Episode 315 & 316 Playlists (7/7/2015 & 7/9/2015)

+ indicates listener response/traction
Episode CCCXV [315] The Welding Room
Tuesday, July 7, 2015 WRDR-DB [TuneIn]
5:00-9:00pm ET
Lorna Shore Wretching In Torment Psalms Density 2015
Vader Of Moon, Blood, Dream And Me De Profundis Conquest Music 1995 +
Pyrithion The Invention of Hatred The Burden of Sorrow Metal Blade 2013
Dark Tranquillity FreeCard Projector Century Media 1999
NIGHT DEMON Full Speed Ahead Curse Of The Damned Century Media 2015
Eths Harmaguedon (Rachel Aspe) Ex Umbra In Solem Season of Mist 2014 +
Atreyu My Fork In The Road (Your Knife In My Back) A Death-Grip On Yesterday Victory 2006 request
Myrkur Må Du Brænde i Helvede Myrkur Relapse 2014 request
Dew-Scented Those Who Will Not See (Bonus Track) Intermination Prosthetic 2015 +
Broken Hope Give Me The Bottom Half Omen Of Disease Century Media 2013
Venom Black Metal From Heaven To Unknown Snapper Music 1997
Marilyn Manson The Suck For Your Solution Private Parts: The Album Soundtrack 1997 ++
The Dillinger Escape Plan Pig Latin Irony Is A Dead Scene Epitaph 2002
EXHUMED As Hammer to Anvil All Guts, No Glory Relapse 2011
Unearth Watch it Burn Darkness in the Light Metal Blade 2011 +
Lindemann Ladyboy Skills In Pills Warner Bros 2015 ++
A Pale Horse Named Death As Black As My Heart And Hell Will Follow Me SPV 2010 +
Marty Friedman Sociopaths (feat. David Davidson) Inferno Prosthetic 2014
Scar Symmetry Limits to Infinity The Singularity (Phase I – Neohumanity) Nuclear Blast 2014
Diesel America Leave Your Mark Leave Your Mark DAM Entertainment 2014 +
Orchid Sign of the Witch Nuclear Blast 2015
CANNABIS CORPSE With Their Hash He Will Create From Wisdom to Baked Season of Mist 2014
Revocation No Funeral Chaos of Forms Relapse 2011
ARCHSPIRE Seven Crowns and the Oblivion Chain The Lucid Collective Season Of Mist 2014
Fear Factory Soul Hacker Nuclear Blast 2015
Emperor The Acclamation Of Bonds Anthems To The Welkin At Dusk Century Media 1997
Slipknot Vermilion Vol. 3: The Subliminal Verses Roadrunner 2004
Butcher Babies Monster’s Ball  Century Media 2015 +
Suicidal Tendencies Smash It! 13 Suicidal 2013 +
DragonForce Through the Fire and Flames (Live) In the Line of Fire…Larger Than Live Metal Blade 2015 +
Týr Blood of Heroes Valkyrja Metal Blade 2013 +
Gojira Where Dragons Dwell From Mars To Sirius Prosthetic 2005 +++
Slayer Repentless Nuclear Blast 2015 ++
Cannibal Corpse Stripped, Raped And Strangled The Bleeding Metal Blade 1994 +
Lamb Of God Ghost Walking Resolution Epic 2012
Between the Buried and Me King Redeem – Queen Serene Coma Ecliptic Metal Blade 2015 +
FINSTERFORST Ein Lichtschein Rastlos Napalm 2012 ++
Iced Earth 1776 Something Wicked This Way Comes Century Media 1998
The Circle Jerks Wild In the Streets Wild In the Streets 1982 ++++
Cradle Of Filth Yours Immortally Hammer Of The Witches Nuclear Blast 2015
Type O Negative Everyone I Love is Dead World Coming Down Roadrunner 1999 +
ABYSMAL DAWN In Service Of Time Leveling The Plane Of Existence Relapse 2011
Killer Be Killed Melting Of My Marrow Killer Be Killed Nuclear Blast 2014 +
Karyn Crisis’ Gospel Of The Witches The Sword And The Stone Salem’s Wounds Century Media 2015
iwrestledabearonce Your God Is Too Small Hail Mary Artery 2015 request +
Entombed A.D. Pandemic Rage Back To The Front Century Media 2014 +
WHYZDOM While The Witches Burn Symphony For A Hopeless God Scarlet 2015 request +
In This Moment Bloody Creature Poster Girl Black Widow Atlantic 2014 request ++
Episode CCCXVI [316] The Welding Room
Thursday, July 9, 2015 WRDR-DB [TuneIn]
5:00-9:00pm ET
Battlecross Not Your Slave Metal Blade 2015
Dimmu Borgir The Serpentine Offering In Sorte Diaboli Nuclear Blast 2007 +
As I Lay Dying Meaning In Tragedy Shadows Are Security Metal Blade 2005
Diecast Sacrifice Tearing Down Your Blue Skies Century Media 2005 ++
These Are They Hangman’s Knot At The Feast Of Seven Funerals The End 2014
Gorgoroth Revelation Of Doom Feuersturm Century Media 1997
Ghost Cirice Meliora Loma Vista 2015 +
Entombed Sinners Bleed Clandestine Earache 1991 +
DEAD LABEL Enslavement Sense of Slaughter Nuerra 2013
SEPTICFLESH Burn Titan Prosthetic 2014
Thanatos Feeding The War Machine Global Purification Century Media 2014
Kilgore Smudge Hang Time Blue Collar Solitude Giant 1995
Primordial Babel’s Tower Where Greater Men Have Fallen Metal Blade 2014 request
My Sleeping Karma Prithvi Moksha Napalm 2015
Cradle Of Filth Yours Immortally Hammer Of The Witches Nuclear Blast 2015 ++
Slaughter To Prevail Hell Chapters Of Misery self released 2015 +
Amorphis Alone AM Universum Relapse 2001 ++
Dew-Scented Scars Of Creation Intermination Prosthetic 2015 request
Edge Of Paradise Perfect Shade Of Black Immortal Waltz Pure Steel 2015 +++
Shadows Fall In Effigy Fallout From The War 2006
Hellspeak My Annihilation The Slaughter Rule Of Agony Winterfall Music 2013
Shadows Fall Destroyer Of Senses MTV2 Head Banger’s Ball [Disc 1] Roadrunner 2002
Crisis Kingdom’s End The Hollowing Metal Blade 1997
U.D.O. Steelhammer Steelhammer AFM 2013
Myrkur Ravnens Banner Myrkur Relapse 2014 request +
All That Remains Six The Fall Of Ideals Razor & Tie 2006 request
Cattle Decapitation Manufactured Extinct Metal Blade 2015 ++
Arch Enemy Down To Nothing War Eternal Century Media 2014 +
Born of Osiris Machine Tomorrow We Die Alive Sumerian 2013
The Acacia Strain Whoa! Shut It Down [explicit] The Dead Walk Prosthetic 2006
Fear Factory Demanufacture Demanufacture Roadrunner 1995
OBSCURA Euclidean Elements Omnivium Relapse 2011
After The Burial A Wolf Amongst Ravens Wolves Within Sumerian 2013
BEYOND CREATION Sous La Lueur De l’Empereur Earthborn Evolution Season of Mist 2014
RAWIDE Backstabber Black Hearts & White Lines (7″ Split) Unholy Anarchy 2015 request +
VALKYRIE Mountain Stomp Shadows Relapse 2015
Cancer Bats True Zero Searching for Zero Metal Blade 2015
Goatwhore Reanimated Sacrifice Constricting Rage of the Merciless Metal Blade 2014
American Sharks Freak Out American Sharks The End 2013
Dead Earth Politics The Queen of Steel The Queen of Steel Genuine Recordings 2014
RINGWORM Height of Revelation Hammer of the Witch Relapse 2014
Down Ghosts Along The Mississippi Down II Elektra 2002
Gwar Madness at the Core of Time Battle Maximus Metal Blade 2013
Clutch Crucial Velocity Earth Rocker Weathermaker Music 2013 +
My Sleeping Karma Vayu Moksha Napalm 2015
Kissing Candice Put Em Up Victory 2015
Sworn In Weeping Willow The Lovers/The Devil Razor & Tie 2015
SISTER SIN w/ Doro Pesch Rock ‘N Roll Dance Of The Wicked Victory 2013
Shattered Sun Reign Over Me Hope Within Hatred Victory 2015
Jungle Rot Paralyzed Prey Order Shall Prevail Victory 2015
Thy Art Is Murder Fur And Claw Holy War Nuclear Blast 2015
Hellyeah Say When Blood For Blood (Clean) ElevenSeven 2014
King Diamond Waiting Dreams of Horror Metal Blade 2014 +
Slayer Jihad Christ Illusion American 2006
Whitechapel The Saw Is the Law Our Endless War Metal Blade 2014

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