Episode 311 Playlist (6/25/2015)

+ indicates listener traction/response
Episode CCCXI [311] The Welding Room 
Thursday, June 25, 2015 WRDR-DB [TuneIn]
5:00-9:00pm ET INTV: ROYAL THUNDER (Josh Weaver)
FIGHT AMP Ex Everything Constantly Off Brutal Panda 2015
In The Presence Of Wolves Storm In A Red Dress Thalassas 2014
Nervosa Death! Victim Of Yourself Napalm 2014
Nader Sadek Of This Flesh (Novus Deus) Season of Mist 2011
Pro-Pain Age Of Disgust Voice of Rebellion SPV 2015
Rise To Remain The Serpent City Of Vultures InsideOut 2012
Rhapsody Prometheus Nuclear Blast 2015 +
Gov’t Mule w/ James Hetfield & Les Claypool Drivin’ Rain Nascar On FOX: Crank It Up 2002
Edge Of Paradise Perfect Shade Of Black Immortal Waltz Pure Steel 2015
Between the Buried and Me Famine Wolf Coma Ecliptic Metal Blade 2015
Korn A.D.I.D.A.S. Life Is Peachy Epic 1996 +
Karyn Crisis’ Gospel Of The Witches Mother Salem’s Wounds Century Media 2015
Royal Thunder No Good CVI Relapse 2012 +
Royal Thunder The Bear I Crooked Doors Relapse 2015 +
Royal Thunder Floor Crooked Doors Relapse 2015 +
Royal Thunder The Line Crooked Doors Relapse 2015 +
Royal Thunder Parsonz Curse CVI Relapse 2012 +
Unleash The Archers Tonight We Ride Time Stands Still Napalm 2015
DevilDriver The Appetite Winter Kills Napalm 2013
In This Moment Bloody Creature Poster Girl Black Widow Atlantic 2014 request ++
Myrkur Må Du Brænde i Helvede Myrkur Relapse 2014 request
IWrestledABearOnce Doomed To Fail Pt1 Hail Mary Artery 2015
IWrestledABearOnce Doomed To Fail Pt2 Hail Mary Artery 2015
Dokken Kiss Of Death Back For The Attack Elektra 1987
Tempel Tomb Of The Ancients The Moon Lit Our Path Prosthetic 2015
Castrator Brood No Victim Horror Pain Gore Death 2015 +
Slaughter To Prevail Hell Chapters Of Misery self released 2015
Cattle Decapitation Manufactured Extinct Metal Blade 2015
Cradle Of Filth Filthy Little Secret Nymphetamine Roadrunner 2004 +
DEATH Crystal Mountain Symbolic Roadrunner 1995 +
Leprous Chronic Coal InsideOut Music 2013
Oddland Flooding Light The Treachery Of Senses Century Media 2012 +
Iron Maiden The Wicker Man Brave New World EMI/Portrait 2000 +
Tempel Carvings In The Door The Moon Lit Our Path Prosthetic 2015
Wilson Crave Right to Rise Razor & Tie 2015
FINSTERFORST Mach Dich Frei! Mach Dich Frei Napalm 2015 request
Lamb of God 512 Nuclear Blast 2015
Slayer Mandatory Suicide South Of Heaven Def Jam/Geffen 1988
Revocation Deathless Deathless Metal Blade 2014
Fleshgod Apocalypse The Violation Agony Nuclear Blast 2011 ++
Torment Of Souls Bone Stone Brain Zombie Barbecue Radar 2014
Glenn Tipton Kill Or Be Killed Baptizm of Fire Atlantic 1997
Cadaveric Spasm A Beast Who Smells
Nile Masturbating The War God Black Seeds Of Vengence Relapse 2000
Corey Glover & Phil Campbell Billie Jean Thriller: A Metal Tribute to Michael Jackson Cleopatra 2013
Cinderella Shake Me Night Songs Mercury 1986 +

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