Episode 321 & 322 Playlists (7/28/2015 & 7/30/2015)

+ indicates listener reaction/airplay traction

Episode CCCXXI [321] The Welding Room
Tuesday, July 28, 2015 WRDR-DB [TuneIn]
5:00-9:00pm ET INTV: Frank White (Music Photographer)
HOPE DRONE Riverbeds Hewn in Marrow Cloak of Ash Relapse 2015
Cryptopsy Worship Your Demons The Best Of Us Bleed Century Media 2012
Jungle Rot Paralyzed Prey Order Shall Prevail Victory 2015 +
DragonForce Holding On The Power Within Roadrunner 2012 ++
Faith No More Digging The Grave King For A Day Fool For A Life Time Slash 1995 request
Hate Hate is the Law Crusade Zero Napalm 2015
Judas Priest Down in Flames Redeemer of Souls Epic 2014
GZR Giving up the Ghost Plastic Planet TVT 1995 +
The HAARP Machine Pleiadian Keys Disclosure Sumerian 2012
Pantera You’ve Gotta Belong To It Reinventing The Steel EastWest 2000
Grip Inc. Bug Juice Solidify Metal Blade 1999
Malice Kick You Down Metal Messacre Metal Blade 1982 +
Anthrax Caught In A Mosh Among The Living Island 1987 +
Unleash The Archers Test Your Metal Time Stands Still Napalm 2015 ++
Unleash The Archers Northern Passage Time Stands Still Napalm 2015 ++
Unleash The Archers Tonight We Ride Time Stands Still Napalm 2015 ++
Paradise Lost Enchantment Draconian Times Music For Nations 1995
Red Fang Hank is Dead Murder The Mountains Relapse 2011
Ovid’s Withering Exile Scryers of the Ibis Unique Leader 2013
Persefone Spiritual Migration Spiritual Migration ViciSolum 2013
Between the Buried and Me The Coma Machine Coma Ecliptic Metal Blade 2015 ++
Butcher Babies Monster’s Ball (Clean Edit) Century Media 2015 +++
Carcass Carnal Forge Heartwork Earache 1993
Life Of Agony This Time River Runs Red Roadrunner 1993
Marilyn Manson Lunchbox Portrait Of An American Family Nothing 1994 +
The Dillinger Escape Plan Angel Plagiarism Relapse 2006 ++
InAeona Leader Force Rise The Sun Prosthetic 2015 ++
ARCHSPIRE Plague of AM The Lucid Collective Season Of Mist 2014 +
So Hideous Rhapsody Last Poem / First Light Prosthetic 2014
Mutilation Rites Contaminate Harbinger Prosthetic 2014
Solace Of Requiem Soiling the Fields of Putridity Casting Ruin ViciSolum 2014
Kataklysm The Black Sheep Of Ghosts And Gods Nuclear Blast 2015 +
Soilwork Long Live the Misanthrope The Living Infinite Nuclear Blast 2013 +
Scarab Funeral Pharaoh Serpents of the Nile ViciSolum 2015
Lamb of God Embers VII: Sturm Und Drang Epic 2015
Julius Seizure Second Coming (B-Side) 2014
Ikillya …And Hell Followed With Him Recon Lekberg Enterprises 2011
One Hour Hell Crawl and Die Interfectus ViciSolum 2014


Episode CCCXXII [322] The Welding Room
Thursday, July 30, 2015 WRDR-DB [TuneIn]
5:00-9:00pm ET
Kataklysm The Black Sheep Of Ghosts And Gods Nuclear Blast 2015
Unearth Zombie Autopilot The Oncoming Storm Metal Blade 2004
Sabaton Soldier Of 3 Armies Heroes Nuclear Blast 2014
Cradle Of Filth Deflowering The Maidenhead… Hammer Of The Witches Nuclear Blast 2015 request
Monte Pittman A Dark Horse The Power of Three Metal Blade 2013 +
HIBRIA Tightrope HIBRIA Test Your Metal 2015 +
We Butter The Bread With Butter 1000 Volt Projekt Herz Heart Work 2013
FALLUJAH Carved From Stone The Flesh Prevails Unique Leader 2014
Fear Factory Fear Campaign Mechanize AFM/Candlelight 2010
Unleash The Archers Test Your Metal Time Stands Still Napalm 2015 ++
Six Feet Under Suffering In Ecstasy Haunted Metal Blade 1995
In The Presence Of Wolves Storm In A Red Dress Thalassas 2014 request
Opeth Atonement Ghost Reveries Roadrunner 2005
InAeona Leader Force Rise The Sun Prosthetic 2015
Sinister Unheavenly Domain The Carnage Ending Massacre 2012
Accept Metal Heart The Final Chapter CMC International 1997 +
Machine Head Davidian Burn My Eyes Roadrunner 1994
Brendon Small Dangertits Brendon Small’s GALAKTIKON 2012 ++
RWAKE Or Die Xenoglossalgia Relapse 2015 +
Morbid Angel Prayer Of Hatred Formulas Fatal To The Flesh Earache 1998
Between the Buried and Me Bicycle Race The Anatomy Of Victory 2006 ++
JOHN GARCIA My Mind John Garcia Napalm 2014
DEADLANDS Final Solution Evilution Massacre 2013 +
Cannibal Corpse I Cum Blood Live Cannibalism Metal Blade 2000 request
Retox I’ve Had It Up To Here I’m Going YPLL Epitaph 2013 request
Clutch Wysiwyg Blast Tyrant Weathermaker 2004
iwrestledabearonce Killed To Death Hail Mary Artery 2015 +
iwrestledabearonce Letters To Stallone Late For Nothing Century Media 2013 +
Oceano Self Exploited Whore Incisions Century Media 2013
Upon A Burning Body Blood, Sweat and Tears The World Is My Enemy Now Sumerian 2014 +
Within The Ruins New Holy War Elite eOne Entertainment 2013
The Ocean Mesopelagic: Into the Uncanny Pelagial Metal Blade 2013
Steel Panther Gangbang At The Old Folks Home All You Can Eat Open E/Kobalt 2014 request ++
Enabler Fail to Feel Safe Fail To Feel Safe Century Media 2015
Infectious Grooves Closed Session The Plague That Makes Your Booty Move Epic 1991 ++
Infectious Grooves Infectious Grooves The Plague That Makes Your Booty Move Epic 1991 ++
Megadeth Rust In Peace…Polaris Rust In Peace Capitol 1990 +
Refused Rather Be Dead Songs To Fan The Flames Of Discontent Victory 1995
Faith No More & Boo-Yaa T.R.I.B.E. Another Body Murdered Judgment Night Soundtrack 1993 +
Castrator Brood No Victim Horror Pain Gore Death 2015 request
Faith No More Woodpecker From Mars The Real Thing Slash/Reprise 1989
LYNCH MOB Automatic Fix Rebel Frontiers 2015 +
Kreator Destroy What Destroys You Hordes Of Chaos SPV 2008
GRUESOME Closed Casket Savage Land Relapse 2015
Battlecross The Path Rise to Power Metal Blade 2015
Metal Church Date With Poverty The Human Factor Epic 1991 ++
Job for a Cowboy Nourishment Through Bloodshed Demonocracy Metal Blade 2012 request
Iron Maiden Loneliness Of The Long Distance Runner Somewhere In Time Capitol 1986 +
Yesterday’s Saints Fall of the Ancients Generation of Vipers Draconum 2015 +++
Cattle Decapitation Pacific Grim The Anthropocene Extinction Metal Blade 2015
ONE MACHINE Screaming For Light The Final Cull Scarlet 2015
Meshuggah Rational Gaze Nothing Nuclear Blast 2002
Anaal Nathrakh Forging Towards the Sunset Vanitas Candlelight 2012

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