Here’s what you missed on #TWRradio

+indicates strong listener reaction

Episode CCLXXXI [281] The Welding Room
Thursday, March 5, 2015 WRDR-DB [TuneIn]
5:00-9:00pm ET
Halestorm Mayhem Apocalyptic/”Mayhem” Digital 7” Atlantic 2015
Lonely Robot God vs Man Please Come Home InsideOut 2015
THE MIDNIGHT GHOST TRAIN The Canfield Cold Was The Ground Napalm 2015
WIND ROSE Rebel and Free Wardens Of The West Wind Scarlet 2015
The Gentle Storm The Storm (Storm) The Diary InsideOut 2015 +
Profane And The Sacred Words Cargo 2015 +
Motor Sister Fork in the Road Ride Metal Blade 2015
Northlane Quantum Flux Singularity UNFD 2013
Rellik The Weeping Eyes Of Christ Spiraling Infinite Chaos HPGD 2015
Byzantine A Curious Lot To Release Is To Resolve Snakepit 2015
In Flames Take This Life Come Clarity Ferret 2006
Upon Wings You Are My Weapon New Ocean Media 2015 +
PANZERBASTARD The Grand Bargain Black Hearts & White Lines Unholy Anarchy 2015
Gideon Survive Calloused Facedown 2015
WHYZDOM While The Witches Burn Symphony For A Hopeless God Scarlet 2015
Indestructible Noise Command No Turning Back Black Hearse Serenade Ferocious 2014
Wolfheart Gale of Winter Winterborn Spinefarm 2015
Yesterday’s Saints Origen Adamantius Generation of Vipers Draconum 2015 +
Devin Townsend Project Detox The Retinal Circus InsideOut 2013
GAME OVER Mountains Of Madness For Humanity Scarlet 2015
NIGHT DEMON Screams In The Night Curse Of The Damned Century Media 2015
Ovid’s Withering Exile Scryers of the Ibis Unique Leader 2015 +
Ministry Double Tap AFM 2012 request
Gravil Beyond Reprieve Thoughts Of A Rising Sun Stampede UK 2013
BARREN EARTH A Shapeless Derelict On Lonely Towers Peaceville 2015
All That Remains No Knock The Order of Things Razor & Tie 2015
The Dillinger Escape Plan 43% Burnt Calculating Infinity Relapse 1999 request
Scarab Pyramid of Illusions Serpents of the Nile ViciSolum 2015 +
Generichrist Hexx Taste Of Death HPGD 2015 +
Marduk Frontschwein Frontschwein Century Media 2015
Voices Megan London Candlelight 2015 +
Thulcandra Sorrow of the One Ascension Lost Napalm 2015 +
Cryptopsy Worship Your Demons The Best Of Us Bleed Century Media 2012 request
Iron Maiden Flight Of Icarus Piece Of Mind Capitol 1983 request
Eluveitie From Darkness Origins Nuclear Blast 2014 request
Psycroptic Cold Psycroptic Prosthetic 2015
Melechesh Lost Tribes Enki Nuclear Blast 2015 +
Sylosis Mercy Dormant Heart Nuclear Blast 2015 +
RINGS OF SATURN Lalassu Xul Lugal Ki En Unique Leader 2014 request
EVIL INVADERS Venom Pulses Of Pleasure Napalm 2015
Theories Cycle of Decay Regression Metal Blade 2015 +
Myrkur Ravnens Banner Myrkur Relapse 2014 request
Ingested The Divine Right Of Kings The Architect Of Extinction Century Media 2015 +
CARACH ANGREN Two Flies Flew into a Black Sugar Cobweb This is No Fairy Tale Season of Mist 2015 +
Steel Panther She’s On The Rag All You Can Eat Open E/Kobalt 2014 request

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