord Dying are a young band that has matured well beyond their years into a fully developed titanic heavy metal band. Lord Dying’s Summon The Faithless is not only one of the best debuts of 2013, but one of the straight up best records of the year by any band.

“Lord Dying brings the freshest, purest metal riffery I have heard in years. And while the riffs are relentless, the attention to song craft is what compels you to listen to them over and over and over and over”  – Aaron Beam (Red Fang)

This is a band poised to become a household name throughout metal circles” – Blow The Scene


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7/9/2013    Owl Social Club    Portland    OR
7/12/2013    New Frontier Club    Meridian    ID
7/13/2013    Burt’s Tiki Lounge    Salt Lake City    UT
7/14/2013    3 Kings Tavern    Denver    CO
7/16/2013    RIBCO    Rock Island    IL
7/17/2013    Fubar    St Louis    MO
7/18/2013    The Empty Bottle    Chicago    IL
7/19/2013    31st St Pub    Pittsburgh    PA
7/20/2013    AS220    Providence    RI
7/21/2013    JJ’s Tavern    Florence    MA
7/22/2013    Nectar’s    Burlington    VA
7/23/2013    Il Motore    Montreal    QC
7/24/2013    Rancho Relaxo    Toronto    ON
7/25/2013    Bug Jar    Rochester    NY
7/26/2013    Kung Fu Necktie    Philadelphia    PA
7/27/2013    St. Vitus Bar    Brooklyn    NY
7/29/2013    Strange Matter    Richmond    VA
7/30/2013    The New Brookland Tavern    West Columbia    SC
7/31/2013    The Jinx    Savannah    GA
8/1/2013    TBA
8/2/2013    TBA
8/3/2013    TBA
8/4/2013    Hi-Tone    Memphis    TN
8/6/2013    Siberia    New Orleans    LA
8/7/2013    Mangos    Houston    TX
8/8/2013    Doublewide    Dallas    TX
8/9/2013    Mohawk Indoors    Austin    TX
8/10/2013    TBA
8/12/2013    Launch Pad    Albuquerque    NM
8/13/2013    The Rogue    Scottsdale    AZ
8/14/2013    5 Star Bar    Los Angeles    CA
8/15/2013    Thee Parkside    San Fransisco    CA
8/16/2013    Trashy Film Orgy Studios (Warehouse 35)    Sacramento    CA
8/17/2013    Mississippi Studios    Portland    OR
9/6/2013    White Owl     Portland    OR
10/25/2013    Emo’s East    Austin    TX

ALL ELSE FAILS Album Coming At End Of July


Coming out of Edmonton Alberta Canada, All Else Fails is making a mark around the world for their aggressively dark brand of metal that is breaking the traditional ideals of their genre. Drawing comparisons to bands like As I Lay Dying, the band infuses their music with a variety of elements that includes experimental, Classical, synth lines, and spoken word sampling to accent a unique blend of heavy as hell screams and shiver inducing clean vocals.

A high energy live show that sets them apart from their peers garnered them appearances on numerous high level festivals over the years, including Van’s Warped tour, Boonstock and opening spots for Protest the Hero, Cancer Bats, Dayglo Abortions, 3 Inches of Blood, Fear Factory, Threat Signal, Decapitated, Suffocation, and Arise & Ruin.

AEf 2013 Promo Brightened-1

(pictured from left to right): Shane Tym – Drums, Barrett Klesko – Lead Vocals/Guitar, Seedy Mitchell – Bass/Backing Vocals, Mike Sands – Guitar

The band’s last release received world wide praise from industry publications around the world. With the release of the band’s most recent music video This Burden of Life in the fall of 2012, and its addition to rotation on Canada’s Much Music, All Else Fails’ fan base expanded dramatically.

July 30, 2013 marks the date of their heaviest and most diverse release to date, Fucktropolis. Heavy with a dark beauty, this highly anticipated 5 track EP, the band’s 4th release will solidly place All Else Fails amongst the best in their genre.

Fucktropolis Cover High ResBack Cover

Awards Nominations

2012 – Nominated – Edmonton Music Awards – Metal Album of Year

2011 – Nominated – Edmonton Music Awards – Artist to Watch



Indie Guitars Knucklehead Guitar Strings Suicidal Bride Clothing Co.

FINAL TRIGGER New Album In Stores Next Week


Final Trigger is a band that comes along once in a lifetime. As the innovators of “Skrap-Metal”, their music combines high-energy metal with a hip-hop feel. The band creates a unique sound and a sick vibe, with vocal hooks and anthem choruses that are un-deniable to any listener.

Final Trigger’s story begins on ‘The Block’, nestled deep in Toronto’s urban jungle. Crime and poverty stricken, amongst a haven of thugs and deadbeats, four musically talented characters cross paths.

The spark of a lighter in a dark alley, smoking joints over the talk of escape and rebellion. A dream of a better life, where money/weed/bitches are a plenty. Free-styling with homies, rolling dirty, and dropping out of school to jam and pursue music. Most of all: a pact that would bind each member to a common cause, and entwine their fates forever. These are the fundamentals on which Final Trigger was born, and would lead it to become what it is today.

FT Promo Screamers without Logo

Final Trigger (pictured from left to right): JJ (Drums), Profit G (DJ/Vocals/Keys), J-Roc (Vocals/Guitar), Skitzo Da Clown (Hypeman), Fazio (Bass/Vocals)

The Four Horsemen:

Lead Vocalist/Guitarist J-Roc provides the guitar-driven structures and shredding guitar solos with a tone reminiscent of Dimebag Darrell and Dave Mustaine. All while ripping vocal screams that would rival a Frankenstein of Lamb Of God, Snot and Hed PE.

Bass-man/Vocalist Fazio brings an equally heavy but funky vibe. He plays with a rock-solid presence and slap-bass style, with influences of Cliff Burton and Marcus Miller combined. Not to mention the ability to free-style vocally as if James Brown joined the Wu Tang Clan.

DJ/Vocalist Profit brings the smooth hip-hop vibe to the music, spitting savvy rhymes with old-school swagger, and tasteful keys and scratches.

Drummer extraordinaire JJ Tartaglia contributes the backbone beats and rhythms with a metal/funk style to get the groove just right. Blazing double kicks, sky-high cymbals, and a visual style unlike you’ve ever seen.

These players are the magical combination that makes Final Trigger an all-star line-up, and 2nd to none. The band believes hard in their music, and are proud to live their lyrics and image.

In 2009, Final Trigger released Skrap Metal (Boonsdale Records), mixed by Jagori Tanna of I Mother Earth. The release received critical acclaim in Canada & USA, charting on college radio, and the single Start A Moshpit receiving regular video rotation on Much Loud. Their CD release party in Toronto sold out the Opera House of 1,300 capacity.

Since then, Final Trigger toured as direct support for Mushroomhead across the USA, and shared the stage with Suicidal Tendencies, Marilyn Manson, Dillinger Escape Plan, Protest The Hero, Baptized In Blood, Hail The Villain, Threat Signal, Slaves On Dope, Agent Orange, Blaze Ya Dead Homie, Boondox and more.

Skrap Metal Volume II mixed by David Bottrill (Tool/Mudvayne/Stone Sour/Godsmack) is due for a summer 2013 release.

Skrap Metal Vol II Album Cover 1600x1600

Available now on iTunes, in stores July 9


2013 – Skrap Metal Vol. II (Boonsdale Records)

2009 – Skrap Metal (Boonsdale Records)

Artist Endorsements:

JJ Tartaglia endorses Pearl Drums and Ahead Drumsticks.

Music Placements:

Final Trigger & Kokanee CrankWorx 2009 –

DERELICT Re-Releases On The Way

As of August 5 2013, Perpetuation and Unspoken Words, the 2012 and 2009 full-length releases by Montreal death metal shredders Derelict will be available in retail stores worldwide through Maple Metal Records distribution.

MMR approached us to distribute these albums, and we couldn’t be happier to go for it,” comments Derelict vocalist Eric Burnet.

“We’ve worked hard over the years to set up many of our own independent tools and services, but we were sorely lacking in terms of in-store distribution. MMR are helping a lot of hardworking metal bands, and we’re happy to be one of them!”

Inline image 1


An A&R rep from Maple Metal Records in Toronto comments:

“MMR is totally stoked to offer worldwide distribution for Derelict’s albums. We are confident Derelict has what it takes to be a major player in the technical death metal genre, and this Canadian band is ready to break-out onto the international metal scene in a huge way!”

Perpetuation received extensive critical praise from Canadian and international media upon release, culminating in Derelict being nominated for “Metal Artist Of The Year” at the 2013 Canadian Independent Music Awards alongside Devin Townsend, Bison BC and more. The band is currently playing select shows in Canada and concentrating on writing a follow-up release.

Derelict official website:

Maple Metal Records official website:

Stream Shackles Of Indoctrination from Perpetuation:

FATALITY Posts Tour Diary


Fatality vocalist/guitarist Spencer Le Von posted his first diary entry on the band’s current Towards Disastour here.

Smarter, stronger and musically tighter than ever, Canadian thrash party monsters Fatality unleashed their sophomore album Psychonaut last week on June 28 and are currently on their USA Towards Disastour.

Vocalist / guitarist Spencer Le Von comments:

Psychonaut, this complex riff addled collection is the result of much blood, sweat and endless passion. Eight tracks of blistering progressive thrash metal, each one of them filled with enough ear candy to satisfy your heavy metal sweet tooth. So this weekend, fire up that BBQ, get your rye and coke on ice and let your whole street hear it.”

Psychonaut is available on iTunesBandcampBig Cartel.

A darker and more mature effort, Psychonaut brings forth Fatality’s trademark energy and commitment to drunken mayhem. Tracks like Thoughts Collide and Before The Collapse delve deep into the sodden minds of their creators, bubbling with the strange alchemy of pop culture. Psychonaut is an exploration of the inner landscape of the mind, where addled thoughts and horror-polluted dreams are held up to musical scrutiny. Monstrous, ambitious, and sardonically funny as ever, Fatality are taking their unique sound and boundless energy to the next level.

First two singles from the album:

Souncloud stream – Monstrous –

Soundcloud stream – Thoughts Collide –

fatality - thoughts collide (official music video)

Music VideoThoughts Collide –

1. Enter Purgatory – 7:54

2. Thoughts Collide – 5:11

3. Monstrous – 5:26

4. Before the Collapse – 5:29

5. Towards Disaster – 4:47

6. Psychonaut – 6:10

7. Satan’s Shepherd – 4:18

8. Thrashterpiece II – 7:15

Total: 46:25

To fund their new album, upcoming tour and music video FATALITY launched a crowd funding platform via, which was linked to They’ve successfully received over $5,000 in fan support during the campaign for the album through this new initiative.

Indiegogo Fundraiser Video –

About: Toronto, Canada’s high-energy, modern thrash monsters Fatality have been cranking out wise-cracking, beer-drenched nightmares together since 2003. Known for their wild, riotous live performances and their peerless work ethic, they have been independently booking and promoting their own shows, creating great merch, touring North America, and making some great tunes along the way. Few bands embody the DIY spirit as fully as Fatality consistently do, and no other bands have as much fun working their asses off.

Fatality’s debut effort, Beers From The Grave, was an irreverent, horror-themed album that eschewed seriousness in favour of hard living and good times. Decibel Magazine quipped that, on Beers From The Grave, “solos fly with reckless abandon, the bass is audible and practically so are the beers being cracked open. These guys must have awesome parties.” stated that Fatality are “a bundle of crass, explosive, obnoxiously positive energy spewing beer and shrapnel.” Part homage to classic zombie apocalypse horror and part retro-thrash ruckus, Beers From The Grave was an exciting, riotously messy debut.

After supporting Beers From The Grave with East coast Canadian tours, and being invited to share the stage with the likes of Exodus, Municipal Waste, Holy Grail and Razor, the thrash rockers went back to the studio and emerged with still more new material. Three rough-and-tumble, irresistibly catchy singles — “T.F.E.S.”, “Uppercut” and “Hammerfist” — were bundled together as a free EP. While most bands would have simply released a free record and called it a day, Fatality supported their singles with North American tours, winning hearts, destroying livers and splitting eardrums along the way. After those adventures, Fatality went into a period of hiatus. They emerged from this creative cocoon and re-instated their original drummer, Mason LeVon (brother to guitarist and vocalist Spencer LeVon, who replaced longtime friend and skinsman Andrew Suarez), and new musical vision. In early 2012, the band began writing a brand-new full-length, Psychonaut, unquestionably their most ambitious project to date.

Fatality Canada / USA Dates: Towards Disastour

Up-to-date tour info can be found at:

July 5 – Florence, MA @ Silk City Music – Show Details
July 6 – Philadelphia, PA @ Kung Fu Necktie – Show Details
July 8 – Brooklyn, NY @ Saint Vitus Bar – Show Details
July 9 – Baltimore, MD @ Side Bar – Show Details
July 11 – Chesapeake, VA @ Rogers – Show Details
July 12 – Richmond, VA @ Wonderland – Show Details
 July 13 – Wilmington, NC @ Reggies – Show Details
July 15 – Jacksonville, FL @ Shantytown Pub – Show Details
July 16 – Miami, FL – TBA
July 17 – Cocoa, FL @ The 321 Local – Show Details
July 18 – Tampa Bay – Brass Mug – Show Details 
July 19 – Atlanta, GA @ the Masquerade – Show Details
July 20 – Pensacola, FL – Handle Bar – Show Details
July 21 – Houston, TX @ White Swan w/ Zombie Holocaust – Show Details
 July 23 – San Antonio, TX @ Korova w/ Zombie Holocaust
July 24 – Fort Worth, TX @ Legends w/ Zombie Holocaust – Show Details
July 25 – Oklahoma City, OK @ TBA w/ Zombie Holocaust
July 26 – Midland, TX @ Blue Max w/ Zombie Holocaust – Show Details
July 27 – El Paso, TX @ TBA w/ Zombie Holocaust
July 29 – Albuquerque, NM @ Launchpad w/ Zombie Holocaust – Show Details
July 30 – Tempe, AZ @ Red Owl w/ Zombie Holocaust
August 1 – Corona, CA @ Mayas Cafe w/ Zombie Holocaust
August 2 – Pomona, CA @ Characters w/ Zombie Holocaust – Show Details
August 3 – Fullerton, CA @ Riff Haus w/ Zombie Holocaust – Show Details
August 4 – Los Angeles, CA @ Five Star Bar w/ Zombie Holocaust – Show Details
August 6 – Santa Barbara, CA @ Euphoria w/ Zombi Holocaust – Show Details
August 9 – Oakland, CA @ Continental Club w/ Zombie Holocaust
August 10 – Medford, OR @ MusicHead w/ Zombie Holocaust – Show Details
August 11 – Eugene, OR @ Tiny Tavern w/ Zombie Holocaust
August 12 – Portland, OR @ East End w/ Zombie Holocaust
 August 14 – Seattle, WA @ Kraken w/ Zombie Holocaust – Show Details
August 16 – Vancouver, BC @ The Astoria – Show Details
August 17 – Portland, OR @ Tonic Lounge 
August 18 – Spokane, WA @ Carr’s Corner Bar – Show Details
August 19 – Boise, ID @ TBA 
August 20 – Denver, CO @ Summit Music Hall – Show Details
August 22 – Kansas City, MO @ TBA
August 23 – St. Louis, MO @ Cusumano’s – Show Details
August 24 – Chicago, IL @ TBA
August 25 – Fort Wayne, IN @ Berlin Bar
August 26 – Cleveland, OH @ The Foundry
August 28 – Pittsburgh, PA @ Howler’s Coyote
August 29 – Buffalo, NY @ TBA


Eytan Gordon – Lead Guitar

Spencer LeVon – Lead Vocals/Guitar

Adam Zlotnik – Bass Guitar

Mason LeVon – Drums

2011 Single T.F.E.S. –

For more info, please visit these links:

Facebook –

Bandcamp –

the FATALITY Blog –

SoundCloud –

Merch Store –