CONQUER Offer Free Download of EP

Title Track ‘A Worms Demise’, Due Out December 2

1. A Worms Demise (5:23)

2. Hell’s First Born (4:59)

3. God Is The Destroyer (5:43)

EP Length: 16:06

Canadian blackened death metal band CONQUER will be unleashing their self-produced debut EP ‘A Worms Demise’ on December 2nd and are offering fans a FREE download of the title track at the following link here.

“Conquer’s main objective musically is to pay homage to the forefathers of Extreme Metal and bring the classic sound of bands past to a new generation of metalheads.”

comments vocalist Devlin Anderson.

The Oshawa, ON based band was originally created by vocalist Devlin Anderson as a one man black metal project, which has now grown to a full onslaught of blackened death with an influence of thrash featuring drummer Simon Oukhine, Ryan White on crushing guitar in the vein of classic Celtic Frost influence along with ex-Left Hand Creation bassist Rob Holden and his extreme groove.

For more info on Conquer, please visit the following links:

EP Credits:
Mixed and Mastered by Ryan White
Produced by Ryan White and Devlin Anderson

EP + Live Line Up:
Devlin Anderson: Vocals/Guitar
Ryan White: Lead Guitar
Rob Holden: Bass
Simon Oukhine: Drums

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