The Welding Room©, Executive Producer/Host

Rik Johnson, launched The Welding Room, a metal specialty radio program on WMCX-FM 88.9 at Monmouth University in 1994. He was elected to the X-88.9 Executive Board as Production Director. That same year (1996-’97), Johnson was awarded “Staff Member of the Year” for “outstanding contribution, loyalty and responsibility to WMCX.”

The Welding Room continued to air on X-88.9 until 1999, at which time Atlantic City Modern Rock Alternative, Digital 102.7 (WJSE-FM 102.7) brought Johnson in to host overnights. While the reign at Digital 102.7 did not last all that long, the commercial cross-over potential was established with impact.

In 2000, Johnson switched gears, accepting a reduced on-air role but gaining the Assistant Promotions Director position at Jersey Shore rock station, 95.9 The Rat (WRATFM 95.9). The Welding Room would remain on the shelf, collecting dust for several years. However, upon receipt of a formal proposal, decision makers at The Rat entertained the idea of a metal show. Johnson’s ability to bend but not break would prove invaluable while his beloved moniker, The Welding Room was nearly erased in favor of a station-wide “name the new metal show” contest. In the end, the great name debate was laid to rest through Johnson’s assertion, “the doctor doesn’t name the baby.”

At 10pm on Monday, April 10th, 2006,  Slayer‘s poignant anthem South Of Heaven opened The Welding Room debut on WRAT-FM. Too heavy, too fast, too soon. Fearing lack of control, WRAT radio execs couldn’t contain the program’s ultra-rapid rising popularity, resulting in Johnson’s release & TWR discontinuation on July 18th.

From there, Rik anchored the Sunday midday position at ‘Rock Alternative’ G-106.3/106.5 from 2007 until the controversial format flip in 2009. A quick freelance stint with Wall Street Journal This Morning gave way to a broadcast operations position with Mercury Radio Arts syndicated powerhouse Glenn Beck Program.

In February 2011, The Welding Room returned to the airwaves on WIFI-1460 AM. While, Johnson remained in political talk radio with MRA and through the expanded Beck company, The Blaze Radio Network, as a producer for the debut of The Jay Severin Show and later, as a producer of The Morning Blaze with Doc Thompson (and Skip LaCombe) until New York City radio operations dissolved in December 2016.

Since The Welding Room 2.0 reboot, the program shared internet syndication with GashouseRadio.com & RockDefRadio.com before breaking all chains to become an independent live stream broadcast, as it stands now. No censorship, high quality audio presentation & always live!

Thank you for your athletic support.

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