Episode 340 & 341 Playlists (10/6/2015 & 10/8/2015)

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Episode CCCXL [340] The Welding Room
Tuesday, October 6, 2015 WRDR-DB [TuneIn]
5:00-9:00pm ET
Behold! The Monolith Between Oder and the Vistula Architects Of The Void self released 2015
Sevendust Torched Kill The Flaw 7Bros. 2015
Megadeth Fatal Illusion 2015
Obituary Threatening Skies Back from the Dead Roadrunner 1997
THE STRIGAS WAITING FOR GLORY A Poisoned Kiss To Reality Southern Brigade 2014
Havok Give Me Liberty… Or Give Me Death Unnatural Selection Candlelight 2013
ZOMBI Pillars of the Dawn Relapse 2015
Big Tobacco Company D.B. self released 2015
Kylesa Crusher Exhausting Fire Season Of Mist 2015
Amaranthe MASSIVE ADDICTIVE Massive Addictive Spinefarm 2014
Hammercult Burning the Road Steelcrusher SPV 2014
EXHUMED As Hammer to Anvil All Guts, No Glory Relapse 2011
Vantablack Warship The Pit Vantablack Warship self released 2015
For Today Deserter Wake Nuclear Blast 2015
Novelists Voyager Arising Empire 2015
Wardruna Solringen Yggdrasil Indie Recordings 2013
The V King For a Day Now Or Never Frontiers 2015
Children Of Bodom Horns I Worship Chaos Nuclear Blast 2015
Stryper No More Hell To Pay No More Hell To Pay Frontiers 2013
The Haunted Blood Rust The Haunted Earache 1998
Clutch Behold The Colossus Psychic Warfare Weathermaker 2015 +++
Trivium Rise Above The Tides Silence In The Snow Roadrunner 2015
Immolation The Great Sleep Kingdom of Conspiracy Nuclear Blast 2013
GOBLIN REBIRTH Dark Bolero Goblin Rebirth Relapse 2015
Separations Lights Out Dream Eater Imagen 2015
ONE MACHINE Welcome To The World The Final Cull Scarlet 2015
Fit For An Autopsy False Positive Absolute Hope Absolute Hell eOne 2015
Puscifer Queen B V Is For Vagina Puscifer  2007 +
DYING FETUS Gorehog History Repeats… Relapse 2011
Huntress Sorrow Static Napalm 2015
W.A.S.P. Last Runaway Golgotha Napalm 2015 ++
Wardruna IngwaR Yggdrasil Indie Recordings 2013
Deafheaven Gifts For The Earth New Bermuda Epitaph 2015
In This Moment Blood Blood Century Media
2012 +++
Whitechapel Make It Bleed Whitechapel Metal Blade 2012
Centinex Death Glance Redeeming The Filth Agonia 2014
RAM 1771 Death Metal Blade 2012
Cephalic Carnage Touched By An Angel Xenosapien Relapse 2007
Leng Tch’e Another Hit Single The Process of Elimination Relapse 2005
Sever the Drama Wilson Phillips Anselmo Chasing Shadows self released 2014
The Dillinger Escape Plan 43% Burnt Calculating Infinity Relapse 1999
Dark Funeral Ravenna Strigoi Mortii Feuersturm Century Media 1997 request
Nuclear Assault Fashion Junkie Out Of Order Relativity 1991
Týr Take Your Tyrant The Lay Of Thrym Napalm 2011 +
Cattle Decapitation Mammals in Babylon The Anthropocene Extinction Metal Blade 2015
Gojira Global Warming From Mars To Sirius Prosthetic 2005 +
Episode CCCXLI [341] The Welding Room
Thursday, October 8, 2015 WRDR-DB [TuneIn]
5:00-9:00pm ET
Evertrapped Palace Of Injustice Under The Deep 2015
Kobra And The Lotus 50 Shades Of Evil Kobra And The Lotus UME 2012
Friends Of Bill Wilson New Faith 4 1/2 Keys self released 2004
Souldrainer Die Or Surrender Architect ViciSolum 2014
Cannibal Corpse The Pick-Axe Murders The Bleeding Metal Blade 1994
Nekrogoblikon Derailed Power self released 2013
iwrestledabearonce Button It Up Ruining It For Everybody Century Media 2011 request
iwrestledabearonce Doomed To Fail Pt1 Hail Mary Artery 2015 request
Wardruna IwaR Yggdrasil Indie Recordings 2013
Saber Tiger Angel Of Wrath The Best of Saber Tiger Cleopatra 2015
Wicked Wisdom Something Inside Of Me Ozzfest 2005 2005
Exmortus For the Horde For The Horde (7″) Prosthetic 2015
Anthrax Keep It In The Family Persistence Of Time Island 1990 +
Denner / Shermann War Witch Satan’s Tomb Metal Blade 2015
Mötley Crüe In The Beginning Shout At The Devil Elektra 1983 ++
Mötley Crüe Shout At The Devil Shout At The Devil Elektra 1983 ++
Between the Buried and Me Blackened The Anatomy Of Victory 2006
Slayer Dead Skin Mask Seasons In The Abyss Def American 1990
Morbid Angel Lord Of All Fevers And Plague Entangled In Chaos Earache 1996 request
Faith No More Spirit Introduce Yourself Slash 1987
Faith No More Superhero Sol Invictus Ipecac 2015
Pantera Domination Cowboys From Hell ATCO 1990 request +
Animals As Leaders Ka$cade The Joy of Motion Sumerian 2014
Iron Maiden Caught Somewhere In Time Somewhere In Time Capitol 1986
Judas Priest The Ripper The Essential Judas Priest Columbia 1976
Venom Black Metal From Heaven To Unknown  Snapper Music 1997 +
Motörhead Ace Of Spades The Ultimate Reissue Series Sampler Castle 1980 +
Mercyful Fate The Uninvited Guest Into The Unknown Metal Blade 1996 +
Mayhem Carnage (Live) Feuersturm Century Media 1993
WHYZDOM Tears Of A Hopeless God Symphony For A Hopeless God Scarlet 2015
Unleash The Archers Tonight We Ride Time Stands Still Napalm 2015 +
Butcher Babies Monsters Ball Take It Like A Man Century Media 2015 +
Steel Panther Gloryhole All You Can Eat Open E/Kobalt 2014
Marty Friedman Wicked Panacea Inferno Prosthetic 2014
Clutch Behold The Colossus Psychic Warfare Weathermaker 2015 ++
In This Moment Blood Blood Century Media 2012 request +
Arch Enemy You Will Know My Name War Eternal Century Media 2014 request
Cinderella Shake Me Night Songs Mercury 1986 +
Dio/Killswitch Engage Holy Diver Metalmorphosis The Welding Room 2012
The Black Dahlia Murder Re-Faced Abysmal Metal Blade 2015
Mortiis Ferden Og Kallet Crypt Of The Wizard Dark Dungeon Music 1996
PUBLICIST UK Levitate the Pentagon Forgive Yourself  Relapse 2015 ++
Testament Alone in the Dark Signs Of Chaos: The Best Of Testament Mayhem 1997
Warrant Cherry Pie Cherry Pie CBS 1990
Deafheaven Brought To The Water New Bermuda Epitaph 2015
Vattnet Viskar Impact Settler Century Media 2015
FALLUJAH The Night Reveals The Flesh Prevails Unique Leader 2014
Cattle Decapitation A Living, Breathing Piece of Defecating Meat Monolith of Inhumanity Metal Blade 2012
Fleshgod Apocalypse Pathfinder Labyrinth Nuclear Blast 2013
Lamb Of God 512 VII: Sturm Und Drang Epic 2015 request
Anaal Nathrakh The One Thing Needful Desideratum Metal Blade 2014

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