“THE GENE HOGLAN EXPERIENCE” is a phrase that you will undoubtedly be hearing often within the coming months. GENE HOGLAN is currently planning a series of these appearances to take place this fall, where he will tell stories and play some of your favorite songs from your favorite bands that he has performed with over the years. In summary, “THE GENE HOGLAN EXPERIENCE” is an intimate gathering of metal fans brought together to celebrate the legacy and 30 year career of one of metal’s most legendary drummers.

GENE HOGLAN came up with this concept to give the fans what they want: the ultimate “Gene” experience. In addition to telling personal stories, as mentioned above, Hoglan will reveal some of his secret techniques and tips to help all drummers and musicians of all levels.

Meet GENE and have access to his exclusive merchandise and ask him anything you want!

The first appearance will take place as part of the Noctis 666 Metal Festival and Conference. This specific “THE GENE HOGLAN EXPERIENCE” appearance is being held on Saturday, September 20 at 3:00PM at Vern’s Tavern in Calgary, AB (622 8 Ave SW). Admission to the clinic is included in the conference ticket. Further details at

These showcases are being planned in celebration of GENE HOGLAN upcoming DVD, a documentary style film about the inner workings (personal and technical) of the master of metal drumming himself. This is Gene’s second DVD release, which will be released this fall.

More information will be announced soon in regards to “THE GENE HOGLAN EXPERIENCE” and the new DVD.

Hoglan is currently gearing up to head out on the road with Testament next month.

For more information on GENE HOGLAN, visit

One thought on “THE GENE HOGLAN EXPERIENCE Hits Calgary

  1. This was my favorite…..

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    1. any animal other than man, esp a large wild quadruped
    2. savage nature or characteristics: the beast in man
    3. a brutal, uncivilized, or filthy person
    4. Gene Hoglan


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