MAYBE WHITNEY Unleash Demi Lovato cover

MAYBE WHITNEY is a new Electronic Hardcore artist from Detroit, MI. MAYBE WHITNEY is violently expanding musical boundaries by blending metal, EDM, hip hop, and dub-step to create high energy, speaker thumping sounds.

Frontman Steven Kasapis lends his signature demonic growls to the rapidly evolving music written and performed by producer, Matt Dalton (Chiodos, I See Stars, Attila, Smile Empty Soul).

The forthcoming self-titled full-length record is scheduled for a Fall 2013 release and features performances from Sid Wilson of the multi-platinum Slipknot, Bertrand Poncet (Chunk! No, Captain Chunk), Phil Druyor (Attack! Attack!), Swifty McVay (D12), Jahred Gomes (hed PE), and more.

The first official single, a cover of Demi Lovato‘s “Heart Attack” shows off all the key ingredients of Maybe Whitney’s genre bending brew.

Hear the song on youtube here:

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