Episode 313 & 314 Playlists (6/30/2015 & 7/2/2015)

+ indicates listener response
Episode CCCXIII [313] The Welding Room 
Tuesday, June 30, 2015 WRDR-DB [TuneIn]
Shadowspawn Mind Shut Down Ashes Of Sorrow Horror Pain Gore Death 2015 +
The Great Discord Eigengrau Duende Metal Blade 2015 +
Parallel Minds I Am Headlong Disaster Brennus Music 2015 +
Bonz Comes Over Me Broken Silence Pavement 2015 +
INQUISITION Darkness Flows Towards Unseen Horizons Obscure Verses for the Multiverse Season of Mist 2013 +
Raised Fist Gates From The North Epitaph 2015 +
Butcher Babies Monster’s Ball (Clean Edit) Century Media 2015 ++
Pro-Pain Age Of Disgust Voice of Rebellion SPV 2015
So Hideous Rhapsody Last Poem / First Light Prosthetic 2014
Iced Earth Highwayman Plagues Of Babylon Century Media 2014 +
Opeth When My Arms, Your Hearse Century Media 1998
Centinex Death Glance Redeeming The Filth Agonia 2014 +
iwrestledabearonce Your God Is Too Small Hail Mary Artery 2015 request +
Xander Demos Lady In Red Guitarcadia 2012 ++
Paradise Lost No Hope In Sight The Plague Within Century Media 2015
Face Off The End The Colour of Rain Maple Metal 2014 +
Crowbar All I Had (I Gave) Sludge – The History Of Crowbar Spitfire 1993
I Killed the Prom Queen Kjærlighet Beloved Epitaph 2014
Scar Symmetry The Illusionist Pitch Black Progress Nuclear Blast 2006
Alice Cooper/Megadeth No More Mr. Nice Guy Metalmorphosis The Welding Room 2012
Xander Demos Right Angles Guitarcadia 2012 ++
Xander Demos Nothing Major Guitarcadia 2012 ++
Xander Demos Boys of Summer Guitarcadia 2012 ++
Pantera I’m Broken Far Beyond Driven Rhino 2014 request +
Iommi and Philip Anselmo Time Is Mine Iommi Priority 2000
Anthrax Killing Box Volume 8 – The Threat Is Real! Ignition 1998
Philip H. Anselmo and the Illegals Bedroom Destroyer Walk Through Exits Only Housecore 2013
Down Temptation’s Wings Nola EastWest 1995
Dew-Scented Survival Reaction Intermination Prosthetic 2015 +
MEGAHERZ Unter Strom Zombieland Napalm 2014
Hypocrisy Fractured Millennium Hypocrisy Nuclear Blast 1999
Bullet It’s On Storm of Blades Metalville 2014
W.A.S.P. The Rock Rolls On Inside The Electric Circus Snapper Music 1986 +
Origin Expulsion Of Fury Entity Nuclear Blast 2011 +
Lindemann Fat Skills In Pills Warner Bros 2015 ++
Tool Bottom Undertow Volcano Entertainment 1993 request
Castrator Brood No Victim Horror Pain Gore Death 2015 request
Slayer Repentless Nuclear Blast 2015
Lonely Robot God vs Man Please Come Home InsideOut 2015
After The Burial Anti-Pattern Wolves Within Sumerian 2013
Borknagar Epochalypse Urd Century Media 2012
Kataklysm Thy Serpents Tongue Nuclear Blast 2015
Fear Factory Soul Hacker Nuclear Blast 2015
Between the Buried and Me King Redeem – Queen Serene Coma Ecliptic Metal Blade 2015
Yngwie Malmsteen You Don’t Remember, I’ll Never Forget Trilogy 1986 +
Eluveitie King Origins Nuclear Blast 2014
Mortician Decayed KnuckleTracks 32 Relapse 1999 +
Whitechapel Make It Bleed Whitechapel Metal Blade 2012
Episode CCCXIV [314] The Welding Room 
Thursday, July 2, 2015 WRDR-DB [TuneIn]
5:00-9:00pm ET
Slayer Repentless 2015
Jungle Rot Paralyzed Prey Order Shall Prevail Victory 2015
Humanity’s Last Breath Shoals Humanity’s Last Breath Rogue 2013
Act of Defiance Throwback Metal Blade 2015
Overdose My Rage Scars Fierce 1995 +
Grand Magus Iron Hand The Hunt Nuclear Blast 2012 +
Fuck The Facts Solitude Desire Will Rot 2015
Abiotic The Singe Symbiosis Metal Blade 2012
Karyn Crisis’ Gospel Of The Witches The Sword And The Stone Salem’s Wounds Century Media 2015
Dimmu Borgir Entrance Enthrone Darkness Triumphant Nuclear Blast 1997
Lindemann Fat Skills In Pills Warner Bros 2015 +++
Xander Demos Right Angles Guitarcadia 2012
High On Fire The Black Plot Luminiferous eOne Entertainment 2015
Borknagar Frostrite Urd Century Media 2012 +
Fleshgod Apocalypse Warpledge Labyrinth Nuclear Blast 2013
Yesterday’s Saints The Recruitment Generation of Vipers Draconum 2015 +
King Diamond Dreams Dreams of Horror Metal Blade 2014 +
Cradle Of Filth Portrait Of The Dead Countess Cruelty And The Beast Mayhem/Fierce 1998 +
Cradle Of Filth Lustmord And Wargasm Cruelty And The Beast Mayhem/Fierce 1998 +
Unleash The Archers Tonight We Ride Time Stands Still Napalm 2015
Viathyn Ageless Stranger Cynosure self released 2014
The Overmind Blueprint Bioforms Dissolution 2014 +
Amaranthe Danger Zone Massive Addictive Spinefarm 2014
iwrestledabearonce Your God Is Too Small Hail Mary Artery 2015
If These Trees Could Talk They Speak with Knives Red Forest Metal Blade 2015
Orchid Sign of the Witch Nuclear Blast 2015 +
Misery Kills Kills My Day My Ugly Insides Misery Royalties 2015
Butcher Babies Monster’s Ball (Clean Edit) 2015 ++
ICS Vortex Aces Storm Seeker Century Media 2011 +
Strapping Young Lad Far Beyond Metal (Live) No Sleep Till Bedtime (Live) Century Media 1998
Thy Art Is Murder Light Bearer Holy War Nuclear Blast 2015
Ministry N.W.O. Enjoy The Quiet – Live At Wacken 2012 UDR 2013 +
Dew-Scented Survival Reaction (Bonus track) Intermination Prosthetic 2015 +
Overkill Battle The Killing Kind CMC International 1996 +
The Black Dahlia Murder Vlad, Son of the Dragon Metal Blade 2015
Ihsahn Introspection Eremita Candlelight 2012
A Breach of Silence There Will Be Blood Dead or Alive Eclipse 2013
Sever the Drama Happy You’re Gone Chasing Shadows self released 2014 +
Fejd Häxfärd Nagelfar Napalm 2013
MYRKUR Hævnen 2015 request
Battlecross Push Pull Destroy Pursuit of Honor Metal Blade 2011
Nekrogoblikon Snax & Violence Heavy Meta Mystery Box 2015
LAHMIA Strength From My Wounds Into The Abyss Bakerteam 2012
Edge Of Paradise Children Of The Sea Immortal Waltz Pure Steel 2015 ++++
Royal Thunder The Line Crooked Doors Relapse 2015 request
Fear Factory Soul Hacker 2015
OBSCURA Septuagint Omnivium Relapse 2011
Soilwork Neon Rebels The Chainheart Machine Century Media 2000
Avatar Blod The Black Waltz eOne Entertainment 2012
Pantera Goddamn Electric Reinventing The Steel EastWest 2000

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