GORGUTS Streaming New Track


Critically-acclaimed death metal pioneers GORGUTS unveiled the second new track off their forthcoming record, Colored Sands. The song, An Ocean of Widsom is streaming now at the following locations: Pitchfork Terrorizer Metallian

Regarding the track, band founder and visionary Luc Lemay said,

An Ocean of Wisdom is a song telling the story about how the 14th Dalai Lama was found. When the 13th Dalai Lama died, he was put in a room, and from there, monks looked for signs and hints from his body. Also by consulting oracles and going to the sacred lake, Lhamo-Latso, the lake of vision, monks gathered all the elements so they knew where to look to find the Dalai Lama’s reincarnation. Above all, ocean of wisdom is the English translation for: Dalai Lama.”

Prior to the stream of An Ocean of Widsom, GORGUTS released a lyric video for the track Forgotten Arrows, which can be heard on The Welding Room radio program.

12 years in the making, the long-awaited new GORGUTS album, Colored Sands is slated for release on August 30 (September 3 in North America). A track list and cover art can be found below.

  • Le Toit Du MondeSOM311
  • An Ocean Of Wisdom
  • Forgotten Arrows
  • Colored Sands
  • The Battle Of Chamdo
  • Enemies Of Compassion
  • Ember’s Voice
  • Absconders
  • Reduced To Silence

Colored Sands will be available as a Digipak CD and limited edition LPs at the Season of Mist e-shop.

On other news, Luc Lemay was recently featured in a two part interview over at the MetalSucks.net Podcast. You can listen to the first part of the interview here.

PHILIP H. ANSELMO & THE ILLEGALS Exclusive Listening/Release Party

Logo_somLegendary vocalist PHILIP H. ANSELMO and his backing band, THE ILLEGALS, are streaming the new music video for the track Bedridden from the singer’s long-awaited solo debut album Walk Through Exits Only. You can watch the Matt Faust directed video exclusively at Metal Hammer UK.

Walk Through Exits Only was recorded by Steven Berrigan (DOWN) and mastered by Scott Hull (PIG DESTROYER, NILE, GODFLESH).


To request tunes on the big radio program, Tweet #DeathThreatsComplaints to @TheWeldingRoom

  • Music Media Is My Whore
  • Battalion of Zero
  • Betrayed
  • Usurper Bastard’s Rant
  • Walk Through Exits Only
  • Bedroom Destroyer
  • Bedridden
  • Irrelevant Walls and Computer Screens

The album will be released by Season of Mist on July 19 in partnership with
Philip H. Anselmo’s own Housecore Records and is available in digipak CD format, as well as various coloured LPs including a grey with red haze LP which is limited to 150 copies and available exclusively on the Season of Mist e-shop.

Exclusive Listening/Release Party at Duff’s in Williamsburg, Brooklyn

Saturday, July 13 at 10pm

Must be 21or older with ID

Full details on flyer below!

Photo: Philip H. Anselmo & the Illegals “Walk Through Exits Only” Exclusive Listening And Release Party at Duff's in Brooklyn. July 13th, 10PM, 21 + with ID. Full details on flyer below!

NSFW: DAWN OF ASHES Release One Of The Most Controversial Music Videos Of 2013


(Hollywood, California) – Controversial shock-rock masters Dawn of Ashes released their newest contribution to visceral horror with the video Poisoning the Steps of Babel, available for exclusive premier at the only acceptable home for such vicious barbarity, Bloody Disgusting. Directed by Chris Trueman and featuring such  blasphemous imagery as a bloodied Kristof Bathory preaching to a mad congregation of hedonistic misfits, the torture-murder of a pair of nuns by a masked beast, and confessional vituperation of a small child by fellow industrial shocker Nero Bellum of Psyclon Nine, Poisoning the Steps of Babel is nothing short of a malicious attack on all levels.

Check out Bloody Disgusting’s Exclusive Premier of Dawn of Ashes Poisoning the Steps of Babel video featuring Nero Bellum of Psycon Nine.

Kristof BathoryThroughout our 12 year history, Dawn of Ashes strives to step up our shocking nature through the music and the imagery that we release to our fans. To us our music videos have always been the most crucial element when revealing to the world the dark and twisted tones associated with the Dawn of Ashes name. I feel that the release of the Poisoning the Steps of Babel music video has really shown maturity within us. This video truly exploits how Dawn of Ashes continuously strikes the nerves of censorship while giving holy, organized religions a good slap in the face. Be prepared for the true values of shock; this video holds no remorse. The music industry needs a good taste of a pure derogatory form of evil” – Kristof Bathory

Tour information can be found at: https://www.facebook.com/HellionsOfHollywood2013

International tour dates will be posted soon at www.dawnofashesofficial.com, www.facebook.com/dawnofashesofficial, & https://twitter.com/DawnofAshes

Dawn Of Ashes 2

Purchase Anathema: Metropolis Records | iTunes | Amazon

Follow Dawn Of Ashes: Facebook | Twitter | YouTube | REVERBNATION | Vampire Freaks

About Dawn Of Ashes:

In the darkest form of incubated evil, a symbol has been born to strike immense shock and fear into the hearts of mortal weakness. Kristof Bathory is the icon which has made a new era where nightmares become reality and where the sounds of the macabre shall emerge from a catastrophic symphony. Dawn of Ashes has resurrected the sounds and visions of horror, hatred, sexual perversion and other shocking content that is spewed forth in the form of Industrial metal / Shock Rock which was created to reflect upon the birth of death, impurity and failure. Now the plague has come to corrupt the flesh of man.

Dawn of Ashes has been an established act that has been on various record labels throughout the years. Since 2001, Dawn of Ashes started off as a Horror-Industrial act and as the years progressed so did the sound. DOA has always had a strong influence from Metal, Rock, & other aggressive forms of music which made the band stand out. Now, the group has incorporated elements from Metal, Rock, & Industrial with a new twist of evil.

Welcome to this breathing vision of Hell.

Dawn Of Ashes