Episode 334 & 335 Playlists (9/15/2015 & 9/17/2015)

Episode CCCXXXIV [334] The Welding Room
Tuesday, September 15, 2015 WRDR-DB [TuneIn]
5:00-9:00pm ET
Synapses Sickening Runes Devoutness Cimmerian Shade 2015
MANEGARM Hordes of Hel Legions Of The North Napalm 2013
Judas Priest Dragonaut Redeemer of Souls Epic 2014
Pyrithion The Invention of Hatred The Burden of Sorrow Metal Blade 2013
STRYPER Fallen Frontiers 2015 +
Iron Maiden Duellists Powerslave Capitol 1984
Krisiun Timeless Starvation Forged In Fury Century Media 2015
Rotting Christ Sorrowfull Farewell A Dead Poem Century Media 1997
Kivanc Kilicer One of a Kind Dew on Roses 2014
CRETIN Mister Frye, the Janitor Guy Stranger Relapse 2014
Pentagram Misunderstood Curious Volume Peaceville 2015
Stolen Babies Never Come Back Naught No Comment 2012 +
Metallica Orion Master Of Puppets Elektra 1986
Burn Halo Dying Without You Wolves Of War eOne  2015 +
Stone Sour Love Gun Meanwhile In Burbank… Roadrunner 2015 ++
Clutch Pure Rock Fury Pure Rock Fury Atlantic 2001 +
ASG Scrappy’s Trip Blood Drive Relapse 2013
ATROCITY When Empires Fall To Dust Okkult Napalm 2013
Reflections Shadow Self The Color Clear eOne 2015
For Today Immortal Immortal Razor & Tie 2012 request
Demon Hunter The Light That Guides Us Home The Triptych Solid State 2005 request
Demon Hunter Not I The Triptych Solid State 2005 request
RINGS OF SATURN The Heavens Have Fallen Lugal Ki En Unique Leader 2014
Bone Gnawer Modern Day Cannibal Cannibal Crematorium Pulverised 2015
Assassins A Hidden Demon War Of Aggression Good Fight/eOne 2014
ARTAIUS Daphne Torn Banners Bakerteam 2015
King Heavy Thirteen Chosen Ones King Heavy Cruz Del Sur 2015
ONE MACHINE Screaming For Light The Final Cull Scarlet 2015
7 Horns 7 Eyes Regeneration Throes Of Absolution Century Media 2012
Trivium Silence In The Snow Roadrunner 2015
Kill Matilda Pomegranate #Punk#Zombie#RocknRoll 2011 request
Hammercult Raise Some Hell Built For War SPV 2015
MYRKUR Onde Børn M Relapse 2015 +
Faith No More Motherfucker Sol Invictus Ipecac 2015
Eths Harmaguedon Ex Umbra In Solem Season Of Mist 2014
Cropsy Maniac I Want To Make You Break Four Paths To Horror Horror Pain Gore Death 2015
DEATH Zombie Ritual Vivus! Relapse 2001 request
Type O Negative Everything Dies World Coming Down Roadrunner 1999 request
Marty Friedman Horrors Inferno Prosthetic 2014
Stratovarius Shine In The Dark Eternal earMusic 2015
BLEED Hate March Kill The Hatred Inside 2015
Severed Limbs Masticator Of Human Flesh Four Paths To Horror Horror Pain Gore Death 2015
Edge Of Paradise Perfect Shade Of Black Immortal Waltz Pure Steel 2015 ++
HOLLOW Cryptic Howling Mordrake 2014 +
Lightning Bolt The Metal East Fantasy Empire Thrill Jockey 2015
Opeth Atonement Ghost Reveries Roadrunner 2005 +
A LIFE ONCE LOST Something is Awful Ecstatic Trance Season Of Mist 2012
Atreyu Heartbeats And Flatlines Long Live Spinefarm 2015 ++
Akercocke Shelter from the Sand Words That Go Unspoken, Deeds That Go Undone Earache 2005
Motörhead Too Good To Be True March Or Die Epic/WTG 1992 ++
Eluveitie Sucellos Origins Nuclear Blast 2014 request +
The Dillinger Escape Plan Angel Plagiarism Relapse 2006
Europe War Of Kings War of Kings UDR 2015
W.A.S.P. Chainsaw Charlie (Live Donington 1992) The Crimson Idol Snapper  1992 ++
Life Of Agony Let’s Pretend Ugly Roadrunner 1995 ++
The Black Dahlia Murder Threat Level No. 3 Abysmal Metal Blade 2015
Fleshgod Apocalypse Minotaur (The Wrath Of Poseidon) Labyrinth Nuclear Blast 2013
Episode CCCXXXV [335] The Welding Room
Thursday, September 17, 2015 WRDR-DB [TuneIn]
5:00-9:00pm ET
Bring Me The Horizon Avalanche That’s The Spirit Columbia 2015
Lordi I’m The Best To Beast Or Not To Beast The End 2013
Killswitch Engage Life To Lifeless Alive or Just Breathing Roadrunner 2002
Sever The Drama The Horizon Chasing Shadows self released 2014 ++
Decapitated Nest Blood Mantra Nuclear Blast 2014
Yesterday’s Saints Origen Adamantius Generation of Vipers Draconum 2015 +
Mekong Delta Inside the Outside of the Inside In a Mirror Darkly SPV 2014
Angra Synchronicity II Secret Garden earMusic 2015
A Perfect Circle Let’s Have A War eMOTIVe Virgin 2004
SATYRICON Mother North Live At The Opera Napalm 2015 +
Metal Allegiance Dying Song Metal Allegiance Nuclear Blast 2015
MYRKUR Jeg er Guden, I er Tjenerne M Relapse 2015 request
YEAR OF THE GOAT Non-Euclidean Calculus The Key And The Gate Napalm 2014
Devil City Angels Bad Decisions Devil City Angels Century Media 2015 +
Metal Church Watch The Children Pray A Light In The Dark SPV 2006 ++
Lamb Of God Purified As The Palaces Burn Epic 2003
Persefone Returning to the Source Spiritual Migration ViciSolum 2013
RINGWORM King of Blood Hammer of the Witch Relapse 2014
For Today Dead to Rights Fight the Silence Razor & Tie 2014 request
Monobrow Mordrake’s Revenge Canuck Metal Vol. 3 2013
Harlott Denature Proliferation Metal Blade 2015
Iced Earth My Own Savior Something Wicked This Way Comes Century Media 1998 +
Strapping Young Lad Detox City Century Media 1997
ALLEN / LANDE Down From The Mountain The Great Divide Frontiers 2014 +
Megadeth The Conjuring Peace Sells…But Who’s Buying? Capitol 1986
DYING FETUS Invert The Idols Reign Supreme Relapse 2012
Animals As Leaders Ka$cade The Joy of Motion Sumerian 2014
Ghost Ship Octavius Saturn and Skies Ghost Ship Octavius Knife Fight 2015
Broken Hope Give Me The Bottom Half Omen Of Disease Century Media 2013
King Diamond Welcome Home Dreams of Horror Metal Blade 1988 ++
Abiotic The Absence of Purity Casuistry Metal Blade 2015
Revocation Fracked Revocation Relapse 2013
Marilyn Manson This Is The New Shit The Matrix Reloaded Soundtrack 2003
Animals As Leaders Another Year The Joy of Motion Sumerian 2014
TesseracT Messenger Polaris Kscope 2015
Annihilator My Revenge Suicide Society UDR 2015
iwrestledabearonce Erase It All Hail Mary Artery 2015
Emperor Curse All You Men! IX Equilibrium Century Media 1999
Dagoba By The Sword Post Mortem Nihil Est eOne Entertainment 2013
Pantera Primal Concrete Sledge Cowboys From Hell ATCO 1990
Judas Priest Freewheel Burning The Essential Judas Priest Columbia 1984
Animals As Leaders Physical Education The Joy of Motion Sumerian 2014
Gomorrah A Disaster’s Nightmare A Disaster’s Nightmare Test Your Metal 2015
Butcher Babies They’re Coming to Take Me Away Uncovered Century Media 2014 +
Damageplan New Found Power New Found Power Elektra 2004
ICS Vortex The Blackmobile Storm Seeker Century Media 2011
The Black Dahlia Murder Threat Level No. 3 Abysmal Metal Blade 2015
Thy Art Is Murder The Purest Strain of Hate Hate Nuclear Blast 2013
Hollow Cryptic Howling Mordrake self released 2014
GLORYHAMMER Goblin King of the Darkstorm Galaxy Space 1992: Rise of the Chaos Wizards Napalm 2015
W.A.S.P./Witchery I Wanna Be Somebody Metalmorphosis The Welding Room 2012 +
Steel Panther She’s On The Rag All You Can Eat Open E/Kobalt 2014 ++
Whitechapel Psychopathy Our Endless War Metal Blade 2014 ++
Anaal Nathrakh Forging Towards the Sunset Vanitas Candlelight 2012
RINGS OF SATURN Eviscerate Lugal Ki En Unique Leader 2014 +
Cattle Decapitation Mammals in Babylon The Anthropocene Extinction Metal Blade 2015 +
Animals As Leaders An Infinite Regression Weightless Prosthetic 2011

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