Here’s what you missed last night on #TWRradio…

+ indicates strong listener reaction

Episode CCLXXXIII [283] The Welding Room
Thursday, March 12, 2015 WRDR-DB [TuneIn]
5:00-9:00pm ET
Red Rose Never Surrender 2015
Biohazard Business Urban Discipline Roadrunner 1993 +
Faith No More The Gentle Art Of Making Enemies King For A Day… Slash 1995 +
Cryptic Hymn Revel In Disgust 2015 +
Pryti Insomnia Tales of a Melancholic 2014 +
MIDNIGHT GHOST TRAIN BC Trucker Cold Was The Ground Napalm 2015 +
Angra Nothing To Say Holy Land CNR Music 1996
Hate Hate is the Law Crusade Zero Napalm 2015 +
Endrah Incorruptible The Culling Epochal Artists 2013
Slayer Spirit In Black Seasons In The Abyss Def American 1990
Vader Blood Of Kingu De Profundis Conquest 1995 request
Iced Earth 1776 Something Wicked… Century Media 1998
Scarab Pyramid of Illusions Serpents of the Nile ViciSolum 2015 +
Aversions Crown Conqueror Tyrant Nuclear Blast 2014 +
DEATH Killing Spree Spiritual Healing (Reissue) Relapse 1990
W.A.S.P. 95 – N.A.S.T.Y. Inside The Electric Circus Snapper 1986 request
BARREN EARTH A Shapeless Derelict On Lonely Towers Century Media 2015 +
Darkthrone Lesser Men The Underground Resistance Peaceville 2013 request
Ulver Svelen Gaaer Bag Aase Need Feuersturm Century Media 1997 request
MOONSPELL Breathe (Until We Are No More) Extinct Napalm 2015 +
Yesterday’s Saints Origen Adamantius Generation of Vipers Draconum 2015 +
FINSTERFORST Mach Dich Frei! Mach Dich Frei Napalm 2015 +
Wardruna Helvegen Yggdrasil Indie 2013
Souldrainer Turn Your Back Architect ViciSolum 2014
Karyn Crisis Alchemist Salem’s Wounds Century Media 2015 +
Iron Maiden Caught Somewhere In Time Somewhere In Time Capitol 1986 +
NIGHT DEMON Screams In The Night Curse Of The Damned Century Media 2015 +
Byzantine A Curious Lot To Release Is To Resolve Snakepit 2015
Sever the Drama Dr. Porkchop Chasing Shadows 2014 request
Old Man’s Child Soul Possessed The Pagan Prosperity Century Media 1997 +
Wardruna Fehu Yggdrasil Indie 2013
Ovid’s Withering Exile Scryers of the Ibis Unique Leader 2015 +
Boris The Blade Serpents Crown The Human Hive Siege of Amida 2014 +
Pantera Regular People (Conceit) Vulgar Display Of Power ATCO 1992 request
WHYZDOM While The Witches Burn Symphony For A Hopeless God Scarlet 2015 +
Voices Last Train Victoria Line London Candlelight 2015 +
Borknagar Grimland Domain The Olden Domain Century Media 1997
ARCHSPIRE Fathom Infinite Depth The Lucid Collective Season of Mist 2014 request
Cold Snap Rise Again World War 3 Eclipse 2015
Cradle Of Filth Beneath The Howling Stars Cruelty And The Beast Mayhem/Fierce 1998 +
All That Remains No Knock The Order of Things Razor & Tie 2015
In This Moment Bloody Creature Poster Girl Black Widow Atlantic 2014 request
Cannibal Corpse Fucked With A Knife Live Cannibalism Metal Blade 2000 request
Entombed Evilyn Clandestine Earache 1991 request
Anaal Nathrakh A Firm Foundation… Desideratum Metal Blade 2014 +
Huntress I Want To Fuck You To Death Starbound Beast Napalm 2013 +
Butcher Babies They’re Coming to Take Me Away Uncovered Century Media 2014 request

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