LAMB OF GOD Interactive Guitar Lesson Available Soon

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Premier online music community and media company partnered with multi Grammy-nominated guitarist Willie Adler to launch the first of their Platinum Series Music Instruction Series.

All Axess continued to make their mark on the music and media world with the addition of the Platinum Series which offer an intimate and insightful look into the approach and playing of some of the world’s top musicians. The Platinum Series contains the most interactive and personal music lessons ever and not only feature never-before audio and video content, but chances for the fans to interact and communicate with their favorite artists.

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All Axess co-founder and DevilDriver guitarist Jeff Kendrick comments about the release of the Platinum Series lessons:

“I am extremely pleased to not only offer the first of All Axess’s Platinum series instructional lessons, but to bring you the playing techniques and insights of one of the most respected heavy metal guitarists in the world. Cannot wait for all of you to enjoy it.”

Willie Adler’s Destructional Lesson will be the inaugural video lesson released by All Axess and will contain all aspects of his guitar playing and musicianship. The lesson will encompass the following:

1.) A complete insight into Willie’s guitar playing and will include warm-up routines, left and right-handed exercises, riffs and melodies that Willie crafted over many years of playing.

2.) New, never before heard six “jam tracks” and audio loops produced solely by Willie for this lesson. Tracks include guitar and drum parts.

3.) Jam tracks will also be made available as session files and audio streams for the fans.

4.) Multi-camera angles that capture the riffs and techniques that have made Willie one of the most respected guitarists in the world.

5.) A unique user name and password that gives the user “Axess” to follow-up question and answer sessions with Willie.

6.) Corresponding lesson tablature to follow along and learn from.

7.) User’s will have opportunities in the future to upload and share ideas with other players and enter contests to win prizes.

How much would you guess this lesson costs? $80.00? $100.00?

All Axess is offering a limited time only discounted rate of $7.99 for the next 30 days! The lesson will retail for $19.95 after the pre-sale. All Axess will be bringing you a ton more lessons and new surprises, stay tuned to

*Watch Willie Adler (Official) from Lamb of God discussing his new guitar lesson video (available to download on August 1). 
He wrote/produced 6 new songs for you to jam along to!

Founded in 2011 by DevilDriver guitarists Jeff Kendrick and Mike Spreitzer, quickly became a pioneering music media community online. In addition to its main hub site with exclusive lessons and video from the world’s top musicians, the company encompasses a myriad of official sites for individual players. These include Willie Adler (Lamb of God), Chris Kael (Five Finger Death Punch), Paolo Gregoletto (Trivium) and more. The brand also boasts a series of individual lesson videos, personal merchandising, official social media pages, and more. has been profiled in Forbes, Metal Hammer, and as well as numerous other media.

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